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In 'Loud and Clear' Rebuke of Factory Farming, California Passes World's 'Strongest Animal Welfare Law'


In 'Loud and Clear' Rebuke of Factory Farming, California Passes World's 'Strongest Animal Welfare Law'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a clear rebuke of factory farming, California voters on Election Day passed the "ground-breaking" Proposition 12, which is being celebrated by some advocates as the world's "strongest animal welfare law for farmed animals in history."


A “law” is only as valuable as it’s enforcement. Factory farming is one of the most cruel and polluting industries. Just reading about the farms in North Carolina made me stop eating meat. And do not tell me about the free grass fed movement.


Each small step builds to a victory.


No more meat for me either. Jackfruit is my new thing. Although I never was much of a meat eater.


Nice close-up of Feinstein who California voters once again re-elected to do themselves harm by keeping Single-Payer away. WTF is WRONG with people voting against themselves???!!! Oh! I forgot: voting is a team sport and popularity contest instead of an issue-based endeavor.

*(Yes…off-topic but frustration is hard to reign in sometimes.)


I am sure that this will cause those who raise these animals an added expense, however the resulting increases in prices must reimburse them for the more ethical treatment of the animals they bring to market.

It doesn’t help with the argument for these new regulations, that the resident of the White House spews Hatred of this and that on a daily basis.

True justice would be confining him to about 50 cubic feet of space, for the rest of his life.



We will never know how many millions of votes were manufacturered around the country to defeat Democrats.

It seemed as though these votes just miraculously appeared to win certain races.


A GIANT BRAVO to this mora stance IF it does what it is supposed to and then increases! Animal welfare and rights are loong overdue.

If you love animals, don’t eat them!.. or in any way contribute to their abuse, but fight as if their lives are equal to human lives!..given the depravity of humans toward each other that also needs a massive reset!


It’s said that the best is often the enemy of the good

But doesn’t the good often become an impediment, rather than a path, to the truly just?


True; how “good” Proposition 12 is will be determined by: whether it is over-ruled by the courts; whether it is prohibited under “free trade” agreements; how the law is interpreted; how it is enforced; and whether it is adequately funded. At best, it addresses one symptom of a vast systemic problem: Capitalism, which cannot be “reformed” piecemeal. If the strategic goal is not kept in mind and pursued in solidarity (with BDS, Black Lives Matter, and LGBTQ, environmental, immigrant rights, feminist, Indigenous rights, anti-war, anti-poverty, and other groups representing those oppressed, exploited, and disadvantaged by this system), beyond this attempt at amelioration, its effect will be negligible.


New deck chairs on the Titanic won’t save it from sinking.


I wish sanity and compassion to spread across the US. Especially I’d like the manure to cease being sprayed across the land by planes.
And I’d like larger enclosures for people’s prisons and jails…And play spaces for homeless pets…
One step can lead to another.


Your comment covers two aspects of the meat industry. Of course the corporate farmer does what they do for profit. This law fights on behalf of the animal for ethical treatment. No part of the discussion is about maximizing the quality of the food’s nutritional value which is the reason for any of its existence.


It’s a sad day for farm animals and those who care about their mistreatment.
With the passage of Proposition 12, egg-factory cages are becoming officially legal in California and will remain so for years to come. Far from improving conditions on factory farms, egg-laying hens that were in cages before Prop 12, will remain suffering in cages after Prop 12. Calves that were in crates before Prop 12, will remain suffering in crates after Prop 12.

Proposition 12 has now rendered the term “cage free” utterly meaningless. Rather than the full wingspan requirement of our previous law (Prop 2) which is being deleted, hens will now get a mere one square foot of space per bird. This codifies in California law the cruel guidelines of United Egg Producers – the egg industry trade group which co-wrote Prop 12 with the corrupted Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

The proponents of Prop 12 have now squandered a combined $23 million misleading and manipulating California voters on two phony “cage-free” initiatives. The inescapable reality remains this: If not for the malpractice of HSUS and its tagalongs, California hens would be out of cages at this very moment.


Thank you- been a veg for almost four decades. Grass fed- whatever- in other words let’s treat the animals great then we’ll kill them makes no sense. However, I am glad that CA and other states have passed stricter laws governing the treatment of our fellow creatures.


If people were vegan- we would all save one acre of land per person per year. Why? Because there would not be the perpetuation of grazing animals for human consumption. Why do humans consume cow’s milk for instance? The milk was made for calves or baby cows not humans. Period. Thanks Helen,


Thank you! It’s also been proven that more violent felons are former animal abusers from childhood, and also that red meat eating promotes more aggressive behavior.


He also promotes eating meat, not exercising , and basically hating on each other and other species- we need to stop giving him attention.


Thank you- gave that up and never was much of one either- have been a vegan for almost forty years and never looked back!


PS- What is Jackfruit?