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In Latest 'Shameful Abdication' of Duty to Students, DeVos Moves to 'Unshackle' For-Profit Colleges Peddling Useless Degrees


In Latest 'Shameful Abdication' of Duty to Students, DeVos Moves to 'Unshackle' For-Profit Colleges Peddling Useless Degrees

Julia Conley, staff writer

In her latest move aimed at propping up the for-profit education corporations in which she herself has invested, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Friday moved to rescind a rule which has held for-profit colleges accountable for the expensive, often fruitless degrees their students were fraudulently peddled.


Hmmm isn’t Betsy DeVos the sister of that Eric Price of Blackwater, Academie, Xe fame? If so, PLEASE ALL STUDENTS , read the fine print on any school loan agreement. With People like Betsy and Eric------make sure that you don’t sign yourself over to be an indentured servant - soldier in Mr. Princes’ Private war schemes… One missed payment and you’l be shipped out and probably never see America again if you sign on. I wonder if they’ll actually have a degree called Cannon Fodder? : (


I want to read Betsy’s position paper on whether or not students should be required to tithe ten percent of their student loans.


No doubt some students benefit from attending these schools but largely they appear to be scams. I think most students who enroll are older than typical college age students and are looking to get out of their present situation of low pay or unemployment. However, these schools seem not much better than Trump U, a scam that was settled out of court to avoid Trump being charged during the campaign with running a fraudulent school. Although it didn’t prevent his primary opponents from labeling him a scam artist, a label that certainly fits. And it was Trump who appointed DeVos who is now helping these for-profit schools that rip so many people off.


She tries to defend her actions by publishing the results of all colleges and universities. The disconnect, however, is that she can still publish that information while requiring for profit schools to perform as advertised. Publishing information on other schools is not a reason for protecting the schools whose sole purpose is to scam students.


Be patient. Cannibal capitalists are running out of geometric profit centers.

Cannibal capitalists eat themselves out of house and home and then eat each other.


Caveat emptor or “if you’re too damn stupid to realizing you’re being had, you suffer the consequences of your decision”.


Do you expect great wisdom from 18-year olds?


Let’s shower her with patriotic projectiles in celebration of her AmeriCON First agenda.


Well, the Environmental Protection Agency needs a name change (how about the Corporate Protection Agency?). Now, the Department of Education needs an amendment - the Department of Education Profits. Are we sure Betsy DeVos is not an alien, sent to destroy public education to soften us up for an invasion by her home planet?


Too many 18 year olds are not “grown up” at all…Maybe it’s about time they did grow up, along with their parents who believe in the Tooth Fairy!
The US is a “dog-eat-dog” country. Period.


“Great” wisdom, no. Enough sense to ask questions, yes…