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In Kenosha Kickoff, Ironworker Randy Bryce Hammers On Paul Ryan’s Weakness


In Kenosha Kickoff, Ironworker Randy Bryce Hammers On Paul Ryan’s Weakness

Roger Bybee

Andy Bryce, an ironworker and avid Bernie Sanders surrogate during the 2016 primary, made a direct appeal to working people in Representative Paul Ryan’s district as he officially launched his campaign, challenging the Speaker of the House.

“Ryan’s someone who negotiates taking away our health care in secret,” Bryce shouted to a crowd of about 200 at his kickoff rally June 24 at UAW Local 72’s historic union hall in Kenosha. “We used to make things and be a manufacturing center,” Bryce added. “But Paul Ryan has voted for every trade deal that has drained our cities of jobs."


Too bad he chose to run as a Dem.

Associating himself with a moribund, soul less brand and Nancy Pelosi plays right into Ryan’s game plan.


As a retiree with health problems, I won’t be able to contribute much to Bryce’s campaign–except to give him my vote! It’s (past!) time to get that SOB Ryan out of office!


By getting the entirety of her caucus not to give Ryan bipartisan cover? She passed the ACA with a public option and passed a cap-and-trade bill. This doesn’t mean new leadership wouldn’t be good, but of the Democrats who screwed things up in 2009-2010, she’s pretty low on the list.

I will say, I wish she was more like Tom Delay was when he ran the House. He usually let other Republicans, typically more television friendly, do the talking for him. As much as I respect her legislative prowess, her tv presence leaves a lot to be desired.

First though, let’s get a new majority in Congress and have a new leadership election. Let the cards fall where they may then.


On March 10, 2010 when Congress was preparing to vote on the ACA then House Speaker Pelosi told her charges “we need to vote for the ACA so we can see what’s in it”, proving that none of the Congressional Democrats read the 2000 plus page ACA, they were just doing what Obama and the lobbyists told them to do.

Although I admire Bryce and wish him the best, Pelosi has long since passed her use by date.


I’ll stand by comment above. Pelosi is another D-party millionaire towing the status quo corporate line.

She’s a gaffe machine. She likes keeping her powder dry, meaning never-to-be-used. As I recall, about 40 Dems voted against the ‘liberal’ version of the ACA.

Above all, she’s a lightning rod for stirring up Ryan’s base and as an albatross she’ll be tethered to Bryce by the Ryan campaign. Take it to the bank: Bryce will lose running as a Dem. As an Independent he had a prayer.

But hey, stay the course.


Independents have to caucus with someone to have any power. The Republicans would tie him to Pelosi irrespective of his status unless he promised to vote Ryan as speaker.

I agree that Pelosi may have been demonized so deeply by the Right that she’s no longer a great choice. Her name repeated over and over is enough to get Republicans to the polls in red districts. Republican/FOX marketing works, and works well.


The fact that the right wing echo chamber marketing machine works so well is precisely why you don’t keep your powder dry. You wield power when you have it because they’ll excoriate you either way.

And in light of the policy concessions that even single senators can extract, a caucus of just five leftie independents could exert major pressure.


It doesn’t matter to me if they are Democrats or independents. All of them will caucus together if they want to control a house of congress. And governing is what it’s all about. Otherwise, Paul Ryan and/or Mitch McConnell write the budget.


What matters to me is that they caucus together AFTER the 5 leftie Independents have pushed legislation leftward.


Will you accept any compromise they have to make to get it passed?


Not only is it past time, in my opinion he never should have been voted in!


His chances of getting elected would be virtually zero if he did not run as a Democrat and thereby have access to their local and national organizational resources.


You did see the limited support Quist and Thompson got in Montana and Kansas, right?


In general, no.

Because that’s how liberals stay precisely where they are now: Taken for granted because they fall in line behind the dictates of the pragmatist wing. Thus, some lines in the sand won’t get crossed until major concessions from the establishment are put in writing.

That’s an old tactic called playing hardball. Something Obama was awful at, and Republicans are great at.