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In Iraq and Syria, US-Led Coalition Killing Increasing Number of Civilians


In Iraq and Syria, US-Led Coalition Killing Increasing Number of Civilians

Common Dreams staff

With its latest official declaration estimating the number of innocent people killed by airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, the U.S. military has admitted killing 484 civilians since beginning a bombing campaign and ground operations to unseat the Islamic State (ISIS) from strongholds in the two countries.


"We have to question where the empathy is for the local population."
Empathy seems to have been pretty well bred out of us. It is just a weakness that may get in the way of maximizing profits as you exploit the poor, the weak, the 99.99% who no longer count to the 0.01%.
* As I read the above article, my mind went back to Vietnam, where some government lackey said, "It's sad, but we had to destroy that village to save it from the evils of Communism."
* I remember watching and listening to a helicopter crew attacking some civilians and a couple of news photographers in Iraq. (Thank you Chelsea) A van was trying to rescue survivors from their attack.
* The chopper opened fire on the van (which had two children in the front seat). The first ground force to reach the scene reported two shot up children in the van. The chopper said, "That's what they get for bringing children into a combat zone."
* "Empathy? Empathy? We don't need no stinkin' empathy, we're Americans. We're number one!"
* Yecch!


What, no reporting from the White Helmets? I'm shocked!


There will be lots and lots of coverage of what happened in London, and the attack was horrible. However, this is horrible as well and what we have done to that country and region is immoral. I don't think the victims of our violence think of us any different than we think of those that did what they did in London, and the truth is that we have killed far more people that terrorists have in the West. ISIS is the reactionary right wing in their part of the world and our right wing invaded Iraq and destroyed Libya and Syria, which was instrumental in ISIS forming. We have to confront the right wing, ISIS and the war criminals in our country and in power.


A Karmic debit increases daily, with every action void of empathy.


I wrote a blog a few years ago which might be appropriate for this article. http://steveosborn.blogspot.com/2010/02/whatever-happened-to-empathy.html
* Things don't seem to have improved since I wrote it.


We may as well face it. We, the United States, the country we were taught about in school, the one in the history books is already gone. We have become the bloody, capitalist fascists that was inconceivable not too many years ago. It was over in 1980 with Reagan and it has just gotten worse under every president since. Including Clinton and Obama. Believe me, it's just a matter of time before we are all under marshal law. A few international corporations are running things and they will soon drop their pretense, their masks and do it openly. Our politicians, pretty much on both sides of the aisle, are bought and paid for pimps and whores for their capitalist masters. There may be a few exceptions but they are powerless.


I just read your blog. I also read your definition of fascism. Very interested and well written. I agree with you of course. About that empathy. I think that's the Ayn Rand's influence. She still, even after death, is influencing and guiding the extreme right. Greenspan was one of her disciples. They were very close when he was a younger man. There are many influential people who swallowed her poison.

Don't stop writing.


Thank you! I just keep trying to wake people up (and sometimes maybe pass an antidote along for the above mentioned poison).


Catching up on things this morning. Interesting: on my screen the news article speculating about Trump re London gets almost 60 comments, this news gets 8.

A constant, and seemingly impenetrable question (to me) is: Who's in charge of the USofA?

No matter. The night the semi-catatonic W announced shock and awe all of todays events, that had not yet happened, played before my mind's eye.


Reading the author's last paragraph stating the Russians aret bombing fewer civilians, I was confused. The Russians have been accused of being the worst murderers, as the media seems to think we are off the hook if some entity is worse than we are. But hey, the Russians are killing fewer, so we should get our numbers down a little, or maybe just encourage them to kill more? Numbers. are indeed powerful.


All the comments relate to the West and particularly to the US' political and governmental situation. However, I'm in a country with a large, strong and seemingly stable government, and these days continuing catastrophes affect policy way over here in the same way that they affect the US and European countries. So, um, expanding your question, who's in charge of the world? If we are are playing follow the leader, then,, where are we going? Separate countries but a common theme.


My guess, that IS is going to dictate the level of security that a state must maintain, and that states with a threat of compassionate leadership like Corbyn, may be subject to more frequent attacks.


Our US government has become "Murder, Inc." here and around the world.
Death is its name This is government by criminals and sociopaths ... with a
MIC controlled by the insane.


What's really sad is that a country that is compassionate, welcomes and helps people in distress, etc., has to guard against nations like the US Fourth Reich crippling or destroying them because that compassion would cut into their war profits.
* I think the UN could have prevented all of this when it was chartered except for one thing. The "winners" of WW-II were not going to listen to a few hundred pipsqueak nations telling them what they should do, so they put in the "Security" Council, with veto power over the UN. Since then, the UN has been able to do nothing constructive without kissing the ass of, at one time, either the US or the CCCP. Then the CCCP went down, leaving the US as the sole superpower. They use that veto for everything. They veto sanctions against mad dog governments that are racist and genocidal, UN programs to promote renewables over gas, oil and coal. Restrictions on raping the ecosystem for profits, and on and on and on.
* I fear that nothing of note will be accomplished until the whole world decides to put the US into Coventry. No trade, no talk, no news coverage, no nothing. The world folds its arms and turns its back on the US Fourth Reich until it proves that it wants to rejoin the community of civilized nations.
* But don't hold your breath unless you look good in purple.


How to win friends and influence people; "Blow them to hell"


Well...it looks like Donald Trump is finishing, or attempting to finish the job that the Obama Administration started in Syria; the destruction of a country and the maiming, killing and sickening of innocent civilians. Pretty disgusting track record that the United States government has, imho.