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In Live Q&A, Sanders and Warren Discuss GOP Healthcare Plan

In Live Q&A, Sanders and Warren Discuss GOP Healthcare Plan

Amid surging resistance against the Senate GOP's attempts to ram through its version of Trumpcare—which reportedly could include even deeper cuts to Medicaid than the House version—Sens.

Very poor showing. I guess no body’s perfect. Warren is not the one. Bernie, hope to see you with another possible candidate for 2020. Saying that, Mrs. Warren needs to shake her fear of saying the “corporate” word. The power brokers for both duopoly parties are corporate ideologues - top-down, martial, and so much so, as to resemble and act more machine-like than sentient being - human being. So, Mrs. Warren, We the People like you, but you’re gonna have to present your bonifides a bit more strongly. Among the few other contenders, can We count on you to ensure the overthrow of the DNC? Its lazy, entrenched paycheck-takers, its corrupt wing of corporatist Dems who are ruining our America and our Mom Earth? Their obvious addiction to large sums of cash and “the limelight” - given to them by their elitist benefactors. We the People notice that We are ignored - all the damn time. So let’s really hear it from both of you next time!

It’s absolutely no longer enough that the Koch Bros./John Birch Society may have slightly less
control over the Democratic Party than they have over the GOP.

Both Sanders and Warren have to look at the DP and the ownership of the party and decide to
move on.

Whatever momentum on issues of importance to the public that was gained last Spring and Summer
in the Sanders’ campaign, it must be reinforced and kept in household and public discussion –
something that we haven’t yet had quite happen in the US where we were taught that discussing politics
was impolite – !!!

These issues, however, effect each of our lives every day of our lives and most of us understand that.

And there is always a new generation to be educated on these issues.

We need to see Bernie Sanders step out of the Dem Party and run a full time campaign for the public and
funded by the public on all of these issues.
With a huge thrust for National Health Care for All as the primary concern and securing it for our citizens.

We are begging our government for pennies while the MIC takes 75 cents of every one of our tax dollars,
or more.
Are we willing to pay any longer for the violence and carnage and death upon death that our insane MIC
brings to the world?

Or to see so much suffering brought to the world by our corrupted government and MIC and new
president as he bills us for his “Royal” lifestyle and weekend trips to Florida at $20 million each weekend?

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