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In Latest 'Stunningly Irresponsible' Call to Reopen Schools, Trump Repeats Lie That Covid-19 'Will Go Away'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/05/latest-stunningly-irresponsible-call-reopen-schools-trump-repeats-lie-covid-19-will

Dear President Trump:
YES! The virus does go away----this is especially true of DEAD PeopIe! : (


Maybe better yet, don’t count them at all as trump suggests.

Hi GandoIf:
The only dead person that would matter to Trump would be Ivanka. So for that 150, 000 or so of the dead—to Trump—they don’t matter. : (

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It’s just extremely difficult for Donald to get his face out of his ass when both have much similarity…

Here’s another case in point. The schools that do open will shut down rather quickly.


This is yet another reason why Trump should be impeached. But apparently the pusillanimous Democrats do not feel that Trump’s reckless behavior toward children, teachers, and school staff rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.

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I guess the CDC just made this up:


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This is not funny.

Contagious diseases are well known to spread far more when school is in session. AlsoTrump’s claim that children dont get COVID-19 is inaccurate, its a dangerous thing to be telling people.

Makes him appear to be a foreign agent the more he hurts us.

Hi zed:
No I think that I am being truthful----Trump cares nothing of aII the Covid dead—but he would perhaps shed a tear for Ivanka if she died of covid. .

What foreign country (except countries like India that claim to have been “promised” our jobs by our elites) would want to hurt us more than our own rich parties? We’re the people - all here standing in the way of their grandiose schemes for world domination simply by existing and previously, been entitled to unenumerated rights which they have now quietly alienated without telling us.

But their whole scheme is illegitimate as can be.

It’s hard to say. I have a lot of experience with people like Trump, and they do have emotions. (Often right before they die they seem to realize how mean they have been to everybody) Its just that the way they see everything is all centered around themselves and its impacts on them. Like its clear Trump’s main concern is how he feels the Covid epidemic has created this economic disaster (but that isnt really true because had it not happened, services liberalization would still have come in and done all the same things at about the same time. Particularly the job losses from outsourcing the jobs. All Covid does is provide an alternative excuse, so it definitely helps with the cover up of it. We can bet they will all try to blame all the adverse things that happen in the next coupe of years on it. They will likely claim that they had to outsource all of our jobs because of Covid because businesses have to be profitable above some obscrene level so that the money thats invested in them isnt invested somewhere else. (Basically, thats true, the demand for high yields is spiralling out of control, because the rich know they can get away with it)

If it hadnt have happened on its own they likely would have made something similar up to blame it all on.

Hi zed:
Just about every woman alive has had a dating experience with a person Iike Trump. Yes, Trump’s main concern is about how HE feeIs. : ) However, I do beIieve that many of those who previously believed in him have lost aII hope, as he is just another incompetent politician ----Athough his supporters thought he would be different. With qualities such as : Vapid, shaIIow, inane, incompetent and seriously------ a truIy horrendous Liars do NOT a president make. : )

The point I am trying to make is that he’s being put there to distract people from the fact that both “parties” thatrmake up the Washington Consensus are in cahoots and both will be responsible for the disasters to come. Which will strip people of everything they have. Since they will no longer have jobs and will not be contributing to make our owners rich, they will not see any reason to keep people alive if that space is more profitably occupied by other, more gullible (by then, not now) marks/victims.

They want us out because we’re starting to wise up. So their scheme will make it impossible for most people to stay here.

After all profit is king. Thats the excuse they will use to justify it. Sure Trump is a narcissist, THEY ALL ARE. Trump is just a particularly obvious one. Many of the others are even worse in terms of damage because they are so much less obvious.

Hi zed:
But doing aII that you say wiII make those government official guilty of undermining the United States and its Constitution -----and the Preamble has yet to be fuIfiIIed for AII. This should be interesting. : )

Or allowing the theft of the entire country and world to proceed as planned?

When can you and the other tenants be out by?

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He used to claim to be Swedish.

Mary Trump was on Democracy Now the other day, its worth listening to.

I know a lot about families like that.