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In Latest Attempt to Harm Struggling Families, Trump Urges Lawmakers to Push One Million Americans Off Food Stamp Program


In Latest Attempt to Harm Struggling Families, Trump Urges Lawmakers to Push One Million Americans Off Food Stamp Program

Julia Conley, staff writer

With both houses of Congress preparing to merge their two versions of the farm bill, President Donald Trump announced his hope on Thursday that lawmakers will reach an agreement that kicks one million Americans off the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps.


There has been a work requirement for single adults wanting food stamps, since Bill Clinton. Republicans have moved the age requirement from 50 yrs old, to 59 yrs old. There is a waiver that can be applied for, by State, if there is a disaster that makes the job market unavailable. I heard something about rural areas getting these waivers, while inner cities are not.
There used to be funds and caseworkers to help adults find and keep a job. That meant if the person had a job, they were helped with automotive repairs so that they could work, or childcare was paid for. But this assistance was a one shot deal. After a year the childcare ended, and so did the jobs. Childcare for small children, for a week, is more than a 40 hr job at minimum wage.
The Job Training aspect sounds good, but is not. Where are the new jobs that people could be trained for? And how many employers will hire a 59 yr old? The Training turned out to be How to write a resume., How to work a computer.
A fact is that there are many adults who are not capable of holding a job, if they could get hired. These are adults who are used to be Special Ed students when they were in school. Or they are mentally ill, with no diagnosis to exempt them from the work requirement. These are the people who need to eat too.


Work requirement? So who’s forcing rich people to hire people?
The rich 1% have way more than enough money between them to give every single last unemployed person in the US a job. Yet they don’t and no one ever mentions it or does anything about. Not even progressives. This has to change. The problem is NOT illegal immigrants taking jobs.


Right everyone getting corporate welfare or big tax breaks should not only face work requirements, but a piss test too. Also, every legislator who votes for anyone to have to pass a piss test should be immediately administered one.


Thanks, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.


What will it take for anti-Hillary liberals to change their minds about voting for Trump or a third party candidate?

The American voter did this. This November, will the American voter do it again?


Blue no matter who simply isn’t going to work anymore. Corporate Democrats can’t get sufficient turnout to overcome Interstate Crosscheck, voting machine shortages, and other voter suppression techniques.


Trump and the GOP are murderers… Watched PBS segment on Steel Plants closed because of his Tariffs and people who have lost their jobs. These same people said they would vote for him again! Many people who would be kicked off food stamps would do the same. Here is the problem we face as a country.


“In the House’s version of the farm bill, adults between the ages of 19 and 59 would be required to either work or be enrolled in a job training program 20 hours per week to qualify for assistance.”

Does anyone know the current interest rates for “Job Training Loans”? Can they be funded by (non)Payday lenders? Is there a vaccination against voting against one’s best interests? Education, you say? Great, Betsy DeVos is on the job! F these MF’ers up their A’s.


No. The Electoral College did this—you do know that Rottenhams won the popular vote, right?


Trump is stripping the US like a corporate raider who buys a company and prepares it for resale.The Congress is not ever out of step, even when the vote is overwhelming. What gives?

I am looking for a reason beyond crazy into purposeful. sott.net suggests a storm. I would like it to just blow over.



Support your local soup kitchens and food banks.


Trump wants to starve his minions just like his idols in Russia, North Korea and other autocracies do.
He wants to be part of their club.


Push One Million off of SNAP?

I am certain the right can explain dutifully that this is the best Christian action we can take.

So let’s remember we are dealing largely with people who do not believe in science or logic, but favor science/logic denial and superstition.


Exactly so WO! The thing is, the public - the 99% and especially the most vulnerable - are being buggered daily without even a reach-around!

So much for the trump regime-from-hell and the ginger trumpenfuhrer! MoFo’s all…


In Trump’s mind, I am sure he thinks they have plenty of cake to eat!


Actually, Bob, I think the election of trump was a God-send in that it has massively accelerated the neoliberal policies that BOTH parties have been pursuing since Reagan was president. The only difference is that the downward glideslope under past Democrats and Republicans was at such a low rate of descent that people had a chance to adjust to their declining standard of living so it didn’t hurt so much and they were often unable to recognize what was going on and who was to blame. Under trump, that glideslope has taken a nose dive and we can no longer ignore the path that our nation is on as it has become painfully obvious to all but the fools who support trump and continue to vote against their own best interests. But I have hope that soon even they will wake up and smell the shit that they now live in.


You’re right, there are impediments and disadvantages, but Dems have won most of the off-year elections since Trump was elected. Now is not the time for white flags. Too much is at stake.


Voting corporate Democrat is waving a white flag. Occupy Wall Street happened under Obama for a reason. The reason was not addressed. The reason is our sick, unequal, oligarchic system. Until the Democratic Party addresses that, we will lose no matter what color the party banner.


I don’t understand why it isn’t clear that voting for the best Democrat is better than ceding government to a far-right conservative party led by a sociopathic authoritarian. And then there is the supreme court, which when lost will block all liberal initiatives for decades. Liberals who do not understand this are neutering their political power and everything they care about.