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In Latest Assault on Palestinian Rights, US Shutters Jerusalem Consulate

In Latest Assault on Palestinian Rights, US Shutters Jerusalem Consulate

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S. officially closed its consulate general in Jerusalem, which had served as the de facto diplomatic mission for Palestinians.

While the State Department framed the move as a "merger" with its embassy in the city, critics say it's another setback for peace that puts Israeli interests over Palestinian rights

As Haaretz reported,

American ugliness never seems to cease. How did we get this awful government and how much does it cost. We must solve our terribly flawed electoral system. 10.6 million more people voted for someone else and we got Trump. That was 3 million more for Clinton and 7.6 million for Stein Johnson and other. The majority of the 7.6 would have gone to Clinton in a run off. Trump is the result of a flaw of our making and we are too intellectually lazy to fix it.

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Israel and her U.S. allies have shown themselves to be scum - pure scum. The U.S. is not only condoning the perpetual apartheid in Palestine, but now actively promoting it. I seriously now wonder who really killed Rabin?

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Norman, your criticism is a bit harsh, but we should, hopefully, keep in mind that it is really a criticism of the ruling powers of the integrated Empire that directs the evil tyranny that each country imposes on their own citizen/‘subjects’ as well as all ‘we the citizens’ of our world — but which can be overcome with inclusion and love over exclusion and greed, as I’ve believed for more than a decade.


OpEdNews article.

We have been practicing this government for over 200 yrs. Our history is filled with such things. We rarely ever consider the rights of the minority. We don’t even see them as humans.

Israel is today’s Nazi Germany; thus, why wouldn’t Pres. Drumpf regard it as a close ally?!

just do some research on Friedman, the “US” ambassador to Israel. Oy vey!