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In Honduras, USAID Was in Bed with Berta Cáceres’ Accused Killers


In Honduras, USAID Was in Bed with Berta Cáceres’ Accused Killers

Gloria Jimenez

Less than three months before Lenca leader Berta Cáceres was brutally assassinated, the social arm of Desarollos Energeticos SA (DESA)–the Honduran company leading the Agua Zarca dam project Cáceres was campaigning against–signed a contract with USAID implementing partner Fintrac, a Washington DC based development contracting firm.


Yet another disregard for life, and in this case, such a good, powerful force. Keep up the good fight, Berta, with the angels.


" No matter how cynical I get ( about our gov'ts behavior ) I just can't keep up ( with their disgusting mercenary policies ). This is just another episode in a long history of how sick we are. And, it's always about the money. Washington D. C. is a superfund site. The people who inhabit it are toxic. Too, too bad for the world's 99s.


HRC 2016? Ouch, please, no.


Another example of the US following the Kissinger playbook ?


AMEN! Wish I could give your comment a thousand up-votes.


Atta boy tom,

You guys are letting some truth hang out there. It's healthy for society and the world to allow some public dissent so one side (business) doesn't become too powerful.


More precisely,

USAid = See (x) Aye. This is an identical repeat of "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins. If Main Corp can't build the damn in Latin American, John said nasty people called the Jackals move in and suddenly important people's airplanes start crashing on bright blue clear days.

Actually, Hydroelectric is critical in a place with so much water. This damn needs to be built so we don't have 17 new coal power plants going in, like on my poor island. But the price is the destruction of the river people. Not a hard choice for the One Percent, but it really sucks if your tribe lives on that river.

I've seen displaced tribes when a volcano went off and hundreds of displaced people were suddenly living in my back yard every morning. NOT a comfortable picture, until you get used to naked bodies walking around your family all the time. I soon adapted, and put some of those great little pygmies to work clearing snakes and monitor lizards and dangerous wild pigs out of the jungle we lived next to. It was win-win for everybody. Honduras should do the same, and give new lakeside waterfront land to the the tribes they displace.

It's a win-win. The environment wins with a clean hydro-electric plant instead of dozens of coal plants, and these tribes have tourism and fishing to sustain them.

So the CIA isn't always bad. Once in a while they are doing the right thing. We should all embrace this Bernie Sanders Truth thing when making hard choices about the survival of every species on this planet. We are in a global thermal runaway. NASA says so. The Pentagon says so. The CIA says so. (per bernie sanders on the truth of global warming.) To survive, Homo sapiens has to bring the public in on the ugly hard truth, so there's not so much resistance to allowing a good thing like a clean damn to go in.



" When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. " The Duke The U.S. has a very professional foreign policy team. The ones we know about and the ones we don't know about, too. So convenient when killing ( genocide ) people brings praise from Multi-national Corps. and obscenely wealthy people, as well.


Thanks for keeping this deranged psychopath's name in the public view. May we live to see Kissinger hanged at the Hague just before the death penalty is banished forever.


The going is getting weird all right. It's now been over 90 friggin degrees in tropics for weeks instead of the normal 80 degrees. All the crops have burned off in the southern islands.

If you prevent this damn, you are going to usher in 17 coal plants. Because that's what the rich will build to supply electricity to the growing overpopulation. You kill us all with your pretzel logic and denial of overpopulation. My argument is that we should try it Bernie's Way for a while. LET'S TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE SIXTH GLOBAL EXTINCTION WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF.

No one will escape it; not even the rich. No one can live in space. The radiation will cook you like a microwave. That's a big fraud. Nobody has lived in space for a year and lived to ripe old age. I studied and was in around aerospace for decades. I got a personal tour with Rockwell Industries on the Atlantis space shuttle and a VIP pass to watch the maiden landing of NASA's Endeavor Spaceship since my neighbor was a big wheel at NASA. That is the singular reason we never went to Mars. NASA admits it: RADIATION destroys your immune system and you croak during the six month transit time times two.

We are going to turn into Venus, our sister planet, if we don't do something fast. We gotta emergency crash shut-down ALL BLACK COAL and give up the Urban Private Auto lifestyle and switch to a network of super-efficient trains.

I know Clinton won't have the spine to stand up to Wall Street and do this. Only Bernie can. So vote for Trump if Bernie gets shafted.

Are you of leadership character? Enough so to follow my science-based logic? Never do the bateria in the sealed bottle experiment? The bugs (like humans) thrive right up to the end and then suddenly all die at once as the oxygen runs out.

We are waaaayyyy past what's fair, here. We are about preventing Titanic Earth from hitting the Global Warming Iceberg. It's probably too late already, according to some NOAA met experts, but it's a noble pursuit to try to wake people up; even if we lose that effort.

When the engine fire bell goes off, no Airline Captain worth his salt is going to pretend it's not happening. You respect it as if it were real, and take the appropriate action to avert a rapid airborne inferno.

And I'm you're Climate Captain, and I'm here to tell you Earth is on fire.



Try solar panels, etc. and quit making excuses for cold-blooded murderers. And, it's 17 coal-powered plants, is it? I understand 11 could work, maybe less. Better yet, quit defending policies which appear to be written by the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu and Lieberman. Or, the mafia....but, I repeat myself. If that doesn't work; well, eat a bag of salty dicks and have a couple of beers to wash it all down.:wink:


FYI - Guy McPherson of "Nature Bats Last" attributes saying to Lily Tomlin of "Laugh In". Good flash back.


And let's not forget the NED (the so-called National Endowment for Democracy) which is nothing much more or less than a CIA front group for destabilizing regimes that have fallen out of favor with official US policy.


This news report highlights the best of journalism; thanks, Gloria! And the worst of Obama's Latin America foreign policy, including USAID collusion in Berta Caceres' assassination.


I don't advocate blood-soaked solutions at all. I advocated tribal re-location, and land re-distribution for them. My sarcasm that "once in a while, they make the right decision" was not ironic enough, I guess. It's sarcasm. Next year they'll do the same thing for a coal plant.

Should we just stick our heads in the sand instead, with all the Repukes? Keep having billions more babies without any concern for how they will eat or that they will be sitting around in darkness since you won't let us build a clean hydro-electric damn?

How well do you think solar panels alone work in the rainy season where the sky is capped off with clouds for months? I can tell you with mine they are very iffy. You ever heard of the Monsoon?


Time to update in light of end of March beginning of April 2017 **_New York drug case opens window on dark period for Honduras published by Associated Press
Associated Press March 31, 2017_**

Along with the complementary report from LAURA BONILLA reporting for Agence France Press Anglo edition:

Here's some context that comes more from what we've missed since Trump Swamp overtook the Presidential Election Marathon 24/7 corporate-captured U.S. News Infor'tainment coverage back around 2015. From a perpetual or continuing Mass Comm student's perspective...

The USS HONDURAS Guided by Washington's Iran-Contra Man In Tegucigalpa John Negroponte Sails On Beyond the State of Art Sensors Afforded from Never Examined WAR ON DRUGS Budget
While the 21st Century Edition of the Corporate Caliphate Rides On, Panama Papers Notwithstanding

Merci Beaucoup, Agence France Press for such superb reporting (and in English) by Ms. Bonilla. Thank you to Yahoo News for carrying this. We in the U.S. have been starved for information on the OUTCOMES of our now 4th decade of WAR ON DRUGS.

Each year the budget gets bigger and so does the volume of drugs trans shipped through Honduras and narco-money laundered through neighbor Panama (see the PANAMA PAPERS leaked documents and non-profit int'l consortium of journalists plowing through them. Yet U.S. corporate-captured News editors will not deem newsworthy anyway, since we are now on perpetual 24/7 TRUMP SWAMP distraction cycle).

The shame of U.S. broadcast news and the major newspapers of record is how few questions of substance about the Cost\Benefit Analysis for the huge amount of public money spent on the so-called WAR ON DRUGS were directed to the Presidential candidates of both parties of our political Duopoly over the course of the 2 years prior to our Elections. This after the many crises of unaccompanied children at the U.S. border after desperate and loving Honduran parents paid every last peso to smuggle their kids to safety with some relative in the U.S. rather than face the gangs that got a green light after our own reform President Obama named his Democratic Primary foreign policy rival Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Yet no questions that I ever saw or heard on television or radio (except non-profit community radio and non-profit online news sites like DEMOCRACY NOW) directed at the Clinton Campaign about her and the State Department's role in the overthrow of the democratically (and bravely) elected anti-corruption Partido Liberal de Honduras led by Mel Zelaya. Whom Ms Clinton elected to escort safely out of Honduras into exile while the Washington backed Honduran Military (leaders trained at the School of the Americas) were left in control after perpetrating the Coup D'Etat. Shame on U.S.

No mention here, although AFP and the PUBLIC INTEREST state broadcasters from the CBC in Canada to the ABC of Australia and most of the Scandinavian and EU broadcasters provided the context to the House of Clinton Continuity of Neo-Con policies under so-called 'Reform' President Obama's administration. We had to look outside the U.S. News Media Reservation for aggressive reporting including context and history of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's role in the Military Coup that occurred just as Reform Washington President Obama was getting his new cabinet and team in place through 2009.

All of that Koch Brothers' funded tarring and media meme-ing of Hillary and Libya or Hillary and unsecured private server E-mails did accomplish one thing: It kept the valid critiques of her diplomacy, geo-political judgment and performance as Secretary of State out of the news and beyond Public Discussion as the Kochs, GOP\Tea Party and Citizens United Supreme Court backed Corporate Persons begat the Sugar Daddy relationship with Honduras’ military and political elite.

Honduras' outsized role in U.S. foreign policy and War on Drugs policy along with regime-changing undeclared wars across the Central American isthmus dates back at least to the Nixon declaration of a War On Drugs (even though he’d never declared war on Vietnam but was bombing 3 nations in the Emerald Triangle, none of which had an Air Force of their own, with U.S. Air Force and chemical weapons).

Then in 2000 the Bush-Cheney State Department Regime Changers Victoria Nuland and the Kagan brothers raised the profile of the Neo-Con Daddy Warbucks policies that would lead to our breaking and owning Iraq with the 2003 invasion of the Arab Sunni regime with the most brutal record of exterminating Islamists, the former CIA asset Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

By the time 2008 rolls around and ‘Reform’ President Obama counter-intuitively names his Democrat Party Primary rival in foreign policy Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State after a year and a half of highlighting her support of the 2003 Bush-Cheney-Greenspan invasion of Iraq. Then we the Obama Reform base witness the real Neo-Con concession made by Obama to Daddy Warbucks as Madame Secretary of State Clinton promotes instead of purges the Cheney-Bush-Greenspan Neo-Con State Department regime changers who remain the Obama Administration’s guiding lights by also banging the Cold War drum slowly and stoking the Russian invasion of kleptocratic Ukraine and the seizure of Crimea from Ukraine after scaring Putin by cutting deals with Ukraine’s Washington-backed candidate in the infamous February 2014 leaked telephone conversation of Victoria Nuland with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt scheming to manage the Ukraine regime change!

The world is welcome to listen to that Washington Neo-Con leaked telephone call on YOU TUBE. It has never been refuted by Victoria Nuland, Ambassador Pyatt or the remaining senior State Department officials.

But the real culprit of the Sins of Omission that allowed Madame Clinton to become a serious contender for President assuring a victory for whoever the GOP threw up to follow billionaire Vulture Fund CEO Mitt Romney, the real culprits are the corporate-controlled media which refused to report on the role of our new Secretary of State in aiding the regime-changing military coup d'etat in Honduras that ousted the anti-corruption democratically elected administration of Manuel Zelaya and the Partido Liberal de Honduras.

Leading a few years later to such desperation as parents willing to risk their kids lives in the hands of human traffickers because their precious children had a better chance of staying alive through such an ordeal if they could reach the U.S. side of the border.

We didn’t hear one question during televised debates that referenced Candidate Clinton’s judgment as Secretary of State or the OUTCOMES of her regime-changing policies from Iraq to Honduras to Ukraine.

Libya became a Koch-funded weaponized media meme among the GOP\Tea Party. In fact Libya was and remains an ambiguous gray area that few who weaponized it against Ms. Clinton could even discuss with any degree of knowledge of the on-the-ground realities in post Qaddafi Libya where secularists and Islamists squared off and where the Amazigh (Berber) and Arab regions each claimed autonomy. Yet that media meme that dominated discussion of Candidate Clinton’s foreign policy record really served the purpose of preserving the continuity of Neo-Con House of Bush administrations with the Neo-Liberal Economic and Neo-Con militaristic Obama-Biden-Clinton-Hegel-Kerry team policies, despite disastrous outcomes for all but Daddy Warbucks.

The gangs in Honduran government and then the military coup in 2010 that ousted the anti-corruption party and candidate that a very brave public voted to take back their government from the narco-regime that had Washington and School of the Americas support and legitimacy. Washington's funding tool had been a War On Drugs budget that only grew from the time that the House of Bush's man there coordinating the Central American Generals and Death Squads, John Negroponte ran the show.

Our U.S. elected reps of both Corporate Caliphate-controlled political parties never demanded review of outcomes before approving increases each year to the War On Drugs budget. The military aid to interdict narco-trafficking from Honduras trans-shipment harbors and the old Contra base camps goes up for decades, regardless of which U.S. political party is in the White House and the OUTCOMES of War On Drugs? Each year greater volume of drugs trans-shipped through Honduras and the Shadow Banking Money Laundering center of the world moves to Honduras's neighbor PANAMA.

It isn't too late to learn about why Hillary Clinton would've been even more dangerous than the incompetent real estate heir with no PUBLIC SERVICE experience now in the White House. Network News and not even NPR\PBS wants to touch Washington's history in Honduras dating back to Iran-Contra and the Reagan-Bush-Negroponte legacy of the War On Drugs that only spreads good intentions and bears no accountability for a nation in ruins with the parents of children willing to risk their last peso to smuggle them to safety with relatives on the U.S. side of the border:

Only one U.S. news organization during the 2 year Election Season and televised Presidential debates asked the questions about Madame Secretary Clinton's role in the Honduran coup. Non-profit listener supported DEMOCRACY NOW whose radar went up back in March 2010 when Madison, WI's THE PROGRESSIVE magazine published their editorial that was followed up by zero corporate-captured news orgs and was headlined: "HILLARY CLINTON'S HONDURAN DISGRACE."

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