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In Latest Progressive Reform, Philadelphia DA Ends Cash Bail for Non-Violent Offenses


In Latest Progressive Reform, Philadelphia DA Ends Cash Bail for Non-Violent Offenses

Julia Conley, staff writer

Criminal justice reform advocates applauded Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner's decision, announced on Wednesday, to end its cash bail requirements for low-level, non-violent offenses—a system that critics say punishes the poor and perpetuates the cycle of poverty.

"There is absolutely no reason why someone who will show up for court, is not a flight risk, and is no threat to their neighbors and community, needs to sit in jail for days because they can't post a small amount of bail," said Krasner.


Yippy! Yes, it’s possible to end the basic unfairness of our justice system. However, it’s going to take effective, charismatic candidates like DA Krasner to get the ball rolling and prove that the traditional “tough on crime” approach to criminal justice is outdated and morally bankrupt.

This is a challenge and a call for other progressive legal professionals to take on the fascists who currently hold Prosecutor and DA offices where you live. We can end the death penalty, and low-level drug prosecutions, police corruption and abuse, and cash bail if enough people like that take on and defeat the candidates of the status quo. It probably will only work in urban areas at first, and only if the minority populations come out and vote to defeat the incumbent, and often Democrat, officeholders who perpetuate the current system.


I would move to Philadelphia if it weren’t in the US. ( If I ever move, it would be out of the country.) The PA Constitution is older than the US Constitution and is way more democratic. It appears those underpinnings of democracy are finally rising up to the surface. First the gerrymandering case, and now this. Could this be a harbinger of a US democratic Spring? Fingers crossed!


I salute them for having some common sense and a basic concept of dignity and human rights. If they are not careful the fascists will crucify them for it. Power to the people and never underestimate this enemy. The corporate fascists are the worst you will ever face. Peace my fellow free thinkers.


I close my eyes and drift off…I see a progressive in the White House, and Mr. Kasner the Att. Gen.
Back to reality, I am glad this man has kept his campaign promises, lets hope his actions are copied around the country.


It’s amazing how long this sort of injustice has continued - probably because it’s not unjust to people with money.


Kasner is the rare public official–a brave and principled man attempting to deliver justice. Bravo!