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In 'Latest Attempt to Distort Democracy,' Koch Brothers Bolster GOP Tax Cut Efforts

In 'Latest Attempt to Distort Democracy,' Koch Brothers Bolster GOP Tax Cut Efforts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Republicans attempt to quickly shift attention from their failed effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act to their goal of overhauling the tax code—an objective that is being cheered on and bankrolled by Charles and David Koch—early signs indicate that their plans will face similarly fierce resistance.

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Why yes Mr. Koch, we’ll have that law changed for you right away! You and your brother can step to the next window and you can select from your choice of tax breaks, while we contact ALEC to let them know of your continued generosity toward their cause.


The Koch bros are demented and want to undermine the government as much as their money can buy; and it buys plenty at the federal as well as at the state level. Instead of pushing for tax cuts in the name of “reform” Congress should be ‘reforming’ tax in a meaningful way that helps the average worker instead of the top 5% and large corporations that use offshore accounts and corporate headquarters to shelter as much of their profits as possible. Instead let the lower 50% have a flat tax of say 7%, the next 20% of 15%, the next 20% of 35% and the top 10% around 60-75% depending on the amount earned by various income sources. Same for the corps. Stop the stupid wars and then we all could have healthcare and education at nominal or no expense, then again I can dream. Can’t I?


Ah yes more trickle-down economics, funny how the trickle never seems to come.
When are these two ba$tards going to die and make the world a better place?


Let’s see if my reply can survive this time through the administrators, moderators here.or whomever is saying that there are extra special rules about posting links,such as “new members can’t post links” and "links cannot be posted in the main body of your response. As a habit on discussion boards for decades, I post links to reassure readers that there is a foundation for what I am saying. I did that at the old Current Events, at Common Dreams a few years ago then recently when I was a member and at Newsvine.

In this case is Republicans are trying to give the rich and super rich tax cuts once again and almost all of the polls are showing NO REAL PUBLIC SUPPORT for tax cuts, breaks, loopholes for the rich. Trump is a good example of a rich person that pays no taxes at all through tax breaks, loopholes and offshore shell companies. The shell company trick is to have money invested in offshore shell companies, which are not operational companies at all but serve as a place the American rich can invest their money in shares, where the money will not be taxed. Trump’s name comes up in the “Panama Papers” over 3,000 time. That should tell you a lot about our new president. So now we have a Trump puppet in the White House doing whatever the Koch brothers want him to do. Not exactly what you call a real democracy. In fact, this is starting to be a pattern with Trump and Trump Republicans out of synch with the majority of the American people as clearly shown in polls related to Trumpcare and tax cuts for the rich. There are plenty of links to back up what I am saying.


This has been the hardest thing, imo, for citizens to figure out about the forces against peace and stability …
the greed involved remains unbelievably astonishing as we see from Koch Bros. because it is based in
total control of the nations and every citizen. That’s the kind of power they want, they need.


In regard to links, I noticed today for the first time that CD was eliminating a link to Voat.com where
there is a good deal of posting about the situation with international human trafficking/child trafficking
and organ trafficking. Also, sometimes called “Pizzagate” in the US.
MSM also seems to be under mandate by the Establishment conspiracy to not report on these cases,
such as Hampstead case in UK, or past cases here in the US such as The Franklin case.
Until now, I’ve never had a link, nor the placement of a link in comment by me questioned in any way.

Meanwhile, this is a liberal nation which is anti-war and anti-MIC as Elites well know.
We are for National Health Care, of course, and long have been.
We support Planned Parenthood and government funding for PPH.
We support reproductive freedom and abortion for any purpose - the later by simple majority.
Even Catholics support reproductive freedom and abortion (by simple majority) and Catholic women
have just as many abortions as any other women.

Sadly, for more than 50 years we’ve been voting on hack-able electronic voting computers which
immediately began delivering very odd and unbelievable right wing results.
See: Votescam - The Stealing of America

The book can be read free at the website –
It covers an investigation of the voting computers done in the late 1960’s in Florida by two
journalists (brothers) - one of whom had run for public office as the computers began to come in
there about 1967. The large computers used by MSM gave MSM vast new powers to declare
winners and losers based on 1% or 0% of the vote, though previously they had only been
permitted to report actual votes tallied.

In other words, we have no leverage over our representatives nor any way to hold them accountable.
And haven’t for more than 50 years now.


It depends how you say the word but they rely on their supporters being either Koch suckers or Koch snorters.


My income tax proposal would be as follows: Exempt the first $50K of income from taxation. Tax the next $50K up to $100K at 20%. Tax the next $100K up to $200K at 40%. Tax the next $300K up to $500K at 60%. Tax the next $500K up to $1M at 80%, & anything above $1M at 90%. This would leave more spending money in more hands, lower taxes for the majority of people, increase overall revenue, & help pay down the federal debt all in one.


The Koch brothers are interested in tax cuts for the rich, themselves. If you look at the polls, you will see little or no support for tax cuts to the rich. Trump is no role model on this issue, as he has paid no income taxes for years, primarily due to his involvement in offshore shell companies. That is why his name appears in the Panama Papers over 3,000 times. So the Trump pattern seems to be to chose a an issue whether it is tax cuts for the rich or an outrageous Trumpcare plan that leaves 23 million Americans while increasing costs by 750 percent (according to a recent Congressional Budget Office report). The pattern of taking a position with little or no public support and then challenging Republicans to support him in alienating the public and is going to divide the party to create a public backlash. Many Republicans will not want to risk their re election by supporting Trump. That is our current impasse with Trump which may end up in impeachment or a strong backlash in the 2018 and 2020 elections. Trump is basically making himself un re electable for a second term in the White House.


I think you’re right mountainmike and if I read the papers correctly, the Democrats are preparing us for Joe Biden to come tiding to the rescue, probably with Elizabeth Warren backing him to the hilt. As the game of good cop/bad cop goes on and on, I.e. Status quo…

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Those people consider the rest of us expendable. Here only to run their factories and buy their cheap products. We can be replaced on a moment’s notice if we grumble. With low wages and no benefits more drones who have no jobs at all are in line to fill in.

People like the Koch brothers do their best to kill unions for this reason. They do their best to keep minimum wage low. There is a reason they love to support the GOP, because they are so easy to buy and manipulate.

People like the Koch brothers cut from same cloth as Russian Oligarchs who manipulate the entire nation to facilitate their own personal wealth. When will they have enough to satisfy themselves?

People like the Koch brothers give America a bad name and they shame us.




They will die but their replacements could be worse and that’s what we have to prevent now

I propose a 10% simple tax across the board. The rich has not agreed to it in the past because they pay less.

Koch suckers or Koch snorters? I bet Trump can do both at the same time. ( ^ :

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Hi Con –

It depends how you say the word but they rely on their supporters being either Koch suckers or Koch snorters.

I’m using your post to pass on information which I trust the links will help those interested to understand.

In a strange way, they have also created their own supporters, not only by blackmail but in a very deep use of evil.
We tend to think of evil as “Satan” and “Devil,” but those demons don’t exist.
We all have to recognize that we are all capable of evil – or of being used for evil without our permission.
See: CIA’s MK ULTRA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra
See: Cathy O’Brien - https://archive.org/stream/TranceformationOfAmerica/tranceformation_america_djvu.txt

The Old World Religions which came thousands and thousands of years before were centered in Nature and
had no “Devil” and no “Satan” and no “Hell” or “Heaven.”
Rather those demons are the inventions of Organized Patriarchal Religions which underpins patriarchy and
they were created in order to control members of these male-supremacist religions thru FEAR.
Fear is the basis of Mind Control.

Much of what is happening today in the US and around the world with the rise of the right wing was put in play
when Elites internationally began to recruit and supporter Hitler. They funded him through front companies run
by Allen Dulles/Prescott Bush and the legal firm of Sullivan & Cromwell. American dollars were turned in for
gold to be shipped to Hitler and when it was all over it was shipped back out, along with ex-Nazis to ensure the
rise of the Fourth Reich. Operation Paperclip brought in 200,000 ex-Nazis used to found the CIA. They were
also funneled into the FBI and other government agencies and to “hot” spots around the world.
All of this was done in secret beginning two years before the end of WWII.
Many higher ups in Hitler’s military were also at that time visiting our Pentagon to work out deals.
See: “The Devil’s Disciple” by David Talbot (at your library)

That is too funny…still laughing…thanks, I really needed that! :rofl:

I can just see it now after Trump promotes a bill that will indulge the rich and super rich even more tax cuts, breaks and loopholes. Trump will get very little support from the public. And Trump will feel offended. But he could have read the poll results to show essential no real public support for tax cuts for the rich. And that is not a new fad. That means almost zero support for decades. But Trump will keep up the BS storm of words about trickle down, which has had no real evidence of ever happening. The rich and super rich are like Trump, many of whom pay no taxes at all by using every trick in the book. They hide their money in offshore bank accounts or invest in offshore shell companies. This money cannot be taxed. On the other hand, tax cuts for the working class and middle class is invariably spent in America and it is the spending the stimulates the economy. We should have a president role model for paying taxes and instead we have Trump, whose name was in the Panama Papers (re offshore shell companies) over 3,000 times. To be blunt, we have a tax evader president as a non role model.


yES, a very progressive proposal on your part!

It is absolutely crucial that the Democrats learn their lesson in electing an outsider Black American, Barrack Obama. Twice. Why did all of that fall into place? Obama was an OUTSIDER to the national politics of the Democratic Party. Electing Obama was a statement about diversity. That is what I want the Democratic Party to be, a party for DIVERSITY that can elect outsiders. Hillary was a consummate insider. I wanted to vote for the first woman president, but was still uncomfortable with her being an insider, And I think others felt that way also and that may have been the reason she didn’t get that extra margin of votes to become president without the electoral college being involved. Looking to the future, Biden is an insider. Warren is not an insider and has been feisty in advocating for the American people. I would still like to be able to help elect the first woman president in our history. Could she be a female Obama?