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In Just One Decade, Corporations Destroyed 50 Million Hectares of Forest—An Area the Size of Spain

So of course I start singing this, and it comes out like a version of “all about that bass…”

All about that beef, 'bout that beef, 'bout that beef

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It is not the corporations that are destroying our precious land, it is Public Demand for their products that contribute to the destruction of our Planet.

Your position has some validity I think, but corporations also create new items and build demand with aggressive advertising.


Bulls Eye!!


I love my backyard birds, too. I’m here in St. Paul, MN. The cardinal’s evening song at dusk is one of my favorites to listen to!


Call for corps to “change” align with Einstein’s alleged definition of insanity.

A decade of do nothing would empirically acknowledge that reality, you would think.

To you and earthbound:

Some good news:

Last thursday a group of villagers here in spain (i was the only foreigner) met with our mayor to discuss the situation with regard to our river which has sorely lacked in regulation. The very next day great swathes of the riverbed and environs had been cleared of debris and choking fauna. The result is fantastic. Turtles can now swim in a large pool, a duck and her ducklings are enjoying the water, the toads are croaking as i write and moor hens are scurrying about. We have another meeting this thursday. There are other issues with regard to the enviromnment we will address. Slowly slowly we progress. But on the large scale of the earth’s ailments we are just a drop in the ocean.


I think you are an outlier in these comments because most who post on CD prefer to always blame corporations even if they are meeting the demand for products people want.
I would add that to save the forests long teem we have to slow human population growth that adds a billion more in about 12 years, then another billion… all wanting to consume

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