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In Latest Absurdity in Trump's America, Omarosa Confesses: 'It's Gonna Not Be Okay'

In Latest Absurdity in Trump's America, Omarosa Confesses: 'It's Gonna Not Be Okay'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

When Omarosa Manigualt was chosen by President Donald Trump to fill an ill-defined White House position in 2017, she probably didn't expect to be lying on a reality show couch just months later delivering a "bizarre, tear-strewn" account of how truly appalling Trump, his cabinet, and his tweets really are shortly after being unceremoniously escorted from her post.

We did not need an insider to tell us how bad it really is.

It has been apparent from the outside since the day Trump started announcing appointees in November 2016.

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It has been apparent for most of my lifetime , a time during which John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Medgar Evans were all assassinated.

War Criminals like Henry Kissinger live on and are appointed to positions of power in Administration after Administration (Hilary Rodham Clinton sang his praises) , while those wanting peace and whom speak on behalf of the poor and oppressed are murdered.

It IS really bad. It has been for a long time and gets worse.


She was complicit in enabling Trump and metastasizing his sick, ego-centric administration.

Her crocodile tears are meant to bring ratings, and her to the center of another, less lethal reality TV show than the one being played in the White House by our Child in Chief.


SHOULD WE BE WORRIED??? Hahaahahahahahahahahahahaha

If you weren’t worried in 2001 when baby Bush was in, then, well, I got nothing to say to those crocodile tears… really… where you been honey?

Should we be worried. Pullease.


Anyone whose eyes and mind are open, has seen the absurdity, for more than a year.

The campaign for President which started in 2015, was a preview of the absurdity to come.

To say that I am ashamed of our government, and a majority of the American People who voted for either of the Duopoly parties, is an understatement.

Respect is not just given, it must be earned.

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According to tRumpf, he hires the “best” people. He has now “fired” Omarosa four times. Why does he keep hiring her? She’s clearly not one of the “best” or he wouldn’t keep firing her.