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In Iowa, Sanders Addresses 'Rural Community Issues We Almost Never Hear About": Factory Farms and Big Ag

In Iowa, Sanders Addresses 'Rural Community Issues We Almost Never Hear About": Factory Farms and Big Ag

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Bernie Sanders took aim at factory farms and agribusiness in a speech kicking off his Iowa presidential campaign Thursday.


"Bernie’s Back."

Food production in the United States must be one of the single most important issues to all Americans.

Preservation of rural community family farms and the role they serve to our nation, is invaluable, and must never be discounted or lost.


As corporate Ag buys out smaller farmers and farm in an area they soon control so much of the production of the crop most suited to that area that they gain great leverage in the price of that crop. At that point the corporate capitalists will drop their selling price of that crop far below the cost of production and in so doing they force many other smaller farmers - who can’t hang on for long periods of time losing money and borrowing at the bank to stay afloat - into bankruptcy.

In rushes the bank to foreclose followed quickly by the corporate ag shitheads to buy up the farm[s] at lowball prices one after another until they own all the production of that crop and then they start jacking up the prices of it far beyond what the many little guys would have needed to keep their family farms producing the high quality life their ancestors enjoyed.

The tent cities grow and the capitalists crow.


Bernie has always been for the working person - that includes those in rural areas. This is not a surprise


Factory farms and agribusiness have taken the social co-op system and made it into a capitalist venture, destroying everything good about co-ops.
Throw in the pesticides over the choice of organic and it really gets ugly.


For most farmers, if you took away their pesticides, they would either go broke or simply quit. Most farmers are now having trouble with one particular weed in soybeans: waterhemp. I use pesticides, but even so my wife and I spent about a hundred hours hoeing them by hand last year. This year I will only grow corn. It is also my last year to farm. Farming was very good just a few years ago, now, not so much. That is the nature of farming: boom-bust. Most farmers know that and try to plan ahead the best they can. We have a LOT of co-ops here in SE MN. I do/have dealt with many and am happy we have them. Lately I’ve been dealing with the biggest of all: CHS.


Corporate ag control has some strong influences in some areas, although with grain farming their control is pretty much limited to crop inputs. Grain prices pretty well follow world supply/demand. Now days, a lot of bankruptcies and farm land sales are simply tools for farmers to get rid of some debt. We’ve had a few land auctions around here that are ultimately re-purchased by the owner or his child for less than what they owed. A couple of the people who have been doing this have never been well liked in the neighborhood.


Thanks for the 411 from the front lines.

I worked dairy for a couple of years for a start-up and got to know farmers in the area. The only takewaways I’ll share are:

MI state inspectors were extremely helpful and very much interested in promoting our success.
If farmers weren’t so totally christian, they’d be less inclined to vote R.
It’s a tough business in that if you own livestock, you’ll own deadstock too.


I know most farmers would probably celebrate, but insect numbers are crashing all over the world. The culprit? Neonicitinoids made by Dow Chemical are very effective, so effective they are killing the very bees that pollinate crops. Did you ever notice there are very few bees or butterflies in the Home Depot or Lowes Nurseries? Flowers and fruit trees from these big box stores are treated with Neonics and they will keep on killing insects when you plant them in your yard. The EPA has no intention of curbing even more powerful pesticides with Wheeler at the helm. I applaud small farmers like yourself for providing food for the table, but aren’t there better pesticides that target specific pests for specific crops?


Sounds Trumpian.

I feel sorry for dairy farmers. They’ve had it tough for quite a while now.


I use insecticides only if it’s mighty damn important. (I was poisoned by them once). However, corn seed comes already covered with a treatment including neonicotinoids. I will admit that not having many mosquitoes is nice. I don’t see a lot of bees, but my apples do get pollinated by something. I was happy to see that monarch butterfly numbers have rebounded in Mexico.


I feel very fortunate to now live in a very fertile valley between two mountains that are the homes to many family owned diary farms, and fruit and vegetable farms. Many are owned by Amish and Mennonite who are lovely people.

These folks are some of the hardest working people I have ever met.

I don’t believe they ask for very much, just fairness.


Good evening G, here’s a new Don Caron parody…

I’d really like to be able to communicate with Senator Sanders about a possible link between employing the precepts outlined by Rudolf Steiner concerning Biodynamic Farming. There are model farms – it’s all about the soil – in both Wisconsin and in Oregon. This agricultural model is designed for an optimal future centered on land use.


I’d like to communicate with Senator Sanders about a possible link with the issues he raises and employing the precepts outlined by Rudolf Steiner concerning Biodynamic Farming. There are model farms – it’s all about the soil – in both Wisconsin and in Oregon. This agricultural model is designed for an optimal future centered on land use.


Good for Bernie to visit the Hawkeye State.

He has a valuable message for farmers, and this should encourage them, and many other of my fellow residents, to caucus for him in less than a year.

Bernie knows urban, and Bernie knows rural.


Vermont is a special place to represent, in that respect.


The plight of America’s small independent family farms is now epidemic. The suicides of honest hard-working people is increasing and many have lost their land to big-ag corporate, and that will hurt all Americans. Just like the mom & pop small business’/stores that big box-storeand other corporate operations forced out of business with artificially-low prices, and then when competition was gone they raised - beside selling counterfeit lower-quality (cheap shite) foreign rubbish, rather than Made In America items that create jobs and lives they moved out over-seas…and still got tax advantages for screwing us all!.

If the arms industry and war-machine is funded by trillions, and corporate welfare is an obscenity, why does our so-called government not support the little people? The basis of all life is healthy food, clean air and water, un-poisoned farmlands, rivers and lakes and the oceans, yet the corrupted government and “regulatory” agencies do not serve or protect the vulnerable and sustainable, but instead corporate and individual greed, the fossil-fuel conglomerat, and tax theft from “ordinary” Americans to serve wealth and corrupt power above all else! That is corruption of the promise of government Of, By and FOR the People must be returned to its premises, and the corrupt, the complicit, the perpetrators of the enormous frauds and thefts from the 99% must end! Nowhere is that crime and abuses more desperate than America’s farmers! The so-called “marketplace” must have some restrictions to stop usury and thefts and scams that target the “little people”!

" Government is instituted for the common good ; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men " - John Adams - Commitment to our Constitution and the protections to serve the Common Good have been corrupted and bought by big-money and common greed and government now serves that sector, especially under the trump regime and its pathology! The lies and dominion of wealth Uber Alles must be smashed and replaced by the kind of leadership Bernie Sanders represents and has served all his public life!

The “global economy” and greed/usury/subversion is government and global domination by and for vulture capitalism and profits over people’s ability to just live a simple healthy life! Enough!


Factory Farming of Livestock creates more pollution and carbon emissions than Automobiles.

Go Vegan for personal Health, for the Health of the Planet and for the Health of the Animals.