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In Late 2007, Obama Trailed Clinton By 26 Points. Bernie Sanders Is 2016's Barack Obama



Yes, Bernie is indeed the new Barrie. Meaning a faux-liberal Trojan Horse. Google Sanders and F-35, the most wasteful military project ever known. The Military Industrial Complex owns Sanders. All this lovey-dovey socialism talk is meaningless as long the Pentagon is in control of workers' money.


Polls aside, we can only hope based on his record that Bernie Sanders is not 2016's Barack Obama.


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The writer states that "25,000" have already said they will "write in Sanders' name"-hey hey hey! That is good news; better news will be when ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND and MORE have taken the pledge to write in Bernie's name should the corrupt DNC, pushed by the despicable Debbie Wasserman Schultz, try to ram SlickWillieShillary down our collective PROGRESSIVE throats. You can go to www.citizensagainstplutocracy.org and pledge [1] to write in BERNIE SANDERS, and [2] agree to enroll @ least 1 other person to do the same. The more of us that do this, the greater the leverage we build for our candidate. For those whose states don't permit "write-ins," I suggest you vote GREEN. Do not give HRC your vote; she is a liar, an opportunist, and one who is in the race for power and money, whereas IMO BERNIE is in the race to empower the shrinking middle class and to give ordinary folks like me a decent chance @ a decent life. He has marched w/workers for a $15 minimum wage; he will use war as a LAST resort; he works to lift our national education levels; he works for family leave, for women's rights, for women's wages--you name it, BERNIE has been on the side of working folk for decades. P L E A S E take the pledge & empower BERNIE.


What does it profit a party to have their anointed one win the nomination and lose the general election?

Yet the DNC is hellbent on Hillary.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.


As young people consider the past (Hillary) and envision the future (Bernie); and as Republicans analyze the clown car and consider Bernie's fight 'through' the Democratic establishment 'coronation' and 'silence' obstruction; and as they (GOP) remember decades of anti-Clinton rhetoric - Bernie climbs higher and higher ... where his honesty, transparency and leadership deserve to be held. The oligarchy may 'fund' elections, but they each can only vote one time. They are less than one percent, half will vote Republican and they don't express themselves openly (only through cash). They are trembling. Bernie will lead! Congress in 2018 will look remarkably different!


It is terrible the DNC powers are trying to shove Hillary down our throats. Honestly, with 3 supreme court judge nominations in the balance, I am terrified one of those GOP right-wingers will win. I just do not know if I can vote for her. I distrust her so very much. I hope the people vote for Bernie in the primaries like I will. I am in Illinois, so likely the primary will be all over by the time I cast my vote. Why does Iowa and NH get to pick the nominee every year? I hate that.


Good article. Senator Sanders 2016!! The political revolution is coming! Money out Bernie in! Go Bernie!


I'm from Illinois also, it will be a cold day in hell before I vote for that woman. Those who do,as a default position, do what the Mook man is counting on. God help us all if this conservative corporatist occupies the White House. Clinton in the White House, Ryan as Speaker of the House, and McConnell as Leader of the Senate is not a " consummation devoutly to be wished."


To H.A. Goodman: I created an account just to tell you how insane your philosophy of our presidential election is. I stopped reading just a tad farther than your comment that, as a liberal, you would "risk" a Republican presidency because HRC is such a neocon, yada yada. You, my poor friend, are a fool. I am a proud and ardent Bernie supporter, but I recognize that four to eight years of a President Trump or Cruz or fill-in-the-blank along with a Republican Congress would completely doom this country and, in all likelihood, the planet. In attempt to explain your fallacy to you, I'll give an example: As a lark, I took one of those online quizzes designed to tell me which candidate my values best line up with; and, of course, I align with Bernie 99%. The closest Republican to me was Kasich at 43%; from there the closest was in the low 30%'s; and the lowest, as I recall, was Cruz with 2%. Hillary racked up 94%. I won't do the math for you, but I'd encourage you to just take the quiz. I recognize that Hillary has some problems including flopping on issues; however, even with flops she would be in my corner more than twice Kasich would be--and, at present, it doesn't appear he has a prayer. So if you want to throw the election to the idiots, thugs, and extremists, by all means do. But for God's sake stop writing to influence others to do the same. Your position is untenable. It is the one every Republican in the country would want you to have, and that is not liberal.


"It profits a party to have their anointed one win the nomination" when the anointed one is a corporate money magnet. Winning the general election is a low priority for the Democratic Party whose highest priority is to not jeopardize the lucrative revenue stream emenating from Wall Street and the corporate cronies.


Obama was exactly what I called him in 2008: the consummate con man! For which I was excoriated by so many well meaning but conned people. Bernie is not Obama, but here is the problem: Bernie will be used the same way.


One would think so by their recent behavior, running away from progressive causes & even their own president & losing in 2014 -- a copy of what they did in 2010, & retaining the losing DNC chairwoman nevertheless, who is doing everything she can to rig the Democratic primary in favor of her anointed one, thereby making it more difficult for Democrats to win the general election. There rationally can be no other conclusion than the one you made.


Very good political analysis. I already had the same conclusion, even with less information than you had. It's pretty obvious, yet many people in the Democratic Party refuse to see. I hope they'll come around in time, but I have my doubts. A couple of advantages Bernie has is that his popularity (approval rating) keeps going up the more people are exposed to him, & where he currently is weak is where he should be strong based on the thrust of his campaign: minorities. If he can win enough minorities away from Hillary, he has it in the bag. A lot more independents & even Republicans are open to voting for Bernie than for Hillary, so indeed he would likely win in a landslide (think FDR over Landon or LBJ over Goldwater), while HRC will probably struggle & may even lose in this very anti-establishment, anti-neocon, anti-corporate election.


If your values include more wars and more support for big money, Hillary's your girl. Those are her primary values. Anything else she claims to support changes with the winds of popularity.

You're also ignoring something an increasing number of pundits are noting: emotions drive voting, particularly negative emotions. Republicans hate Hillary with a passion and would come out to vote against her. Add to their numbers the Dems, particularly progressives, who would stay home rather than vote for her, and the lackluster nature of any emotional support for Clinton, and it is more likely that the Republican candidate would win if HIllary is the candidate than if Bernie is. Or wow, maybe another draw to be decided by the Supreme Court.

As far as I'm concerned, there is a bigger reason even than matters of war or money to vote for Bernie. Everyone is convinced of his honesty and trustworthiness. We have not had someone in a position of national leadership who calls on "the better angels of our nature" since, oh, I don't know, Lincoln. And it seems that every day, acts of incredible inhumanity are being committed by individuals in this country. Some of it is likely due to mental illness, much of it to drugs and poverty. But I think that lack of anyone who thoroughly represents and calls for decency, accountability, and humanity is part of it. People who aren't fortunate enough to grow up with examples of those qualities in their homes need it from somewhere, and it's nowhere in this country. We need Bernie for that. Sure, he could turn out to be as cynical as Obama. But the difference is that Bernie has a lifetime of political service that seems to support his talk.


The article is far too much of the author pandering his severe narcissism, and it is not clear if the article is more of a self-promotion by the author or something about Bernie's prospects of doing to Hillary what Obama did to Hillary in '08. In any event, the author needs to find himself an editor who will teach him to get his monstrous, fragile, petty ego out of the writing and put in more about the ostensible subject of the piece.


In 2008 Clinton did not lose support, she stayed in the 38-40% range.

It was a crowded race and mostly Obama picked up support from the other candidates. Clinton has more support this time, a majority in fact.

Unlike Obama in 2008, Bernie has the harder, but not impossible job of converting Hillary supporters.