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In Latest Ethics Offense, NRCC Offers Supporter a Stay in Trump's Hotel In Exchange for Donation


In Latest Ethics Offense, NRCC Offers Supporter a Stay in Trump's Hotel In Exchange for Donation

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Donald Trump should not be personally profiting off the presidency."


Swamp creatures only! (sign on front entrance to the Trump Trash site)


I’m glad that I live a continent away from DC. If I lived there I would be arrested for egging the Trumpster’s hotel.


Once a Crook, always a Crook!


This is illegal, this is a crime, this is one more offense added to the Impeachment filing last week. The people are awake but congress will stay sleeping until 2018. Expect more of this until then. Until then we have no government, we have a despotic ruler instead.


Orange-Butt has violated the emoluments’ clause many times, and Mueller can only list these violations in his final report:


If nothing else, this is another demonstration of just how many Americans are completely devoid of ethical standards and are perfectly willing to bow and scrape before the monied, in the hope of 1) obtaining some sort of favor or 2) becoming part of the circle of the "blessed’ (those whom the monied consort with). When your only objective in life is the accumulation of lucre so you can go shopping for big-ticket items you can show off to others, you’ll do anything–literally anything–to get your hands on $$$. Consumerism/materialism at its sickest.


The NRCC is a Republican organization. No need to throw us all into the same pot.


The National Republican Congressional Committee is not just raffling off a room in the Trump Hotel (if the prize was donated by Trump Enterprises, of which Donald Trump is mixing his occupation of the Oval Office with private business interests. If the NRCC paid Trump Enterprises for the room, theN Mr. Trump is guilty of profiting from his residency in the White House. Either way, he has committed an indictable offense. ARE YOU LISTENING, CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS?