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In Leaked Draft, Pope Francis Takes 'Hard Core' Stance on Climate Debate


In Leaked Draft, Pope Francis Takes 'Hard Core' Stance on Climate Debate

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a lengthy and moving letter to Roman Catholic bishops leaked on Monday, Pope Francis unequivocally asserts that "human activity" is to blame for our planet's destruction, and the only solution is for humanity to change its "lifestyle" and "consumption."


This won’t sit well with the “Earth was created 6000 years ago” folks (They add up the “begats” in their holy book.) That’s a third of the US population. Jesus is going to come back and save their sorry asses. Figure in the quarter of Americans who still think the Sun goes around the Earth… No response to Climate Disruption, comrades. Deal with it.


omg. no pun intended. :O) LOVE you, Pope Francis. If you hang around long enough, i might even consider returning to my birth religion.

Thank you, Pope Francis, from so many of us out here and especially from Mother Earth.


The Catholic church has a rather large portfolio. I wonder if have they divested from fossil fuels. The CIA is likely more transparent.



97% of climate scientists say you are willfully ignorant and therefore totally wrong. I think I’ll trust them before one nut on the internet quoting a couple of other nuts.


NASA determined that climate change and overpopulation are exhausting the worlds supply of fresh water. Pope Francis got the first half of the problem right. He could address the other half by endorsing birth control.


Well, Americans are more receptive to this than they were to his talks about our treatment of the poor. Perhaps not enough to stop driving excessively, contributing to climate change, but it’s a popular issue.


No but we have here proof that you are a stooge! Keep it rolling!


Outside our own observations, we have no proof that the earth exists.


Um, you really make no sense…


The only reason there are producers of fossil fuels is because there is a demand for fossil fuels. That is why the pope said consumption is the problem.

Only lawyers and mathematicians prove things. Science tests hypotheses and either verifies them or falsifies them. There is abundant evidence confirming the fact that if you increase the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere, you will cause the earth to warm. The fact that global warming has only become a problem since the Industrial Revolution supports the hypothesis that burning fossil fuels causes the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere to increase. Since carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, it prevents the loss of infrared radiation to outer space. Hence the earth warms because the law of conservation of energy is true

More importantly, nobody has been able to falsify the hypothesis that humans cause global warming by burning fossil fuels. We know that the earth revolves around the sun not because Galileo proved this, but because Glileo falsifed the Aristotelian notion that the earth is the center of the universe.

The carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere was higher before photosynthesis evolved. Photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide from the environment and adds oxygen to the environment. The presence of oxygen allowed respiration to evolve and this produced the carbon cycle: plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and respiration adds it to the atmosphere. A steady state existed until humans started burning fossil fuels to produce energy. The carbon in fossil fuels is not part of the natural carbon cycle because it is sequestered deep in the earth. So, humans have been upsetting the carbon cycle ever since they started burning fossil fuels.


“The only reason there are producers of fossil fuels is because there is a demand for fossil fuels. That is why the pope said consumption is the problem.”

Right, capitalists make investment and other business decisions purely on the basis of assessment of natural consumer demand.

Capital itself plays no role in developing markets.


That said, kudos on the rest of your reply!


Sure capital manufactures markets and engineers the human desires for their goods - with a vengeance. Here in fracked-up, natiral-gas-glutted Pennsylvania, there is a media-push to make natural-gas-fueled cars the coolest thing since the I-phone.

but having established that - it is still up to the great masses of duped consumers to realized that they were brainwashed and stop consuming the filthy crap the capitalists deceived them into believing were “necessities”.

Will there be some some initial perceived inconvenience - needing 15 more minutes to get to work because one is taking the bus instead of driving to work (and having to sit next to a unfashionable poor black person while doing it); having to wear a sweater indoors in winter; having to sweat some in summer? Yes! But its got to be done - and once one gets in the habit of doing it, and realizes that the car was always mostly just an expensive boat-anchor tied around one’s ankle, and air conditioning turns one’s home into a self-imposed prison in summer - for fear of sweating, one wonders why they didn’t change a long time ago.


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You also know that the sun was dimmer back then, right? And that the life of 450-500 MY ago consisted of only marine jellyfish, crustaceans and mollusks, there were no vertebrates and and there was no complex life on land at all.

Do you have any idea how many times your simple-minded arguments against the fact of Anthropogenic global warming, repeated for the millionth time have been refuted millions of time over and over and over again? Do you think scientists are idiots?


Francis is a religious leader of the kind we seldom see, but he is only temporarily at the head of an autocratic system. Leo XIII was like him, issuing the encyclical Rerum Novarum recognized the rights of working people but was followed by the utterly reactionary Pius X, XI and XII. John XXIII was also a wonderful man, inspiring liberation theology, but he was followed by Paul VI, JOhn Paul II, and Benedict whose main concern was the oppression of women and the cover up of child abuse. The Catholic church is like the old Soviet system which produced the anomaly of Gorbachev, and it would be unwise to think that the system itself has changed. Nonetheless, this pope is to be applauded for his rationality and compassion.