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In Landmark Ruling, Canada to Allow Assisted Suicide


In Landmark Ruling, Canada to Allow Assisted Suicide

The Canadian Supreme Court ruled on Friday that adults of sound mind who are suffering intolerably, physically or psychologically, have the right to die by physician-assisted suicide.


When I retired as a general pediatrician in northern California, I collected my own medical logistics
for use on myself, should the occasion arise. This should be the law in this nation generally, as it
is so many other advanced nations. The people against it have never suffered the agony of a
tortured life. Our parents gave us life, but the end belongs to us alone.


I don’t know whether you’re a fan of Sir Terry Pratchett’s books, but he has remarked on how it used to be a standard, albeit unacknowledged except within the professions, final medical or nursing service. Nurses sometimes euphemised it as “showing the way”. And of course medical and nursing professionals made very sure they’d their own preps made, as you do.

He has PCA, which makes Britain’s refusal to do what Canada has just done all the worse for him. He’s said that when “the Embuggerance” reaches the verge of taking too much from him, he hopes to be able to sit out in his garden and drink the current “Brompton Cocktail” with Thomas Tallis playing on the ipod. But if Parliament doesn’t pull their collective finger out damned smartish, he and Lyn will have to emigrate to Canada.


Just so long as it is the patient’s own choice without pressure either way. I hope this will be something a person can put in a living will and have it respected. Some value length of life over quality of life, and this must be respected for their own lives. Others value quality of life over length of life, and this also must be respected for their own lives.