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In 'Landmark' Moment, London Coroner Lists Air Pollution as a Cause of Young Girl's Death

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/16/landmark-moment-london-coroner-lists-air-pollution-cause-young-girls-death

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Break out the charts and graphs.

Lock down the fossil fuel industry. Governments care about people, right? Governments want to save human lives, right? The covid quarantines prove that, don’t they?

Okay then. Let’s use the awesome powers of government to save lives!

Many more people will die from air pollution than will die from covid-19. Break out the charts and graphs, and immediately prohibit fossil fuel extraction, refinement and use.


I’ve had more training in the Earth sciences than Biological, but from my observations, much of the problem stems from inhaling air that has gunk we shouldn’t be breathing, which impinges upon lung function. There a test for potential, which includes a spirometer for measuring lung function and an oxymeter for blood oxygen content. This is a test for susceptibility. If it appears you may be susceptible, then they can shove the stick up your nose. There are preventative measures that can be taken.

While it would be a great idea to prohibit fossil fuels, it won’t happen anytime soon, as that industry holds a wee bit too much sway. They are the reason vehicles run on petroleum instead of hemp oil, which is what Karl Benz first used in his original “motorwagens.”


Interesting fact. Welcome aboard! Which in my opinion, is one of the best progressive sites on the net with the most perspicacious commenters. If you agree with me please financially support Common Dreams…thanks Shanti…


Our area of southeastern Michigan and southwestern Ontario has the highest per capita rates of childhood asthma in the state/province because of several factors. We are downwind of Chemical Valley in Sarnia and of Metro Detroit with its air pollution generated by vehicles. Everything is powered by an internal combustion, fossil fueled engine, from cars, power mowers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, snow mobiles, jet skis, motor boats…
We used to have only one or two ozone action days during the summer. Now it’s one or two a week. But it’s ignored because we have no mass transit system and urban sprawl means people mow their lawns with gas powered mowers.
I have asthma, and it’s become much worse in only a few years. But what’s heart-breaking is to see the photos of small children who are patients at my pulmonary specialists office. The ones who have died…
So, Henry Ford and all the inventors of stuff to do tasks we used to do with muscle power, I sure hope you’re frying in the dystopian future you’ve generated in concert with the advertisers. And think of the people who have died in places like Beijing(where the population used to use bicycles to get to work before Big Vehicle and Big Oil convinced them they were backward for doing so) and Delhi and Mexico City…


George Floyd , said “I can’t breathe,” because of policeman Chauvin----but we of Earth also know that as more and more kids have asthma, and more and more forest fires infect the air-----and more and more wars pollute the planet -----Air Pollution is leaving us all with a legacy of ,"I can’t breathe! "


Stop me if you heard this one, same old London, back in the beginning of Industrial Disease, the smoke was so bad that it caused a mutation to rapidly evolve a species in a historical heartbeat. White moths stood out and were easily spotted and eaten by birds because of the contrast of their bodies resting on black soot covered surfaces that were…EVERYwhere. Black was the new White.
The DNA of the drivers has flourished from the process. Downwinders continue to dine on the effluents. I suspect we could hear little black moths cough like little black girls, if we listened.


I was about 4 when I connected auto exhaust with smog with population numbers, you could see the smoke visibly from alot of cars in the sixties. We lived in the mountains and had a fireplace, we could see the smog coming up the canyon from the valley, where it was easy to see many more people lived. I thought it was crazy for every car to be a fireplace and so many smoking it up. Yet another thing I never grew out of. I’ve had the immense pleasure of riding over 100,000 miles on bicycles in my life so far, one of the greatest gifts I have been given. This choice has quietly always been about living right.


I grew up with asthma in LA in the fifties. I used to go outside early in the morning and take a deep breath, or, I tried to take a deep breath but it caught half-way in and wouldn’t go further. And then, recently, I remembered that we had an incinerator and burned our garbage! Burned it! I’m so grateful for trash pick-up now. We don’t have to burn our garbage or get buried in it or deal with rats and fleas that cause plague.

But there’s no bicycle riding for me with a cello on my back. A fellow cellist, six foot five, used to ride with his cello on his back, but I couldn’t do it. There’s got to be leadership to help us get off of oil. Not sure this is the case coming in January.


Sorry, child. “All are punished!”

Chinese use three-wheeled carts a lot to carry things, also a lot of small electric vehicles.

All asthma is not pollution related. I remember many rushes to the hospital when I was 3-10 years old. One attack turned me blue and earned me an oxygen tent. I was in South Florida near the ocean, no factories there then, good trash pickup and the incinerator was far, far away. I believe my problem was excessive pollen and perhaps some other allergies.
My three children living in other various states in shady suburbs with clean air also suffered heavily with asthma when they were young. They were tested for allergies, and allergies to things like grass, cats, tree pollen was discovered.
The key to this case is not the asthma, but the high levels of pollution.

Have you been around in China recently? Several huge companies are managing rent-a-bike services when you can pick them up and drop them off just about anywhere and pay by phone. Mo-bike is one of these and there are several others. They are very popular. Some of them have an electric option.

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