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In Historic Ruling, Pair of Chimpanzees Recognized as 'Legal Persons'


In Historic Ruling, Pair of Chimpanzees Recognized as 'Legal Persons'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

For the first time in U.S. history, a judge has effectively recognized two chimpanzees as legal persons, in an order Monday which will allow a pair of research primates—Hercules and Leo—to seek relief from unlawful imprisonment.


I hope dolphins can be next!


Are Leo and Hercules gay?

Seriously, the legal ramifications of this are stupefying.

For example, does granting personhood status to non-human beings support the claim of corporations to personhood? Will these chimpanzees have the right to vote? I don’t believe that the US Constitution has the word “human” in it.



In the US, chimp lives seem to matter more than black lives.


All life is sacred a should matter.


I’m glad to see this overdue recognition of the rights of conscious animals. Orcas, porpoises and elephants should be included.


First corporations, now chimpanzees… Any bets what’s gonna be next?


Hard to say. They included reptiles decades ago. Just look at our Congress.



Do you know of many universities or cosmetic/biotech companies performing torturous physiological experiments on kidnapped black people?


Before “modern civilization” existed, the rights of non-human animals were widely held in high regard.


Hey! So far,from what I have seen from humans……Chimps……good….humans…shite.


No, it will not help make the case for Corps to be granted person hood… because… people die… corporations do not… … not in our current economic system… they were supposed to… originally… but not any more… so if they do not die… how can they be persons?..


How naive. Yes, universities, corporations, and governments have and still do contribute to the torture, killing, kidnapping, and experimentation on blacks and Africans. And animal rights activists don’t give a hoot. How about caring for people of color for change?


You are right about rights for animals being lost when the collapse happens… and I am afraid the same will happen for all of us who have gained rights over the decades… Blacks, women, LBGT… it may be that the loses are in certain regions… Ha… ya’ know what I mean… … I can only hope, that the young… have much more sway over the situation, when that happens… then, there may be more positive outcomes…


Thank you… good response… my mouth was still hanging open… I mean, I am very aware of the situation of race in this country… but how does doing this for these chimps, take away from the progress toward race equality…? …


Look at the Michael Vick situation. Animal rights activists would readily kill a black person over dogfighting, which is already in the past. This type of distorted thinking and indifference, e.g., threatening to nuke Japan over whaling (oh, but would they nuke Canada over the seal hunt? No! Racists they are.), is antithetical to racial equality. Furthermore, they would rather let an African person die from starvation than to feed that person meat. In short, they would sacrifice people of color in order to save animals. Also, they appropriate Asian foods like tofu while saying they want to destroy all of Asia because of Chinese medicine.


This is ridiculous!

The BushMonkey Brothers (GWB and Jeb) are not ‘Legal Persons’. Only Corporations are 'Legal Persons!"


Another good response… thanks… the problems is… .most people do not even think about existence on this earth, before civilization started… pre recorded history… is lost to them… When I bring up how in those times, the lineage of a family was through the mother… or how, people worshiped… Mother…or the feminine… NOT the masculine father… they look at me with blank stares…
I love the book by I think it’s Micheal Schlain… the first name might be different… and the spelling of the last may be wrong… "Time, Sex and Power… I read most of it… ( it burned up in my house fire)…and he wrote… ummm The ABC’s …Goddess… something like that… then, by finding other books on hunter gatherers… in second hand book stores… I have managed to learn a decent amount… but, more to go…


When you study Chimp primates in Biological Anthropology, you learn that 10 percent of them have same-sex all the time. They just don’t lie about it like Republicans Pat Foley and Larry Craig did.

Chimps also murder, rape and war with other clans constantly in the wild. Since the Naked Ape is 99 percent identical DNA, that tells me it’s in the genes.


Will these chimpanzees have the right to vote?

I hope not, 'cuz then they’d have give corp-people the right to vote also, and there are more of them than there are citizen chimps.