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In John Bolton, Donald Trump Has An Adviser Who’s Radical Even by Neocon Standards

In John Bolton, Donald Trump Has An Adviser Who’s Radical Even by Neocon Standards

Natasha Ezrow

The appointment of John Bolton to be the Trump administration’s third national security adviser in the past 14 months, signals a more confrontational approach to the world from an already belligerent regime. Bolton is one of the key figures of neoconservatism, a political tendency that believes that the US should pursue and defend primacy or unlimited power – especially by military means.

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Trillions for military purposes and wars (read obscene bloating), and little for civilian priorities left begging. At the same time the wealthiest and corporate/banker/Wall Street were the beneficiaries of the trump tax cuts - all of which will come out of cuts (obscene gutting) to civilian needs and programs. For every dollar trump & co gifted to the 1% and Military Industrial Congressional Complex - the war machine - a dollar will be taken from those least able to afford it, and programs that serve the 99% and a sustainable future…

An agenda of obscenity in all its actions, measures, and consequences from trump & co, now dominated by a cabal of total nutters, war criminals, and terrorists!


Scroll down to the 2005 confirmation hearings and prepare yourself…

Wiki on Bolton

All true, with one omission. The ten cents that gets kicked back to the cheerleading neocons for that dollar spent.

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The MIC has to have at least one Cold War going, but Hot Wars are more profitable so long as chickenhawk’s asses are not on the line.

Looks to me like The Amerikan Hitler now has found his Amerikan Goebbels.