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In Major Policy Speech, Sanders to Assail Wall Street Greed


In Major Policy Speech, Sanders to Assail Wall Street Greed

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Speaking just blocks away from the belly of the beast, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Tuesday is expected give a major policy speech during which he will lay out his plan to take on Wall Street and end the era of "too big to fail" banking.


I have never felt a politician try to earn my vote using the ferocious truth like Bernie does. Keep it up Bernie, melt my cynicism back into skepticism flavored with a bit of idealism. Let's make America great for once!


One might think that the current president of the United States would hide his head in shame for nurturing the corrupt financial system and the criminals who operate it. But no, he gets to skate free of responsibility, and some of us are left wondering what is in it for him when he leaves "public" service.

Another Clinton, I've read, is exactly what the criminals want...and I'm supposed to feel shame for stating I'd never support her.

What a GD'd mess we face with the unfit-for-office puppets running for president. Bernie is the glaring exception to these puppets, and STILL people say to me, "Who is he?"


I am all for any measures that would rope in the Plutocratic powers of Big Money and the banksters' creed and conduct, in particular.

But what's with the glaring state of illiteracy? Are there that many Sanders' supporters who can't differentiate between to (preposition linking one thing to another) and too (meaning excess or extra)?

It should read: "TOO big to fail."


1% is a euphemism for the capitalist class. As long as everyone understands this, there's no problem. However, if people get the idea that all we need to do is shame the greedy 1%, then there's a huge problem.

It does little good and more harm to incorrectly identify the problem, which is capitalism and the capitalist class. The more clear-eyed we are about this, we're better able to organize and mobilize against it and them to bring fundamental change.


The faux shame politicians have laid on Wall Street plus two bucks buys a good cup of coffee, while the 1% are laughing all the way to the bank that they own. We need the kind of action that Bernie is advocating, not more of Obama's faux shaming.

Lets hope Bernie's treasury secretary who compiles the "list" is Nomi Prins. She knows where all the bodies are buried.


Being too busy promoting TPP, TTIP, TISA and further reducing corporate taxes during his final year in office, Obama has no time to "hide his head in shame".


Just as many Brits love their royal family, many Murkins love their celebrities including political dynasties, and pay no attention to issues while paying total attention to personalities and gossip.


After reading the many good comments on this thread, there is one common narrative; lets get Bernie elected! But what so many well meaning Bernie supporters seem to forget: Bernie needs to get the Democratic nomination for POTUS before he can be elected!

Being elected would be easy for Bernie, but he has a slim chance of the DNC nomination over HRC. From my view, that is the elephant in the room and where the focus needs to be before next summers democratic convention.


Two-thirds of the Democratic candidates for president are for reinstating Glass-Steagall. Maybe the Democratic party really is finally heading in the a direction that makes sense.


I wholeheartedly concur - well said.


Senator Sanders is by far our best chance to shut down Wall Street gluttony. Hillary will not produce meaningful measures for, badly needed confidence boost in the banking system. Without trust in these institutions our economy cannot become truly robust. We'll have one precarious bubble after another, without those responsible for the reckless, immoral actions serving long prison terms.


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You have kept repeating this same comment literally dozens and dozens of times over the months. Whenever people express support for Bernie you come along to say it just won't happen. You might try being honest with people and tell them that you support Hillary and why but instead you do this stealth troll stuff.

How about not saying it every time or be more honest about yourself instead?


Stop implying that people who have a view different from yours are being dishonest. You use that accusation against many people here. Those of us who stand accused by you of being dishonest have every right to express our opinions without being labeled dishonest by you.


Unfortunately for Bernie, the is a case of bad timing. With Obama's announcement of exec action on gun background checks, you know that this is all the corporate media will be talking about. There will likely be only a trickle o coverage of Sanders' speech, if that.


I agree. Just because someone states that Bernie has a slim chance of being nominated doesn't mean they support Hillary Clinton and are not saying so. They may be a Bernie supporter but are looking at the polls and thinking about super Tuesday and have drawn the likely conclusion. But, he could win. By winning both Iowa and New Hampshire he could gain enough momentum to close the gap in many of the states. I think Hillary Clinton had a big lead in the polls 8 years ago at this time and didn't win. It's up to the voters whether Bernie is the nominee or not.


You could not be more wrong. I have called Hilliary Rotten Clinton the Wall Street whore many times. And I have never said Bernie being elected will not happen, actually I would support Bernie if he got the nomination; but what I have said, the odds are about 10:1 of Bernie getting the democratic nomination for POTUS because the Democratic party is so corrupt.

I welcome constructive criticism, not ad hominems.


And to do that, you have to do the following unless you have already don so:
Go to: http://voteforbernie.org/

at “How and when to vote for Bernie Sanders (by state)” scroll down to your state and learn, how you can get into the act of making a difference
If you are left out, you cannot help Bernie, Think about that!

The Dem. primaries start on Feb 1 in Iowa, followed by New Hampshire on Feb 9 and still
in February by Nevada and South Carolina. A big slew of 11 states hold the Dem. primaries on March 1st.

Do not delay, secure your input as soon as possible and then pass this information on through the social media to all your friends who support Bernie. Leave out people who still believe, that Hillary is progressive. We have to win this one for America!

I have posted the forgoing already several times here, but I still keep on seeing new 'faces' and I want to make sure, that we all know the procedure. Every vote counts!

Getting past corporate Hillary is the first order of business. The GOP comes later


I just listened to his speech in the shadow of Wall Street. Wow. Bernie had his hob-nailed boots on, kicked ass and named names. Hillary . . . Jamie Dimon . . .JP Morgan . . .Citigroup . . .Wells Fargo . . . Goldman Sachs. . .BNP Paribas . . .Wachovia. "Will the folks on Wall Street like me? No. Will they begin to play by the rules if I am President? You better believe it." No equivocation, no veiled threats, no dog whistles. Today we saw what speaking truth to power looks like.