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In Japan, Tens of Thousands Anti-War Protesters Object to Nation's Return to Militarism


In Japan, Tens of Thousands Anti-War Protesters Object to Nation's Return to Militarism

Jon Queally, staff writer

Tens of thousands of people gathered outisde the Japanese parliament building on Sunday to reject plans put forth by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that would see an aggressive expansion of the nation's armed forces despite a long-standing constitutional mandate for a "defense only" military posture.


Unlike Japan, the US has been under continual war footing since the end of the Second World War. It is hard to get people out to protest business-as-usual.


Therein lies the problem, adiantum. Unfortunately, countries that’ve come into existence through sheer force (as did the United States and many other countries) all too often continue to use force, if one gets the drift. To quote Mark Twain:

“History doesn’t repeat. It rhymes.”

Get the drift?


Crowd size matters. Tens of thousands? Why has this become the standard shorthand for any large crowd. The crowd size can be estimated at 300,000 and the MSM and CD will report it as “tens of thousands” in the headline.

A few sentences into the article the 120,000 estimation emerges, which is more representative of some relevance.

The headline could have been “Over One Hundred Thousand…” and been a much more accurate synapse.

The “Tens of Thousands” crowd size measurement emerged in the MSM over the last several years of that MSM moving decidedly rightward in servicing every power opposite of any mass movement of the people.

It’s not just the MSM in the US that does it. It is very common in all of the British MSM, as it has been commonly used to headline crowd size of every very large anti-austerity protest in Italy, Greece, Spain, England, et al.

I think it is time that CD dropped this MSM practice of obfuscation.


We need more countries (including the USA and ALL of NATO) to go along the path of peace as Japan chose to do after WW2. The USA pretends to be a friend to Japan, but is always pushing all its allies into more wars, invasions, conflicts, instead of opting for negotiations and diplomacy, which are desperately needed instead.


When I saw that headline, I immediately thought: “This means that Japan will definitely go on to more of war footing.”

Hi Ho.


Find myself wondering about press coverage and omnipresent phrase “chanting slogans”. Numbers are important but recognition of diversity of reasons and message represent a potential platform for coherent conveyance of message. Comments of protesters later brought into print media reflect a disconnect between messaging by the protest and the opportunity missed. Many discount protests regardless of size because the media coverage, especially internationally with language barriers, readily presented as spectacle rather than being confronted with undeniable points for people to identify with. I know that this more easily said than done.


Do Americons asking Japan to “defend itself” have any intention of giving up their bases, or do they just want to sell them more weapons or have a profitable arms race with Japan?


Japan, like many other countries, is building up its military for the defense of the oligarchy, to protect it from the (hopeful) revolution of the masses. “Everyday it’s a-gettin’ closer, going faster than a roller coaster…”


Fluorides perhaps?


We did march on the eve of the Iraq war 500,000 people protested at the Mall before we attacked in 2003.
3 million marched in London the biggest protest in the history of England same day.
Candle lite vigils were held similtaneously around the world.
Even the pope spoke out against attacking Iraq
This was largely under reported by mainstream media.
But we got railroaded into war by a minority of neocon fanatics on a pack of lies tailored & fabricated by the mainstream media.
We should be in the streets every day protesting our warmongers!


Right you are!! The MSM agenda is obvious-----fabricate the case for war


Or re-instate the draft…
If there were A draft, like back in the sixties, people would have fear in their hearts and fire under their asses to get out there and say “Not Me” or “Not MY Kids”- Massive amounts of War Protesters would fill the streets-As it should be…
As it stands, the vast majority seem to be completely comfortable with poor, uneducated and minority kids, that have few other options, go and do the Corporations dirty work for them- Poverty becomes A recruiting tool-

And then there is the convenient FED finance of the Pentagon War Machine, where people don’t need to be bothered with the real time reality of War spending by sudden taxation- bada-bing, bada bang-Instant War Finance with A few slight of hand key strokes…Like payday lenders, The “Tab” will come later-


Don’t expect any support for the draft. I agree with you, I have posted comments suggesting such on these pages for years with nary an up vote. All should read the late Senator J. William Fulbright’s "The Pentagon Propaganda Machine.


The post war reconstruction of Japan was not simply the restoration of real estate. It created an entirely new relationship between the rulers and the ruled. The old controlling institutions were destroyed including the military class, the aristocracy and the powerful oligarchy. The unusual circumstance of a single individual, General MacArthur, to reconstruct a civil government resulted in a high functioning parliamentary democracy and Constitution that held the nearly universal approval of the war’s succeeding generations. What has changed is not so much the Japanese people’s desire and belief in peaceful endeavor but rather America’s complacent hegemonic position in the Pacific being tested by China. America has a huge capacity to influence the politics of its former foes by having defeated and then occupying them. The presence of American influence goes well beyond military installations and diplomatic glad handing. We certainly see this in Europe where the leadership of sovereign nations seem unable to express the interests of their own people if it is in opposition to the will of Washington. There are very convincing reasons for this separation of the people from the power. There is little or no reason to suspect that this kind of covert influence does not find expression in Japan.