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In Latest 'Giveaway to Polluters', Trump EPA Suspends Clean Water Rule

In Latest 'Giveaway to Polluters', Trump EPA Suspends Clean Water Rule

Julia Conley, staff writer

In a decision that critics warned will put the drinking water of one in three Americans at risk, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced plans on Wednesday to suspend the Obama-era Clean Water Rule, meant to limit the flow of chemicals into the nation's waterways.

An important issue, but please mind your language! “Flow of chemicals into the waterways”? Water IS a chemical. Please use a adjective. Harmful chemicals? Toxic chemicals? Don’t be guilty of mindlessly contributing to the anti-science bias that this administration practices and promotes.

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My head cannot take exploding so often… every freakin day at least once!..Is there NO end to the utterly depraved evil and greed-driven destruction of our nation and people by these people?? How can decades of (even half-measure) progress, conservation, and environmental protections be wiped-away so easily?! Something is very rotten and wrong here!


Explain, when did water become a “chemical”?

There is a group of those Free Market Libertarian types that believe that polluting water is in fact “fair use” of a resource that is INTENDED to provide profit to the Corporation in their hallowed “Market based system”. It their claim that if people want clean water to drink then they should have to bear the costs of cleaning that water in order to do so. By the same token they suggest if a Corporation or an individual does not need clean water in order for that water to provide utility, then under a free market system they should not be “Coerced” into paying for it.

They are quite frankly, clinically insane.


Water is and always has been a chemical. H2O. Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom bound together. Chemical is NOT a dirty word! We are made entirely of chemicals.

Some chemicals are hazardous, some are beneficial.

Your question demonstrates the need for my comment.

The culture from which we emerge is causing the demise of the culture !

We have the blind leading the blind .
Folks our cultural stories /myths are at variance with evolution.
It’s the story we tell ourselves about life and how it works what we are doing here ?
Our cultural myths are false ,fallacies untruths .

We must create a New Cultural Story based on guiding our Evolution an evolution revolution .New guiding principles that support a positive thriving peaceful all inclusive planet that works for the highest good of all.

The first guiding principle of a civilization moving from its primitive state to a more evolved society would be.

  1. We are All One and create ,economics,politics social systems that undergrid that guiding principle.
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One of the end results is more toxic alga blooms and bigger dead zones. Wasn’t this to prevent this? I think so. Oh, lets kill the oceans faster. Gawd, another insult, Yep, it’s another day in Trumpville. Much like Emphyrio I don’t know how much more I can withstand and I have yet the read the article about ICE. Congress keeps calling Pruitt back for more “hearings”, when are they going to “fire” him. Congresses over-sight in a joke but I’m not laughing.


Environmental assault against lifeforms. We have a right to defend ourselves.

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Don’t worry about it. Water is water. Water is life. Without water, there is no life. The thing to worry about is whether it’s clean or not.

We are all Flint, Michigan.

Telling Murkins not to drink the water when they travel in third world nations is sooo 20th century.

Anybody living in or traveling in Murka needs to be warned not to drink the water, as the 21st century has seen Murka’s steady but accelerating descent into the third world.

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If the EPA does this, Trump does not deserve to take even one more breath.

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Not really.

I’m right there with you, Emphyrio. I’ve reached the point where I just can’t take in anymore bizzare, criminal, corrupt, fascist, hateful, destructive, illegal news and react properly. I’m numb. Made worse by the fact that so many millions upon millions of Americans are perfectly OK with it all - hell, they LOVE it.

I drink more. I sleep more. I have constant anxiety. I smile less.

Fascism is bad for my health.


Here’s another nugget guaranteed to blow your head apart. Saw a news blurb that Trump administration wants to cut renewable energy research by 72%. Don’t know if that’s a part of their "infrastructure " proposal, or what. The rest of the planet should just sue for divorce.

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trump’s minions run agencies into the ground. The Environmental Protection Agency is now the Environmental POLLUTION Agency!

“With each day in office, Trump is firmly cementing his place in history as the worst environmental president to ever hold office.”

And the worst president period if one believes in the US Constitution. But rolling back EPA regulations goes all the way back to Reagan when he appointed Anne Gorsuch as head of the EPA.

Remove this failed administration. Then make em all sit in the pollution generated by their policies.

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are you freakin serious?!? are we truly going backwards. have we as americans taken so much for granted that we deserve this regime?

MNI -WICONI - Water is Life.
Follow the examples set by our indigenous brothers and sisters.
The red path of active civil disobedience and non-violent engagements.
Unfortunately, until citizens are required to purchase clean bottled water at exorbitant prices, many will continue in complicit silence.:sunrise:

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