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In Latin America, The Empire Strikes Back


In Latin America, The Empire Strikes Back

Chris Hedges

A decade ago left-wing governments, defying Washington and global corporations, took power in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela, Uruguay, Bolivia and Ecuador. It seemed as if the tide in Latin America was turning. The interference by Washington and exploitation by international corporations might finally be defeated. Latin American governments, headed by charismatic leaders such as Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Brazil, Evo Morales in Bolivia and Rafael Correa in Ecuador, won huge electoral victories.


Every time the pendulum swings, we convince ourselves that it is permanent. And yet it continues. The means by which it swings matter little. All that matters is that it does.

With that in mind, I hope the izquierda permitada is able to reassert itself as the new right wing governments lose popularity.


The "international conspiracy now against progressive governments" has been active in the US since Prescott Bush, Henry Ford and others who wanted the US to go fascist during the thirties hired Smedley Butler to assassinate FDR.


Good to see Chris Hedges's voice here on CD once more.


They tried to hire him, but he refused, and then set about exposing them.


Are we forever doomed to suffer the whims of a few oligarchs?

Direct Democracy


This is the story of power dynamics. The strong will overpower the weak. The weak will eventually fight back when it hurts too much. The strong will go into temporary hiding. Plotting their next move. The weak believe they have won and celebrate. They start to relax. Meanwhile the strong are plotting, and setting things up so they will even stronger. Sweet words allow the weak to think things are all OK. Then they are back.
It is the same dynamic in every power situation. The weak must always be on their guard, never believe that you have overpowered the bullies and the greedy and the sociopathic. They will rise again. It is the horror movie where the monster is never killed.


The Empire always strikes back but in it’s falling it will become less and less effective. The key is “how you measure success”. There is a centuries long battle by South America to free itself from the clutches of the more powerfull U.S.A. and it’s imperialist Monroe Doctrine.

South Americans are to be praised in never giving up the struggle. I see their long battle ending in socialist victory. I even see them leading the way into a socialist world future. All the death squads and dictators have not been able to put out the fire of revolution that burns within the hearts of its people. “A radical left, which has proved it can reduce poverty, it can reduce inequality, it can run the economy, well, it’s got young cadres that have been [government] ministers and so on. I reckon that sooner or later it will be back in power.”

Viva la revolucion!