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In Latest Sign of Covid-19 Politicization, FDA Officials Fired After Director Apologizes for Overstating Plasma Benefits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/28/latest-sign-covid-19-politicization-fda-officials-fired-after-director-apologizes


who in the white house accomplished another lie about corona19 cure?

Mark Meadows
Steve Miller


Trump himself


All of the above…


And you thought you had a lousy job. Imagine being stuck with any kind of federal job right now, with Caligula managing the stage. Just for a moment – such a toxic brew! It’ll be some years before CDC & FDA can recover any institutional credibility with the public.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  01/30/2020           5           5
>  10.  03/05/2020         159         164
>  15.  04/09/2020     459,001     459,165
>  20.  05/14/2020     952,956   1,412,121
>  25.  06/18/2020     771,279   2,183,400
>  30.  07/23/2020   1,841,092   4,024,492
>  35.  08/27/2020   1,821,384   5,845,876

This is the first time the final segment hasn’t been the largest in awhile, so this looks like a new-cases plateau at twice the previous height (a holding pattern, perhaps). Over the past 10 weeks, USA has averaged 52,300 new cases per day. Over the past 10 days, it’s been slightly lower.


Just when you think you have pretty much heard it all. But trump manages to fuck something up EVERY single day.
By the way, has trump NOT been on TV every single day since appointed?


as someone intimately involved in mortal combat with the CDC over the “opiate crisis”, their political woes stretch back a number of years and took off with the appt of Tom Frieden.

it was their very credibility that was used to kickstart a series of privately authored and outsourced guidelines on medication that has killed friends and members of the chronically ill community for going on 5 years now (the most lethal scandal in America that nearly no one talks about).

All this by way of saying that their credibility has been trash in medical circles for several years now, and I’m saddened that the FDA is somewhat getting sucked into the same vortex, because those guys have tried to help us vs the CDC and PROP.

Basically what’s happening is the same thing that happened to us and has been a bipartisan scandal: two presidents have decided to use multiple agencies to “shadow” each other in order to shop for favorable outcomes.

I’ve met quite a few employees for both agencies in my advocacy work, and this crap’s been really hard on morale.


The politicization of health care and the effects of chemical/industrial locations, who lives near them - where they are sited - and their effects on human health are serious; the trump regime has set its course on policies to enrich activities that shorted life expectancy, pollute our water, air soil and exploit natural resources - the beauty of America - to destruction.

Careful what you wish-for America, you might be surprised when the consequences fall on you and your family!.



drumpf is normalizing what would otherwise be unacceptable behavior and actions. Unfortunately, it’s working.


The RR, GHWB, GWB and now DJT have made science-related jobs in the federal government so much less appealing that the result is a tremendous loss of national treasure. Their MBA culture is toxic and the loss of life that has and will continue to result in the shadows far outstrip those of Covid-19. Think about that. We can and should bitch and ride the corporate Dems at every turn, but they generally encourage competent government workers to serve.


"Convalescent plasma can actually be quite dangerous due to the issue I described earlier, which as far as I know has to be looked for -aggressively, something the profit obsessed US system will be unlikely to do.

We need to watch out for antibody dependent enhancement. Which could make some of these treatments worse than no treatment at all, if we make a mistake. With regard to convalescent sera, please read the piece at the end of this article - ~https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7291596/pdf/fimmu-11-01120.pdf

They are simply obsessed about profit, the government officials are heavily invested in insider trading.

The last several administrations were all corrupt. As I recall it was Clinton who abolished the Reasonable Pricing rule in 1995.

It went downhill from there.

Both corrupt parties need to resign. They are working together to steal everything that can be stolen. How anybody with any intelligence could fail to see that escapes me.


Never mind firing, we need to see heads roll, literally. We can start with every single person who tries to politicize treatments and disrespects the scientific process regarding treatment of the ailment. The highest ranking government paid science deniers should be treated no differently at all from Salem’s witches. We can dance naked around the bonfires like wild animals till the sun comes up; now that’s what I call party politics.

On a side note: this is by far a more civilized approach!

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They might but here is the problem, trade agreements make it so their advice wont be heeded if its not more profitable for corporations - any and all changes that decrease profits are forbidden now, unless they are the absolute minimum possible.

That means that no Democratic campaign promises can ever be kept, and GOP promises to deregulate always are.

So that proves right now that the legislators who toady claim to be Democrats, arent.


This is the most certain truth regarding the false opposition I’ve seen so far!

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You are right these agreements and the globalists who engineer them are at the hearts of many of the problems that have accelerated in recent decades.


I hear that Jerry Falwell Jr. is looking for a new position - certainly has all the qualifications that Trump is looking for in a medical expert - unzipped, no mask, and ready for love and affection.


Its literally required by the GATS agreement. Its described really well by this trade expert… in this video at 5:55.

Watch closely, a lot of important info goes by very quickly…


This situation is absolutely indefensible as it absolutely guts democracy. There is no way to sugar coat this.

No, there isnt any apology possible, they all need to resign, immediately.

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Jeffrey had an idea to improve viewership: “The solution for these soft ratings is pretty clear: Dr. Phil interviews the Falwells on family values…”

Biden called Orangeman’s WH stand-up show (w fireworks spelling “FOOL”!) a superspreader event, and he has a point. Give it ten days, two weeks, we’ll start hearing about those who laid down their lives to attend while Orangeman stroked himself for 70 minutes. Herman Cain, we hardly knew ye.


The stats assume truthful reporting

Lack there of, from cult states would account for anomalies

Behavioral changes would account for curve flattening in smart states

But flattening in denial states practicing contagious behavior should likely be attributed to false reporting


Can we call it fascism yet?


My impression is that all the stats (almost all over the world) are constantly violently messed with for political reasons, just like election results. But if voting in an election is overwhelming in a certain direction, it might be more difficult to fraudulently push it the other way. Similarly (I’m thinking) the progress of COVID as it ushers people off this sphere gets more difficult to obscure the larger it gets.

Also the bug gets more creative the larger the outbreak gets. USA just had another documented instance of reinfection, with a slightly mutant strain, leading to hospitalization. The numbers feel to me like a constant tug-of-war between propaganda and reality, in which neither side can ever triumph.