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In Less Than Six Months, President Trump Proves He's Unfit


In Less Than Six Months, President Trump Proves He's Unfit

Michael Winship

A tune was running through my head all this past Fourth of July weekend, and it wasn’t “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy.” No, the earworm that afflicted me was the opening number from the 1980 musical Barnum, a Broadway extravaganza that glorified the master showman and consummate humbug P.T. Barnum, born July 5, 1810. The song begins like this:


Most people know Trump is unfit, and I, personally, am tired of hearing it. It's time to get rid of him, stop sitting on our cans. Even as he met with Putin this morning, our nuclear facilities (?) were being hacked by somebody, probably Russia. He does nothing except issue Executive Orders so he doesn't have to be bothered with Congress. It's really time for him to go...


His role is not to be president but to lead a white nationalist movement. Clearly he isn't suited for the presidency. But he has been leading the white nationalist ever since he questioned whether Obama was born in the United States. He is not even doing the minimal things to be president and doesn't pretend to. Mostly he plays golf. He has no obvious policies other than to undo everything he can that Obama accomplished. He is willing to sign any legislation that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan can send him probably without much idea what he is signing. He is doing his job in fighting the obstacles of the white nationalist movement. He is attacking the press, calling it the enemy of the people. He is following what Steve Bannon, who wants to destroy the administrative state, says to do to fight back against Western liberalism. So while Trump is ignoring what a US president should be doing he is working to wipe out government regulations and upend the press which criticizes white supremacists. Yes, he is not fit to be president but the people for voted for him don't care, as long as he can make progress in ending this multiracial society and get back America to the days when the only real first class citizens were white people to them he is doing a fine job as "president" in the White House.


"wrought havoc with representative democracy and government."

What can we expect from "representative democracy", the best government money can buy?

It takes lots of money to run a campaign. With rare exceptions, only people who take Big Money bribes can afford to run.

Thus the oligarchy wins.




Resign, Resign, Resign!


For What ! The crazy guy Pence. He would probably be worse.


Pence is a schoolboy compared to the Orange Oligarch.


Unfit to sit/ rule, by reason of insanity! Would be nice to see the mass murderer, non elected fraud, carried kicking and tweeting out the door!


there's still hope - maybe his daughter kills him in self defense when he's trying to rape her?


The really weird part is that it wasn't just gun toting rednecks and white supremacists that voted for him, a lot of sane, rational people did too. Go figure.


No...Pence is a Heritage Foundation set-up. He was quite deliberately instrumental in the Katrina emergency debacle. He is racist with a capital R and will affect the fascist deconstruction of our democracy in a way that Trump couldn't dream of even if he had a dime's worth of a notion what Pence has been schooled in.


Mr. Winship and everyone else,

I suggest that we NOT call whatever the GOP comes up with to replace the ACA Trumpcare. Trump will be gone one day, but the hell on earth that this miserable excuse for a healthcare bill may live on for decades. The first version is supposedly the offspring of Paul Ryan. This second version was spawned by Mitch McConnell. Both of these disgraces to America may remain in Congress for many more years. All those GOP members who voted for the House version and will vote for the Senate's need to be branded by their callous disregard for their fellow citizens.

We should call these bills what they are:



Unfortunately, many supposedly sane Americans are at heart fascist deconstructionist just like Bannon...our real president ...who smiles upon Sessions who smiles lovingly in return. Rick Perlstein in the latest Washington Spectator writes Sessions's bio and crowns him prime minister of this maniacal executive administration instead of Trump or Bannon. Trump is the useful idiot of his appointees as well as the Republican Ascendancy in general. Dumping Trump is only a step in the right direction if we dispose of the truly activating gray matter of this horrifying hydra. Bannon, Sessions, Pence, or any name on any list of runners up for Trump's job are worse than Trump if only because they knew enough to know they couldn't steal the presidency on their own insane, sociopathic platforms. They needed a candidate who would say anything and lie about anything, who wanted to prove to Obama he was the better man...except that Trump hasn't the slightest notion what it means to simply be a good man much less a better one.


Totally agree...there are worse things than the whining, tweeting, meltdown prone clown.


we know. we know. we know.
we all kniow the atrocious acts this trump has commited.
please, media, now is the time for you to start galvanizing citizenry, of the world, to actually do something about this travesty.
the majority of citizens of u.s.a, the world, know this man is a dangerous psychopath, who is collaborating with other dangerous psychopathic world 'leaders' - russia, china. and if not collaborating with them trump has expressed open admration for rulers of north korea, phillipines.
this is where the press needs to stand up for what you say you believe in. not to forment a revolution based on the same old party politicis - democracy, parliamentary, monarchy, republican, communist.............blah blah.
but, oh, right, i forget - the corporate press is owned by oligarchs, capitalist, communist wealthy whose only interest is profit.
too bad.


Love the It's a Wonderful Life sobriquet, zuzu-petals.


Sorry the media will instead focus on why Trump didn't pressure Putin on the unproven Russia meddling. Same with the Dems. Looking for them to appeal to the people's will is like waiting for Gadot.


He was elected under our rules. There is no denial in that. Bush was put in office under more questions of the process than Trump; both were/are losers and unfit for the office. Obama beat Hillary but turned out to be a coward, fraud and errand boy for both the neoliberals and neocons. The Clintons were no better, but intelligent and grew wealthy betraying the office and the country. Yes Donald will go but this ship of State will either plow the same waters for the plutocrats as they have done for decades or it will drift aimlessly under another dunce such as Pence. We ate at the point as a people where our salvation will be enabled not by our shredded Constitution but by our Declaration of Independence. That takes guts and want. Do we as a people have what it takes?


God (whom evangelical Christians know created the U.S. and its Constitution) has had a re-think about the indirectly elected 'King' idea and has sent D. Trump to reveal the folly of concentrating too much executive power in one personage.

God has also apparently realised the hubris of his creation being referred to as the 'World's Greatest Democracy' and hopes his chosen people will also have a re-think with the starting point that they are living in one of the World's more retarded attempts at democracy.


William Henry Harrison's Presidency from March 4, 1841 to – April 4, 1841 possibly may make him the only President that couldn't have the 'mass murder' charge laid against him. And the ramshackle 18th century notion of electing the President has always had an element of 'fraud' associated with it.