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In Historic Ruling, Bush Officials Can Be Sued for Post-9/11 Roundups


In Historic Ruling, Bush Officials Can Be Sued for Post-9/11 Roundups

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Victims of post-9/11 racial profiling, illegal detention, and abuse in the U.S. may have the chance to sue high-level Bush administration officials, including former Attorney General John Ashcroft, a U.S. federal court ruled on Wednesday in what the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) called an "exceedingly rare" decision.


The media is probably ready to roll out archived “off the table” soundbites provided by Obama, Pelosi and other complicit Democrats.


But remember Ray, we must always “look ahead, not behind,” except when it comes to 9/11, which is the worst thing that ever happened and must continue to direct all our actions at home or abroad.

And those Dems are above reproach because Fox News says they’re liberals, therefore it must be so regardless of their actions, voting records, or public statements to the contrary.


And the attorneys for the defendants are lining up and foaming at the mouth at the thought of the long, protracted, costly lawsuits . Ashcroft, et alia have very deep pockets and the law firms they have on long-term retainer bases will drag out any lawsuit that might be filed resulting in many of the plaintiffs being worn down emotionally and financially. Justice in this country is only meted out to all who have the means/money, for the most part. GWB and Cheney should the first to be drawn and quartered. The Iraqi victims should put together a massive class action suit against these warmongers.


My lack of faith in the USAn justice system has not been restored by one ruling. Let us see some results!


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I always wonder about the creeps who carry out these immoral orders. They always seem to push the abuse to the limits, as though they were just itching for an excuse to attack someone based upon their ethnicity or religion. They should be sued as well.


Where does the buck stop?


Agree. The vast hidden wealth accrued since the 9-11 treason of White House and their partner appointees must first the first used for compensation before the national treasury is tapped. The war crimes on the Muslim Middle East countries, including Iraq, would not been possible except for the heavy official participation in the 9-11 crimes.


Sue?? Jail! Prison!