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In Latest 'Alarming' Attack on Science, Pruitt Reportedly Moving to Restrict Use of Research in EPA Policy

In Latest 'Alarming' Attack on Science, Pruitt Reportedly Moving to Restrict Use of Research in EPA Policy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A deeply unpopular plan by one of the Republican Party's most notorious climate deniers to restrict the use of scientific research in government rule-making isn't even advancing in the GOP-controlled Congress, but EPA chief Scott Pruitt appears to be planning to adopt it as official agency policy.

If Pruitt cannot perform the duties required for the job, he should be removed.

If he’s unwilling to leave, perhaps We the People can make his life miserable so that he’ll want to leave.


This isn’t responsible, or even sane, governance, especially in an agency supposedly “regulating” and protecting the public health and safety! The enormity of pruitt’s actions if not based on science and, you know, _facts_and truth, are based on lies, supposition, “religious” claptrap, malignant narcissist “agent orange” stupidity, BS, and corrupt politics!

The oaths trump regime figures (and trump himself) took apparently mean nothing, or whatever the fish-head dear leader says they mean, designed (if that description can even be used in the insane sociopath trump administration) to empower profits and exploitation above any and all notions of decency in society, and honest truthful governance by people devoid of honesty and even limited qualifications for their posts! Isn’t that clear reality a violation of something for loves sake?!

How much longer can this overt destruction of our environment, nation, society, and people be tolerated from the truly evil and pathologically ignorant and corrupt trump regime? ENOUGH!


Come on Dan, We need a brainstorming session here at Common Dreams. There are a lot of incredibly bright people here.

What could millions of us do at the same time, that would make Pruitts life miserable?


Besides showing him how the science of gravity works by egging his house.

Usually when things get bad enough the serfs revolt. We aren’t even close to that so buckle up, you are about to experience the ride of your life.

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On this appointment and DeVos (education) I have been sufficiently convinced-The United States is a failed state. Not because of Trump and the GOP. Because the bulk of American are doing NOTHING to respond. The public should be demanding both these appointments be shoved out the door. The EPA is being dismantled, and the country is carrying on yaking on their phones. I absolve myself and others who are concerned for our kids and our country’s future responsibility beyond a certain point. Since 1980, MOST Americans, including Democrats, have succumbed to a near total dumbing down of real time stuff-environment and education are happening NOW. There are certain areas where we cannot wait. These are them.


Just another reason to flee. If you have the funds move, while you can, to somewhere that has a wee-bit of sanity left.


Most Repugnacins will agree that making “decisions” based on real scientific knowledge is dangerous to their corporate cause. Better for them to allow their corporate handlers to feed them their pseudo scientific decisions and keep their campaign contributions flowing.

Zeig heil to the oligarchy.

Thank you kangaroo supreme court for citizens united!

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I agree except the oligarchy and corporatists are supported by political lackeys from both the Republican and Democratic parties. Even with small upward ticks in various years, we’ve been on a downhill trend regarding environmental protection and educational programs for decades regardless of the party in office.

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Pruitt is another moronic pig that needs to be utterly destroyed.

This is clearly another step toward fascism. The public gets the truth from two main sources, scientific research and the press. Trump and gang have launched an all out attack on both. This is central to the white nationalist agenda which millions of Americans enthusiastically endorse. They don’t care about democracy and apparently don’t care about public health. The just seem to want a highly competitive society where the government is sidelined and the white power structure is in control.

Oh look, it’s “alarming.”

Perhaps Pruitt is going to substitute alchemy for science?

I predict a major boom in witch doctors, dowsers, and old wives telling tales. The opportunities abound…

Because the EPA is supposed to protect the public from pollution. The EPA was created after the first Earth Day. It is a response to public political pressure. The DOE and NSF were created for other reasons.

Mudslides in Montecito A Song for Oprah and Ellen… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1JLbDJss3U

Sue him for signing an oath of office that he did not intend to fulfill. The words are there. If you can put your hand on a bible and sign an oath as a first step for taking the reins of public office and not mean any of it, then you have broken a legal contract with the public which you are there to serve. It is time for someone to come forward and sue these people and make a very big issue out of exactly what is the legally binding power of the oath of office. Is it real or just empty ceremonial bullshit?

This must become an issue because if the oath of office is not a legally binding contract for a public official to abide by and serve the public interest, then it should be done away with and a true, legally binding, enforceable contract (or oath) needs to be created for all who work as public officials and law enforcement and any other government job that requires ethical conduct and trust. I mean, it only makes sense.

When a person is summoned to court and puts their hand on a bible and swears to tell the truth, they must, or there are serious legal consequences for lying. Why should it not be the same for public office? I think the public would be quite riveted to such a showdown.

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Your’s is the best idea ever for getting these criminals out of our government.

Now, using your argument for ousting these people who have no intention to do the job they were hired to do, should we contact the Justice Department for some action? Do you think AG Jefferson Beauregard Sessions would be open to hearing your thoughts?

I’m serious.

Might contacting the Washington Post or the New York Times be a good prerequisite to going to Justice?

Thanks. I think the effort should be resolutely not connected to any of the entities that you’ve mentioned. They would laugh. They hardly care.

The effort should be taken up by an entity that has experience in suing the government, like the ACLU. Or perhaps an entirely publicly funded and guided effort lead by experienced lawyers. Also there needs to be a major public relations effort online to engage as much of the public as possible. In particular the idea of the contract known as the oath of office needs to be carefully examined to assess its legally binding qualities if it actually has any.

The idea of getting massive numbers of people to actually think about the oath of office like they never have before and discussing what should be expected of the oath would be a great thing. I don’t think this has ever happened in American history.

The time for this is now.

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The ACLU and perhaps the Southern Poverty Law Center would be great places to start.

You could be the one to do this.