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In 'Huge Win' for Immigrant Rights, Trump Administration Ordered to End Indefinite Detention of Asylum Seekers


In 'Huge Win' for Immigrant Rights, Trump Administration Ordered to End Indefinite Detention of Asylum Seekers

Julia Conley, staff writer

Immigrant rights advocates on Tuesday applauded a federal judge's ruling that the Trump administration cannot detain asylum seekers who are awaiting immigration hearings—a practice that breaks the government's own policies as well as international law.

Today’s ruling means the Trump administration cannot use indefinite detention as a weapon to punish and deter asylum seekers.


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Not with you around to reinvigorate us with your ignorance and hate.


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Thanks for the walk through your hall of mirrors. Highly instructive on rhetorical folding and collapse of reason in an attempt to mask fear and ignorance. But thats OK. Hang around. Maybe you’ll learn something. It takes a while to research and document actual history and tease it out of the mirror land of knuckle dragging media hacks. But thats OK too, take it as a lesson… everything is in the long run.


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We don’t have millions of refugees. We have a couple thousand.
If you are so worried, you should stop voting for USA interference, meddling that have created waves of refugees all over the world.
Refugees are not coming from Venezuela. They are coming from those nations that are our allies fully compliant w American backed hegemony. Multi national Big Oil & Big Ag is driving huge population migrations by force.
It is Neoliberal policies that you should be fighting.


You don’t warrant serious consideration. Why would I try to teach chess to an ape? The ape will never learn chess and usually tips over the board in frustration, just like your rants. BTW: your incessant whining about people “not engaging on issues” is a ruse. You don’t and you never have evidenced a willingness to engage without invective. You are a lowly troll, and everyone here knows it. You want to keep hanging around making a complete ass of yourself, go right ahead.


Nothing like raising unrealistic fears just like the Donald Trump did to get elected. Chapter 1 in Dummies Guide to Fascism. Remember his scare stories about all those murderers and rapists entering the country. Or the scare stories about potential terrorists among people fleeing Syria who are carefully vetted for 18 months. What’s next, following the neo-Nazi line that conspiring Jews are behind all the liberal policies that they see threatening the white race with extinction. Apparently you don’t realize there is no net flow of immigrants across the Mexican border and border crossings have declined by 75% compared to 20 years ago. You seem like the type of person who thought there were communists under their bed in the 1950s and who thought the US government was saturated with communists as Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed. McCarthy, Trump, the beat goes on. Demagogues rise and demagogues fall. One thing the US has not had a shortage of is demagogues exploiting the fears of the public.


Than answer the question.

You won’t because you can’t face your hypocrisy-so much easier to dehumanize me.


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You meant, “Then answer the question.” You don’t even know English, ape.


Example of hypocrisy: calling abortion a crime while horribly traumatizing asylum-seeking infants, babies and children. And, yes, it is really easy to dehumanize you, troll. You are an “other,” with all that entails.


US and international law requires us to. Are you arguing we should break the law?

No, I think our taxes, especially for the 1% are far too low. As for the debt, yes it would be nice if it were lower. We should get right on top of raising taxes to fix that.

Only because we have to listen to backward thinking like yours.


Sounds like the argument for stopping the nonsense of criminalizing immigration.


I always look at criticizing grammar or punctuation, unless grievous and even then you’re only into the generally incoherent nonsense I try and wade through whenever I visit CD, as my opponent not having any facts to counter what I’ve stated.

I’ll amend my Playbook to take your oft used tactic into account. Thanks for playing.

REgressive Debate Playbook

  1. Ignore points made by your opponent and find a misplaced comma or a misspelled word
  2. Introduce any many non-sequiturs as possible
  3. Attack your opponent personally


Oh OK, so the vast numbers of ILLEGAL ALIENS in prison for rape, murder, assault and crimes of theft won’t be ILLEGAL ALIENS anymore?

They’ll be legal citizen criminals?

Man, that makes prefect sense. For a REgressive.

As for the debt, we both know it’ll never be paid. Raising taxes to try and cover it is ridiculous. Stealing all(that’s 100%) of the personal wealth of the 1% would cover about 2 years’ worth of budget deficits. I’ve got an idea, why not cut some of the spending?


Trump and his gang members grossly misscalculted the public reaction to the Latin American pioneers. Trump administratoin policies are having the opposite effect on the people’s sentiments toward the Mexican migrants.I hope we begin to see his barbaric policies collapse one by one soon. In particular I hope to see our people rise up for the rights of the Palestinian people and our blind wrong headed support for the terrorist Zionist supremacist state of Israel.


No you idiot, we should stop stealing from them and start teaching them how to become independent of us. Figure out why there were little to no Mexican refugees until 1980’s. Stop corporations like Monsanto Dole, and other ass holes bleeding Latin America’s resources, let them learn to control their fucking birth rates, educate, educate and educate until success is at hand.


OK. Truth is, I was just baiting you. They’re mostly in there for drug crimes – another stupid war we’ve been losing for nearly 50 years now. Nonetheless, for the ones that are in there purely for immigration reasons, seems like a waste of resources to me.

We should definitely cut spending for defense which has become a bottomless, unaccountable pit that we just throw money down every year. And we should drastically reduce spending on prisons, they are totally counter-productive.

But then, you really just throw issues out like the deficit as a red herring, because, as you said, you believe it can’t be fixed anyway. But, if we’re going to make any effort to reduce it, we have to tax the rich because, as Willy Sutton so astutely observed, “That’s where the money is.”