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In Landmark Ruling, European Court of Human Rights Sides With BDS Movement Protesters Over French Government

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/11/landmark-ruling-european-court-human-rights-sides-bds-movement-protesters-over


Goddamn right! Boycott1 Divest! Sanction!

The Israeli racist state has used victimization as a weapon against the world and people of conscience that demand an end to mass intentional killings, illegal colonization of The Occupied Territories, ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and countless killings/murders of unarmed Palestinian men, women, and children - lots of those - killed in many depraved ways by the military apparatus and entrenched racism of the Israeli supremacist mindset.

The courts ruling found “no relevant and sufficient grounds” to support anti-BDS legislation by Israeli lap-dog governments and politicians - they violate the right to freedom of expression!

The BDS Movement is a political, non-violent, way to fight against Israeli human rights violations and crimes against humanity; of course the propaganda from Israel and their sycophant US government claims the BDS Movement is “anti-Semitism”, a cynical fabrication by the true criminal - Apartheid Israel!

BDS! Zionism IS racism! Silence IS complicity!


A rare victory, when one considers the ghosting of the BDS movement in the media.
December 2001 Fox News reporter Carl Cameron produced a 4 part series about Israel’s complicity in the 9-11 attacks. It was very good reporting. He eventually left Fox as his work was not compatible with fascist propaganda. Fox removed that series from their archives.
But the MSM in America, including Google/Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook, really the most powerful companies in the entire world, are very Zionist as well as mostly Jewish owned, and to find out who your rulers are, simply find out who you cannot criticize in public.
Few in America have ever heard of the BDS movement, just as fewer have ever heard of Rachel Corrie. (Meanwhile almost everyone has seen the Tiananmen Square “Tank Man” who bravely defied the evil Communist Chinese…who, remarkably, did not roll a bulldozer or tank over him as the Israelis did to Corrie.)
There is a double standard when issues involving Judaism/Zionism/Israel come up in the corporate MSM.
This is a rare victory for human rights and social justice. And it will not be widely disseminated to the public.


And now is the time for the rest of the world to BDS the USA.


“Europe is deeply complicit in Israel’s occupation, siege of Gaza, and slow ethnic cleansing of Indigenous Palestinians in Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley, and elsewhere,” she declared. "

And have been since they created the state of israel after WW2.


Two more names that live in the memory hole: Robert Manning, Arnon Milchan.
Their crimes are not prosecuted.


Didn’t the colonization of Palestine start after WW1, the instrument being the Balfour declaration?



HUZZAH!! Excellent news,

Correct. Here’s the history:


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A rare win is appreciated, and yet … These things always leave me melancholy, because of my desire to see power devolved to the local level. Instead, it seems to keep accumulating at the top.

I think you are both right, Israel was started unofficially with the purchase of large amounts of land long before official sanctions.

The problem for governments that restrict communication among people is they cut themselves off from distributed human intelligence. Evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate as are environmental poisons and global climate collapse. Many human brains focused on survival of humanity can think about subjects and solutions disallowed within militarized corporatist governments.