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In Major Speech and Ahead of Election, Sanders to Focus on 'Unprecedented and Dangerous' Threat Trump Poses to US Democracy

Why I would not vote for the creepy senile war monger pediaphile;
doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome (or something like that definition of insanity that is often quoted)


I’m tired of watching Bernie try so hard to help Biden as Biden does everything he possibly can to alienate Bernie’s supporters. On Monday, Biden told FOX News: " I beat the socialist. That’s how I got elected. That’s how I got the nomination. Do I look like a socialist? Look at my career, my whole career. I am not a socialist."

Obviously, Biden did NOT “beat the socialist." Biden was in 4th place AT BEST when Obama made those calls to the other candidates and got them to drop out BECAUSE the socialist was going to win. The entire Democratic Party machine and the corporate media coalesced behind Biden to rig the nomination against Bernie and Medicare for All.

I don’t understand why offending the Bernie camp is smart strategy for Biden, but then, I’m not a political consultant.


It seems as the Democrats don’t care anymore either. They are openly collaborating with the GOP to ensure that Rump is reselected.


I am an unrepentant Bernie supporter and think he’s a great speaker. But I want to say to him: why bother. He’ll just mention why TRump is so terrible, which he is, but if he mentions any real solutions to the problems we face, like Medicare for All, Biden will continue to say that he’s against it. if he mentions healthcare at all, he’ll he wants to expand the Affordable Care Act, ignoring the reality that the Supreme Court may finally succeed in abolishing it. In the end, in spite of campaigning more for Biden than Biden is doing for himself, if Biden loses, which is a good possibility, Sanders and his supporters will be blamed.


Trump is the focal, lightning rod. The real problem is the US government. If Biden is elected, will things really change?..Will the Military Weapons Budget decrease? Will this country eliminate nuclear weapons? Will this country provide health care for all? Will we stop providing tax breaks for the fossil fuel companies?..No… The real problem is with the US government…partly… And the other real problem is our way of life…consumerism, cancerous capitalism,etc…it goes way deeper…I am no fan of Trump, nor Obama, nor Biden… We know the devil we have,…and yes we know the devil that may be elected… Trump does deserve and does not deserve all the credit and blame… He is really just a dangerous scape-goat, easier to have someone to blame than to look at entire situation…what a predicament… A reset is underway for good and for ill… get your life in order and prepare for a rapidly declining world… we all play a part in this. “Life is but a stage, what role will you play in your brief stay here on Planet Earth?”… ??


That would be good news ?

Any indication who they favor ?

I campaigned door to door for three months for a city councilor - so I did get to meet a lot of people.

Some who said they just never vote were among the best informed - more so than those who did vote. And they weren’t you know desperate ?

I still don’t understand, but maybe it’s not just down and out - because you’d think then you’d want to vote.

It seems to me the idea might be - stay low - don’t pop your head up - nobody moves - nobody gets hurt -

In other words - they have never grown up.

What makes no sense is that more people vote in POTUS elections which are decided in 8, maybe 10 swing states. I have never lived in a swing state so my votes for POTUS have been irrelevant whereas my votes in state and local elections have influenced election outcomes.

Younger voters especially are less likely to vote in elections where their vote can influence the outcome.

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If Biden were to support just a few of the policies that the majority of the democrat base wants, progressives would be impressed. He does not and so we yawn.


“In other words - they have never grown up.”

I’ll slightly disagree with you there. I grew up feeling sad and helpless. In fourth grade I stumbled on a word while reading out loud. The teacher, Mr. Good, said, “You of all people should know that word: Anxious.”

I believe it’s “learned helplessness”, from Martin Seligman. Perhaps people, by not growing up, just haven’t outgrown their childhood woes. But I have to say, when they don’t vote because nothing changes for them, no matter who is in the White House, can you blame them? This morning I put on my old tennis shoes to do some watering outside, and they said, “Made in China.” When did our manufacturing head off to parts not the USA? Did the dems do anything to stop that? And who said that Social Security would be on the chopping block to correct our national debt? It’s possible these non-voters are the mature ones, as they won’t be voting out of fear like so many of us here, including myself.

Oh, and on the other hand, yeah, the young, more privileged people refusing to vote, that’s another story. But again, as someone who had anger issues most of my life, (OK, now, too) I get it. They didn’t get their beloved Bernie as the dem nominee and now they’re pissed and eff you and the world. And they’re not the ones who ruined it for everyone–it was the DNC and Nancy. The only thing I could say to them is, I totally get it, and I’m mad, too, and feel like I’ve been cheated, and everyone else as well. And I feel like slamming doors and pounding my fists. Yeah, he was cheated, and we all were. Now what? I’d just tell them to vote down ballot, like, the judges are important. Or perhaps a proposition. Maybe, while they’re at it, they’ll creep up to the top of the page and fill in a bubble for president.


Hey I get it… I am so angry & scared that Biden was anointed by the DNC, Corporatism etc…he was a third rate Senator at best during his career and I do NOT want to vote for Biden… planning on not voting for President. BUT-- Things are getting more dicey AND dangerous for us ALL …I’m 69 and am VERY Frightened – we are descending into Fascism in real time.

So I will vote for Biden because I have to – and I will ,along with many others , hold his feet to the fire every single day!! Becuz Biden is 1 Million times BETTER than having Trump and his Neo fascist, white nationalists, nihilist , Death Cult , Dominion Christians to name a few.


The Republicans are running amok because there have been no consequences imposed on their actions by the “opposition” Dems. Censure, fines, indictments, even removal and jail time: All of these possible tools have been “off the table.” One would think the two parties have been colluding with each other…!


That Supreme Court decision contributed to the death of democracy but from my perspective the coup d’ 'etat was done on: 11/22/63 because the people, (which many believe was the CIA) behind the assassination of JFK were never held accountable and the same cabal of criminals are still in political, power. Trump and Barr among too many others to name here are now the transparent truth of my post.


A major white sage and sweetgrass smudge, done by Native American healers, might do the job. It would probably need to be done over a month, at least, to rid the White House of the bad karma it’s accumulated over the past 250 years.


Good - My thought was only a speculation anyway. I really really don’t understand.

But your story helps me understand.

“learned helplessness” - that rings true. I can live with that.

Bernie !

I read his book - agree with most of his positions.

But I wonder - how valuable is it to bring ideas forward that have near zero chance of implementation ?

There is some value - we dream - like the name Common Dreams.

But we also need to live when we are not dreaming.

I’ll tell you exactly my take on Bernie.

First, I’m a Canadian.

But when I saw Jill Stein offer Bernie on a silver platter the leadership of the Green Party, and he refused, I saw a man with a different agenda. So easy to decry everything - so difficult to accomplish something positive.

So good for him - Bernie is a dreamer - we need dreamers.

But we need even more a man or woman of action who can inspire and lead the center, where the people live, and who believes in the intent of the Declaration.


Good one!

People who have lived under totalitarianism are often apolitical, why?

You don’t see the fear in Bernie’s eyes?
When he speaks he is serious and passionate.
He is trying so hard to help us advance the cause, while there is a knife at the backs, maybe the necks, of him and his loved ones.
He has to placate his overlords and keep his family safe.
The people in power do not play nice, they see a value in Bernie to calm us down, or he would be …gone.
There will be much blood when the revolt happens.

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What a great comment!
You nailed it all.

This was my favorite part and I will add…
I have very strong ideals.
My role’s significance shall be determined by others.

Anyone that steps up to bring real change will be offered one chance to play along with the powers that be or be murdered. (PERIOD)

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