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In Major Ruling, Grad Students Win Right to Unionize at Private Universities


In Major Ruling, Grad Students Win Right to Unionize at Private Universities

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) said Tuesday that graduate students who work as teaching and research assistants at private colleges are employees—a ruling with "big implications" for both higher education and organized labor in the United States.


So they will no longer receive slave wages and be treated like indentured servants? That’s good news.
Corporate interns will be the next group to unionize.


As an aside and completely off topic:
it would be a fitting time to discuss Hillary and Bill’s, Clinton Foundation problem.

Hillary had 150 visitors AT THE STATE DEPARTMENT and 85 of them had donated to the Clinton Foundation.
That seems very curious.

Somebody must be writing stories about this apparent quid pro quo?


i was surprised today to see an article about this in the “mainstream” Seattle Times newspaper, but no story yet at Common Dreams.


“Tough shit Columbia.” That’s an inside joke?


Higher Ed article

Tuesday’s decision in favor of a graduate student union bid at Columbia University effectively reverses an earlier NLRB ruling against a graduate student union at Brown University, which had been the law of the land since 2004.


Contingent , of course, on their union kicking back some of their dues in the form of political contributions to politicians.


With the entrenched class-based system underlying all social/economic relations,
it’s vital to understand that these grad students are facing precisely the same stacked
deck that their fathers did. And their fathers’ fathers. For many centuries. The battle
is not over. Unionists long past would tell these young people that they always had
the right, in fact the need, to organize, and connect with other groups of people who’ve
gone through similar struggles. And share ideas. Be inventive. Old time unionists
neither needed, nor sought, bosses’ “permission” to protect themselves and organize.
Or to develop new ways to create systemic change. Quite a contradiction, isn’t it?!


The “proper” relationship between graduate students and school administrators as well as faculty is not employee to employer; it’s slave to master. Throughout the nation even very bright students never study Joe Hill, etc. nor think of unions as a positive element of professionalism. When students pay $50,000 per year for tuition, and adequate portion of that should go to the teachers of small classes who must read and grade papers continually. It’s very hard work, even at places like Columbia. It’s a rare college student who has learned how to read and write before entering “elite” courses as a freshman.


I assume that’s a joke. If Corporate Workers are considered “at will employees” with no collective bargaining rights, what chance to interns have?


I don’t know but it’s going to be a real hoot finding out, don’t you think?


And maybe the lobbyists for the MIC will take a back seat now.


That was a good one!