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In Latest 'Giveaway to Corporate Polluters,' Zinke Calls for Carving Up National Monuments


In Latest 'Giveaway to Corporate Polluters,' Zinke Calls for Carving Up National Monuments

Julia Conley, staff writer

Environmental groups denounced the Interior Department's recommendation to President Donald Trump on Thursday that he reduce the size of some of the country's national monuments.


Satire, meet reality.

/“As you’re probably aware, it’s been widely reported that…”
//Precision blasting?
///Congrats to Canada for legalizing staplers.
////Bonus: Mike Huckabee at 8’33"


Public lands are supposed to be shared, protected, and resources on them conserved. Everywhere the fossil fuel industry goes, they ruin the land for anything else. This is not to mention that there is already plenty of oil and gas in other areas and most if not all of it needs to be kept in the ground (climate change).


These are not the administrations property to giveaway, it is the people’s property and they need to be ask and allowed to vote on giveaways of their property.


The same position that lead to the slaughter of the rightful inhabitants of this land–Turtle Island–theft of their land and the allocating–grudgingly–of much smaller parcels of land to the remnants–“reservations”-- of former tribes.


“They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot…” (Joni Mitchell, 1970). Still fighting the battle for more than two centuries: preserving our pristine lands or procuring them for profit…and this administration is rapidly sounding the death knell on those PROTECTED lands without the tiniest bit of conscience or caring. We, the PEOPLE will fight like hell to save our national parks and monuments. And Zinke labeled himself as a protector of the land (only where he and his well-heeled, wealthy pals want to hunt and have access to untouched wilderness where their targeted prey roam).

TR is spinning in his grave along with John Muir, Harold Ickes, and Gifford Pinchot to name a few who were instrumental in the creation/preservation of National Parks and Monuments. Ken Burns, too is probably more than perturbed. http://www.pbs.org/nationalparks/people/historical/

 I've been slow to understand that Washington D.C. Is the home base of the largest, most powerful, most violent and destructive criminal organization on Earth. Viewed with that lens, their actions take on a certain insane consistency.
 White phosphorus burned babies wrapped in frost rimed freezers, Depleted uranium munitions creating poor innocent monsters in Fallujah, growing anoxic zones in the seas, dead bees, barrels of nuclear waste dumped off the east coast....and on and on. Omnicide. A cold disconnected hatred of all life. 
 If we have descendents at all, they will curse us. If they forgive us, it will be for those things we left untouched. 
 I heard a right wing authoritarian complain that First Nations peoples always brought up the issue of sacred sites. "They think every place is sacred." Much better that...than scum who think nothing is sacred.
 I can't say any more without weeping or violating community standards.


Massive General Strikes and Boycotts!

And, let’s keep the Natural Monuments, and carve up Zinke.



Why? It wasn’t put to a vote when they were given monument status. Why should a vote be required to revoke it?


Maybe because when those monuments are designated, they become commonly ‘owned’ by we the people. When the sole purpose of revoking that designation is to give our treasured landscapes away to industries that will trash it, we have every right to protest.


The land of National Monuments was already government land when designated as National Monuments. The President can wave his magic wand and declare any government land a National Monument. Most of the time it’s been used because the President wants to rope off land that the people who actually live in the state don’t want roped off. Seems if someone should have a say, it should be those in and near the affected area, not some bureaucrat in DC.


A Bundy boy perhaps?


Who paid for the monuments?


Nope. Just presenting the facts. Look at the majority of national monuments established over the last 75 years, and you’ll see that the majority of them overrode local sentiment.


No one did nineteen. The government just took the land from the natives.


Source please. Not trying to be disingenuous but not all monuments are from that time period and I do believe the taxpayers paid for them and they belong to the public.


Local business sentiment?


Nineteen - the lands in the west were never purchased.

The government never bought land, it merely took it.