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In Just 'Two-Ish Minutes,' AOC Details Progressive Accomplishments From First Two Years in Office

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/11/just-two-ish-minutes-aoc-details-progressive-accomplishments-first-two-years-office


Ok, and it will then take 2 hours + to list how the 99% were screwed to no end by the duopoly, and it ends where they all vote for (yes, AOC did) for the largest upward transfer of trillions in history.
All while we are in a global pandemic…

P.S. Did AOC tell you how she supports the Coup in Venezuela?


Reformers can always point to their good works and much of AOC’s accomplishments have been worthy ones.

But as you say, the danger is that they legitimize the Establishment.

AOC endorsed budgets which increased military spending but most fatal of all, she gave Joe Biden her support. And already we see how he re-pays the Justice Democrats - blame them for all their crucial support and campaigning.

Come the mid-terms in 2022, guess who will also be blamed for the inaction of Biden, not the Republicans in the Senate, but the progressives for alienating those Republican law-makers.


I think this is all pretty awesome for a freshman member of Congress. I’m glad we got a few reinforcements to the squad, though I had been hoping for more.

On to 2022!


Beautiful! I love her. Just a natural, down-to-earth lady with the best interests in mind for us all.


That was good. It is a good start.
It should be mandatory for all public officials to stream all business daily.


since the US can print as much money as they want --at anytime they want (MMT) when the politicians say we cannot afford something they are LYING through their teeth–the Fed right now is “printing” money and giving it to corporations–they can do the same for the people without any problem at all–they just won’t because they serve their corporate masters first, last and only

so if your politician says we can’t afford it or takes money from corporate sources–they ARE NOT working for you–so quit voting for them


Link, link, and link, please

Whiners gotta whine.

Ron, i’ll stop whining when the progressives and the liberals stop whining that the Democratic Party doesn’t act in the interests of the American people.

Who expects that it should? Certainly not the genuine left who since Debs era understood that it is fully the party of Wall St.

The longer the working people refuse to organize their own independent party, the longer they have no real political power to accompany the sincere voice of AOC, but she will continue to whine that the Democratic Party pays her no heed and merely pays lip-service to them.

Supporting the lesser evil always means the evil persists.


Not bad for a former bartender. AOC demonstrates what working class legislators can do once elected to office. Perhaps her accomplishments will encourage other working class citizens to enter the political arena.





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For which party are you registered?

I’m not US citizen. But i support the World Socialist Party of the United States, a very small and an insignificant party that was founded in 1916 as a breakaway from the Deb’s Socialist Party of America. I follow ideas and principles, not personalities or power.



I doubt if you’ll ever stop whining

A sure sign of a perpetual whiner (or should I say wiener)

Piss on the new kid’s achievements

Since the publication of that article we now have AOC endorsing Pelosi for Leader of the House, relegating a M4A campaign to Democratic Party manouvers for committee seats, reneging on her previous promises to hold Pelosi’s and others in the Democratic Party leadership feet to the fire.

Or have you missed the exchanges with Jimmy Dore.

Still taking strategy training from a comic

I was always cynical of placing faith in any leader figure.

As Debs explained - “I would not be a Moses to lead you into the Promised Land,because if I could lead you into it, someone else could lead you out of it.”

See my essay

But let’s be clear, America elected a Hollywood actor and a Reality TV Show host as presidents. Now they elected a senile buffoon who can’t remember his lines.

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