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In J20 Investigation, DOJ Overreaches Again. And Gets Taken to Court Again


In J20 Investigation, DOJ Overreaches Again. And Gets Taken to Court Again

Mark Rumold

We’ve already written about problems with the government’s investigation into the J20 protests—a series of demonstrations on January 20, the day of President Trump’s inauguration—which resulted in the arrest of hundreds of protesters.


This kind of thing reveals just what an electronic fascism looks like. They are openly attempting to surveil everyone based solely on political content. Will we see one day a case where everyone who has ever visited CD (or heaven forbid, stated their opinion on some issue in the comments section) should be afraid? Even simple curiousity may someday start to inspire self censorship when people become afraid that by just visiting some site that it could come back on them!

The gov’t sees no problem surveilling the left. Does it also treat the conservative and radical right the same way? The NRA and right wing hate groups, tea partys, politicized religious cults and megachurches involved in politics, all those rightwing web sites…are they also surveilled like this? Or not? If you just visit a rightwing site… do you get surveilled like they want to do if you just visit a leftie site?

The land of the free! “Hey buddy! You’d best not make such an issue about that freedom stuff because questioning if you have freedom will get you investigated and surveilled. So just watch it!”


No Newsflash.

21st Century American Reality,

Especially since False Flag 9/11 :

Expect that you’re being Watched.


This is definitely a case to keep an eye on for the outcome and fall out. I think it is also safe to assume the watching goes both ways. Trump is under a lot of scrutiny from just about every public interest and social justice group. Yikes, this is getting interesting.


Just remember, there is a federal judge who actually signed off on the warrant. As McConman and Grassly continue to fill the 200+ federal judges seats put forward by the Federalists and only vacant due to McConman’s refusal to approve anyone put forward by the black guy, the willingness of the courts to approve fishing expeditions will only increase. The next round of remodeling will not be to the WH but adding a Nuremberg-style swastika to the Capitol Dome. It’s probably already in Lyin’ Ryan’s budget proposal.