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In Its Rush to Kill, Arkansas May Have Executed an Innocent Man


In Its Rush to Kill, Arkansas May Have Executed an Innocent Man

Cassadra Stubbs

Ledell Lee’s first hard-knock moment came even before he was born. His mom, 16 and on her third pregnancy by a man years older than she was, drank and smoked through his pregnancy. Because of her substance abuse, Ledell was born with a fetal alcohol syndrome disorder, a medical condition that left him with brain dysfunction and intellectual disability.


First - Thank you for your service in this case. Let's get real - there are really serious doubts as to whether Arkansas and several other states would fit into the category of civilized. The actions of the Governor and the attorney general through all of this have been abhorrent. I guess he has no trouble being a "serial killer" and the actions of the state with regard to the drug companies appear to be underhanded and unethical. I hope the DNA testing is done and if Ledell Lee is found to be innocent, I think the governor and attorney general should be brought up for murder charges and, if found, guilty -should be executed. I'm not in favor of the death penalty - but in Arkansas, the officials need a taste of their own medicine.

It is interesting that in these states which proclaim from the highest hill their belief in the rule of law and justice there was almost never a prosecution in the many, many murders involving lynching. That is their heritage and they will never know anything about justice until they honestly face the murder and brutality of that past. if they understood that heritage, I think they would be more compassionate in their dealing in the justice system today.


And to think that three Senate Democrats voted to confirm Neil Gosuck whose first SCOTUS action was breaking a tie to enable this innocent death.


This was State murder.


It is almost as if Democrats are ineffectual corporate sell-outs who at most only gives a token resistance to Republicans.


Interesting how so many Christian Republicans in the Arkansas government had to rush to kill a possibly-innocent man BEFORE the ordered DNA test could be performed, because the state's fraudulently-obtained killer drugs were about to expire. The official State Motto should be changed to "We Gotta Kill NOW, While We Have The Chance". If the DNA test results prove innocence, it means that SOMEBODY, perhaps named Hutchinson, is guilty of murder. And all this in a state SO into protecting the potential lives of fetuses that the abortion restrictions were stiffened TWICE in one year. No surprise that Arkansas was one of the states that went to war against the Equal Protection guarantee of the US Constitution.


I think Ledell Lee was innocent. The state of Arkansas murdered him.


It's an often published fact that Sociopaths tend to rise to the heights, in Government, just as Gov. Hutchinson's infecting the State House amply shows.


Me, too. This whole story breaks my heart when I look at that innocent man's face.


Where is the so-called pro-life crowd on this killing? I guess once you are born you are no longer a human being with a life worth saving.