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In 'Important Step Forward,' Statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee Removed From U.S. Capitol

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/21/important-step-forward-statue-confederate-general-robert-e-lee-removed-us-capitol

It’s taken over 150 years to remove this clear sign of racial hatred.

If White Nationalists are the number one source of Domestic Terrorism, when will we begin their removal?

With high levels of unemployment existing since Covid-19 was allowed to spread far and wide, might it not be advantageous to permanently hire and deputize and maintain forces in every state to seek out these violent racists and extinguish these threats.


The sooner we get over “The Lost Cause” the better.

The US is the only country that has erected statutes to traitors after the traitors were beaten. There are no statutes to Guy Faulkes in the UK, or statues to Lenin that were erected in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union, nor a statue to Vidkun Quisling in Norway. Only in the US do we erect statues and name streets, colleges, and military bases after traitors.

Go figure.


I agree absolutely. White Supremacist Terrorists are despicably grotesque excuses of human beings, they need to be eliminated. (along with all Terrorists) Terrorism of any flavor is a horrrific evil.


Imagine if you can any statue of Drumpf standing for more than one day without being “defiled” or damaged beyond recognition.

Two days at most.

Brings up a point: Washington’s statues remain? Shit, he sent exploited subsistence farmers and settlers escaping indenturement to fight the world’s greatest Empire, just to ESTABLISH slavery, to exterminate Natives and steal their land? He profited from kidnapping, breeding, leasing human beings & working, raping and renting them until they died. Fundementally, nothing has changed? We’re back to normal! Figures, this memorial to corruption, racist oppression and crimes against us ALL, was built by slaves in a fetid swamp.





I don’t see Trump getting statues any time soon.

Not at the time. The Spanish Empire was. Note too that the American War of Independence was a ‘side show’ in a Global War for dominance of world trade and although losing the 13 American colonies was a setback for British imperial ambitions, they were later fully realized in the 19th century.

As for the statues of C.S.A. figures, it appears that it is more their status as ‘rebels’ than defenders of slavery which is prompting their removal. If belief in ‘white supremacy’ was the criteria for removing memorials, the task (as you suggest) would be near endless.

“Both Davis and Stephens were charged with treason against the United States.”

But never sent to trial.
Secession on Trial: The Treason Prosecution of Jefferson Davis

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Ah, er… NO? The statues, monuments, racist think-tanks, organizations, publications, foundations and politicians were virtually all rammed down ALL our throats as Black servicemen returned to a plague ravaged, utterly divided USA after WW-I, by ubiqutous racist politicians (mostly Democrats) to clearly reestablish RICH white superiority! This has garnered some attention, since the first statues were removed, but I’m 68, VERY white, Yankee and have been fully aware of this fact since childhood. It was rich white-folk putting ALL of us “in our place” and they had no compunction against BLATANT taxpayer-funded racism?
They weren’t “rebels” US planters & slave trade speculators were among the wealthiest motherfuckers on the planet; sneering, murderous narcissistic traitors. This all A-Beka?

I’m guessing, the Umayyad Caliphate (percentage of populace) Mongol or Portuguese (longevity of trade dominance) eclipsed both, but ONE was ascendent.

In case you haven’t thought to, do a search for ‘terrorist or freedom fighter’.

“no statutes to Guy Faulkes in the UK”

A search for ‘Guy Fawkes statue’ may surprise.

May also be of interest:

More so every passing day, I see the usa as a Lost Cause.

I don’t see Trump getting statues any time EVER.

Or libraries. What books if any would be included in a library of someone who doesn’t read?


I’m guessing the Trump Presidential Lie-bury will consist of undocumented Uzbek whores, reading Hitler’s Neuordnung as obese crank addicts Hoverround, in caked Mossy Oak Snuggies packed full of Twinkees, Spicy Velveeta nachos & Slurpees? Sorta like a failed casino/ Time Macheen with live action garden jockeys to shoot at? Ivanka party-dolls @ $25

Agree, foreign terrorists do not scare me’ BUT DOMESTIC TERRORISTS SURE DO!

Not until we have a war on Domestic Terrorisn just like we have a wars on foreign terrorism.

Terrorist or freedom fighter is always a consequence of who won

Instead of a presidential library, Trump will get a presidential theater,
the first presidential peep-show palace, so that all his evangelical
supporters can take their children to learn about America when it was “Great!”