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In Latest Sign Probe Closing in on President, Mueller Slaps Trump Organization With Subpoena


In Latest Sign Probe Closing in on President, Mueller Slaps Trump Organization With Subpoena

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the latest sign that special counsel Robert Mueller's probe is moving closer to President Donald Trump, the New York Times reported on Thursday that Mueller has subpoenaed the Trump Organization to turn over documents, some of which are related to Russia.


Interesting. But as expected by most. I’m not sure about the whole “collusion” thing, but of one thing there is wide agreement on: Trump’s financial dealings with Russia could very well show that he is heavily indebted to Russian oligarchs/financiers and thus a massive conflict of interest exists. Or possibly he has committed crimes by money laundering for Russians or lord knows what else.

If Mueller is, indeed, closing in on those pretty likely details, then I expect a war to be launched by Trump fairly soon, or some other massive distraction (domestic “terrorist” attack, etc.).


This President is a domestic terrorist attack.


Worked for Bill Clinton. A proven strategy.


Bill Clinton was impeached so how is that working for him?


Does Trump actually have the power to fire Mueller?


Your Bill Clinton comment makes no actual sense. Clinton was impeached because the Republicans had a majority in the House so why not, they said. Actual removal of the President didn’t happen. Most of the country (except maybe for diehard wingers) saw the “impeachment trial” as a political stunt to be ignored.

Bill is probably on his motor yacht, the “Triple Diamond”. I guess it’s working out tolerably for him.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, seems to be getting subpoenaed by a fellow Republican. Trump has remarkably few friends after Lamb won a House seat.


Does anyone know why the U.S. is fucking determined to start WWIII with Russia?!


Mueller already has evidence that Trump intended to build in Moscow.

If Trump refuses to provide these documents, Mueller has him.


There will never be a WWIII.

It will end up being WA.

That stands for World Annihilation.


I realize he was impeached but not convicted. I’m not sure what you mean by it worked for him?


there is something strange about mr.trump.

He seems to be connected with so many thing like Russia.

When they find out what he really did.

He’s going to jail.

I think hillary clinton didn’t lose the match.

Donald J Trump cheated the match with Russia.

Donald Trump trying to destroy that shows the secrets of Russia.

Is secrets will be soon be found when they find it.

He’s finished


You asked how the impeachment was working for him, and the answer is, it was mostly a distraction.

Bill served both of his full Presidential terms. That’s all that anybody ever gets from the Presidency, besides a little money, of which Bill raked in plenty. So in the end the impeachment worked out tolerably well for him. He didn’t lose anything by the Republican impeachment game. He didn’t go to prison. Eventually his wife ran for President but few undecided voters voted against Hillary because of Bill’s zippergate.

Now if the Donald gets booted out of the Presidency by Russiagate or if he or members of his family and staff wind up in Club Fed or worse, that’s all going to cause serious pain.


Bernie Sanders.

Did you forget about Bernie Sanders.

He was in to.

If you’re saying that hillary clinton.

Lose what she has done.

You should have looked at Bernie Sanders.

You should have blocked your mind.

And put Hillary Clinton as block wall.

And looked at Bernie Sanders instead Hillary Clinton.

So i think it’ll be the winner will be (Bernie Sanders)

He’s the winner not Hillary.

Plain And Simple.

I threw the fire at you


Parkland was a “domestic terrorist attack”.
Las Vegas…ditto.
Sandy Hook…ditto.

And many, many others…


I think it’s important to note that the Times article seems to stem from White House/Trump affiliated sources. It’s written in the positive:

“The Trump Organization has typically complied with requests from congressional investigators for documents for their own inquiries into Russian election interference, and there was no indication the company planned to fight Mr. Mueller’s order.”

The Trump Organizaton may or may not be complying, but Trump’s staff have appeared to assert a novel iteration of executive privilege whereby they actually do not assert anything to Congress:

In that respect, some journalists have fundamentally gotten the executive privilege claim wrong in the sense it has yet to be claimed by the president. Witnesses have just refused to answer questions, including those regarding the transition period which is not covered by the privilege (Trump wasn’t president).

I just note this because the article, I suspect, like so many, actually comes from Trump’s legal counsel. There’s a bit of loosey-goosiness to it and it’s framed as if Mueller should have politely asked for records first. We don’t know that he didn’t of course, and the obvious reason to subpoena records is because he doesn’t trust the Trump Organization.

Note: I typically would never site the Washington Times, but I think this article clarified the fact that privilege has yet to be claimed by Trump.


They will find it.

I have a feeling England was a part of to.

As i was mentioning Russia’s name.

England came out of nowhere.

Stating he won fair and square.

Probably he did.

But something is strange about England as well.

We don’t have to believe it.

But something about them.

I don’t know


I read a great article in Truthdig today that answered that very question…let me see if I can find for you…

It is short and amazingly well written and answers you question better then I could.


It looks more like the only thing that they want a war with is a legal due-process one against Trump and his sleazy dealings with capitalist gangsters who happen to be Russian. I’m perfectly fine with that.

Why do you think the US-left should defend capitalist billionaire Russian gangsters?



Fossil fuel oligarchs, nonetheless.