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In Latest 'Obvious Stunt,' Trump Lies by Claiming He Can Overturn 14th Amendment's Birthright Citizenship Guarantee by Presidential Fiat


In Latest 'Obvious Stunt,' Trump Lies by Claiming He Can Overturn 14th Amendment's Birthright Citizenship Guarantee by Presidential Fiat

Jon Queally, staff writer

Denouncing the U.S. right to birthright citizenship—guaranteed by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution—as "ridiculous," President Donald Trump has falsely claimed that he has the power to subvert that guarantee by presidential fiat – his latest effort to mainstream a noxious lie and xenophobic trope while also furthering what critics call his authoritarian approach to governance by once more exploiting certain members of the White House press corps willing to carry his water for him.


Even my dog can figure out that I’m not really throwing the tennis ball and making her look stupid after a couple of times.


I was suspicious of Axios for awhile - not really that they were dangerous, but just not a serious new source…more of a news agregator/trend-follower than investigator. I now see the truth that’s been niggling at me all along.


ah, those pesky “anchor babies” again.


To partaphrase the penultimate scapegoat standee: It depends on who "I " is and and whether or not you have spelled dog right - just think of the implications if d and g are reversed. Ohhhh… swooon…

as one commentator noted - just about everyone gets the translation: “Blessed Lord Jesus, give them peace” which might further translate: “Jesus Christ, make it stop”


I’m thinking about 45 thoughts and aneurysms at this time.


A condition not uncommon to the late stage predatory capitalism in the Guttenberg galaxy. Transcernd my friend, transcend … and place some coins in the collection basket


Have to admit, the fake news whackos are pretty good at producing their own fake news. Right now, there are a lot of Trump goons getting lathered up, just waiting for Trump’s order. The Constitution? What’s that?


Chump sez: “We’re the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States … It’s ridiculous."

The one time he says something true, and it really is ridiculous. A rare talent.


Whoever “they” is, her or his words call to mind the immortal words of Pollack, J. (E.D.PA, 1981), “Perhaps what you say should be the law. But surely it is not the law."

Mr. Stein’s comment raises a serious question…

1). It is indeed “not the law” that the President of the United States can revoke, amend, or effect any other change in the Constitution or any of its amendments.

2). Given what Trump has, by executive order or otherwise, effected, I do not think it unwise to pay serious attention to his stating that he can, and will, revoke the Constitutional codification of ius soli.

3). I think that serious attention needs to be paid whether he actually believes that he can do so and whether or not he actually intends to issue such an order, and whether or not he actually does issue such an order. He has put the ball in play, and that alone is enough to cause great harm, on many fronts.

4). The harm would obviously be greatest if he actually issued such an order, and then ordered federal forces to enforce the order. But I fear that more than trivial harm has already been done by what he has already said.

5). For reporters, in print or on air, to speak of what he has said is absolutely not, in my judgment, to be “acting as if” he were going to issue such an order, nor is it “making him” an assignment editor. It is issuing an alert, to which it would be most unwise to pay no attention.


IMartial Law anybody?
Step1 Send the troops,
Step2 Declare ML along the Mexican border,
Step3 Declare ML in “sanctuary cities”
Step4 National declaration of ML.
Step5 Rescind US Constitution or any part of.
Trump has restrictions on his ML powers concerning the Constitution but the damage can be severe.


Trump is playing to his base supporters again! I know many, of his supporters that hate the fact that what he calls " illegals" can have a baby in America and that baby can be an American citizen.


You left out: SEND OUT AN ALERT TO ALL CELL PHONES IN AMERIKA. I hope I am wrong, but we have to know the test alert by Trump will lead to no good.


If he keeps chowing those Big Macs we can only hope.


At some point along that spectrum, we may need to lay down our lives against what is clearly wrong. I’m ready. Maybe that’s the only way real patriotism emerges.


Another trump whim of the moment out of thin air. Was he using the toilet at 3am when he tweeted about this? The guy is a joke who wouldn’t know the constitution if he was forced to read it 100 times. It would require comprehension skills - which he does not have. How did this guy even pass 3rd grade? Oh I forgot, his daddy bought his way from the start.


Twitter, proving once again (and again and again) that he knows absolutely nothing about anything. Little ghoulish Stephen Miller must be blowing in 45’s ear. This administration is Staggeringly stupid about the 14th amendment.
Good to know what a toady toilet Axios is.
Those troops on the US/Mexico boarder are a sham show for ginning up the goobers. The asylum seekers are at least a month away.
Vote, gawddamnit! And YES, it does phuck ing matter!


Even with his gargantuan clown pantaloons, Old Orange Butt is far too big for those britches. He has grown into a monster because nobody took him out behind the barn and paddled him from ages 8-12 whenever he lied and manipulated others. It might not have prevented all of his adult crimes and unconstitutional acts, but he would have known that authorities did not approve of what he did. He has no such knowledge now.


I want to know who “they” is who’ve been telling him he can. Hannity? Surely not McGann.


Probably Trump’s mythical “everybody”. You know, “everybody” says I can do this. In other words, no one.