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In Indian Country, It’s Not the Weather, It’s the Racism That’s Leaving Thousands in the Dark

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/23/indian-country-its-not-weather-its-racism-thats-leaving-thousands-dark

The question is whether Johns will still be a “leader” in an admin that fervidly follows the money.

The European invaders’s descendants are still trying to eliminate Indigenous peoples. There’s also the issue of clean water. The dangers faced by Indigenous women and children from white males, like the Man Camps in fracking country. When we bring up issues about Indigenous sacred lands, we’re told there is no sacred land and it’s not a christian idea. Yet…we’re told about the Holy Land over in the Middle East.
I wish the Navajo Nation well. Because once the Invaders catch on that they’re trying to be independent once again, they’ll figure out a sneaky way to stop it. Like…requiring them to be part of the Grid, feeding power into the system.

I gave some money to this group. There is another one that is helping the Navajo nation gain acess to clean running water. Google Dig Deep Navajo Water Project. When one’s physical needs are met there allows more time for more spritual, cultural and civic minded pursuits.

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Thanks for your recommendation for the Dig Deep Navajo water projects!!