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In 'Landmark Victory,' Japanese Court Orders Nuke Plant Shutdown


In 'Landmark Victory,' Japanese Court Orders Nuke Plant Shutdown

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In a historic ruling described as a "wake-up call" for both the nuclear industry and the Japanese government, a district court on Wednesday ordered the shutdown of Takahaka Nuclear Plant in western Japan—a decision that was welcomed by residents and local officials who said the plant posed health and safety risks.


I am glad to see not only the Japanese People, but their courts standing up to their corporate controlled government and the corporations themselves.
* It may prove too little, too late, but every step in the right direction counts.
* I hope, someday, the same thing will happen in the US Fourth Reich. I would like to live in a Constitutional Republic again before I die. I remember it and I really miss it.


This one runs deep for them.
Good to see some honorable actions.


This is a bit of a tangent - but the "modern" world has proven to be poisoned by threads of authoritarianism running through what was once an evolving fabric woven through millennia of the human experience as creatures inextricably interwoven into cosmic patterns. Now past the apex of centuries of denial that hyper cords extracting from those still unrecognized balances, the consequences are proving to be commensurate with the externalizations claimed as some sort of 'right' of "power". Laughable for the blind hubris, tragic because it has internalized such a scale of blindness save for the detritus of all the 'things', unnecessary yet the same mindset constantly hammering: IT MUST BE!
I think that whoever it was who said that the past is the future speaks of an essential that can never be denied. I'd add that in the 'modern' notion time becomes space - again filled with whatever human beings choose to collectively focus on. The curse must inverted into a prophetic reach deep into the spiritual dignity of archaic treasures of uncounted cultures. These still exist and the diversity is sorely needed. The chickens coming home to roost must now be consciously and conscientiously invited home and nurturing space made for them in full humility that the dominant powers DO NOT KNOW either what that means or how to do so.
May there be among those chickens coming home to roost humility, integrity and dignity.


Unfortunately, this ruling will get overturned.


It's still a big change even if it does. In fact, it still holds most of its effect if it does.

In Japan, as in most countries, nuclear plants are owned and partially funded, at first, by very large capital interests that are run for profit. If the industry sees that a plant might get shut down, they will not build.

That's how building stopped in the US. And the industry doubled back on itself in a series of lawsuits to try to skip out from the losses, which of course were mostly successfully passed to government and consumers--

--But not altogether. And every day that plant is shut down, wallets drain, stock drops, and investors flee.


In Brazil, where many similar globalized political/economic/ecological problems are getting coverage by the alternative media, people talk about a politics of the fait acompli that presages fascism. TTIP etc. seem emblematic of precisely that. The fear mongering model of governance to force parasitic exclusion, domination, dehumanization and disempowerment. It really is a very distorted, sick, paranoid vision of self fulfilling prophesy as permanent dystopia, except for the 1% - and even that will never hold in the long run.