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In Major Speech and Ahead of Election, Sanders to Focus on 'Unprecedented and Dangerous' Threat Trump Poses to US Democracy

No, he’s been on the other side all along. If he wasnt he would not have hidden the trade deals ike GATS that take away the countries right to regulate.


This is a mild rant. I think some insight might be found inside. Please forgive structure, cohesion, continuity, grammar, etc. (LOL)

Americans are taught that we have these rights and we take them for granted. What do Americans need to vote for? Some white guys want to be the boss. OK. So what. What difference does it make who is in charge if there are these rights we take for granted.
Nobody teaches the kids that the rights we take for granted are not granted. The teachers stand up in front with a smile talking about how great America is because we have these rights we take for granted.
When you get older you think it is all stupid bull-poop. Voting for taxes or bonds or whatever? Why participate in the charade?
Doing the right things are obvious. What do we need to vote for? Obviously!
I am a prisoner of America. So many rules/laws/regulations! Do this, don’t do that!
Here is what I saw…in the fight against the MAN
The movement was crushed. The civil rights/hippy/1960’s movement was crushed. One day everyone gave up and went to work or school.
I grew up looking at that time as history, a time when.
Here we are it’s 2020, still talking about what happened and why nobody wants to fight. People in their 60s-70s-80s want to know why more people 55 and under don’t vote or care about politics. All over the world we watch the people stand up and fight and the movements are crushed and everyone just goes to work or school and the MAN get put back in charge.

Lunch time


Yes, and in my opinion the reason JFK was selected was his father had connections to the Mafia, but for some reason he decided not to play along with his selectors. A TRUE PROFILE IN COURAGE.


That’s the trend now for sure.

Any suggestions ?

Yes, this will be a great time of service…We are entering a new era, not the end, but a new phase, we will all need to assist, cooperate at all levels…this is not being altruistic, but working towards group survival…United we survive, divided we fall… people working in groups helping, assisting each other to the benefit of all…


I am working on some policy ideas. Little things I think make sense.
These are small things … but seeds. I hope there is time.
We know we have to get rid of the system but we have to infiltrate and do it from within. We must solve problems, reach goals, and make money at the same time.
It is important to be sure any idea is well thought out, without over selling it.
The critics will exploit any weakness.

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I see no fear, only light in his eyes and a happy smile on his face now that he’s been accepted into the club of corrupt neoliberal Democrats and propaganda media that warmly welcomes his new gaslighting rhetoric. He never wanted to be an outsider, he’s a true blue Democrat and insider with the establishment, his happy home. He just likes giving speeches that are party approved…and he likes to believe that people are still listening to him…he likes the attention. Heads up: he will say nothing new in his big fat speech.

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Becoming apolitical is a way of giving up. This happened to me. In 2016 — prior to the last fake presidential “election,” I gave up, became apolitical, and moved to South America. Since then, I have searched for better ways of being political. Better ways of being political, however, are predicated on better politics. And the politics of the four South American nations I have lived in are WORSE than the politics in the U.S. — more corrupt, more neoliberal, more individualistic, more unprincipled and barbaric.

Apoliticization is often rooted in nihilism. That was never my problem; I hold fast to a set of core values and beliefs; everything is deeply meaningful for me. But for others, a sense of meaningless lies just beneath a rejection of politics. Becoming nihilist, becoming meaningless & valueless, goes hand in hand with becoming apolitical.

Totalitarian governments are also rooted in nihilism. Nihilistic societies are breeding grounds of fascism. I have learned during my exile in S. America that dictatorships became possible in these nations because of widespread fear, suspicion and mistrust.

Think about human culture. Human culture is predicated on trust, on belief in the truth and power of words. Where there is no trust, there is no solidarity, no community, no love or friendship. Where there is no trust, resistance to fascism is very difficult to sustain. A nation where everyone is afraid of her neighbors is a nation without culture. The absence of culture leads inexorably to fascism. There is no such thing as fascist culture. In fascist societies there is only violence and fear. And people in those societies have given up on politics. Politics, too, depend on trust and mutuality.


Amen. Our brains (and hearts) were fried with too many survivor television shows that made a star out of anyone who threw everyone else under the bus to survive, when it’s really not success unless we ALL win.

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Have you ever read Arendt “the Origins of Totalitarianism” ?


its a deep analysis

I am just going to sleep now kind of tired… curious what you think if you have not read it, you probably have.

The description of duplication of offices on page 413 reminds me of what s happening with the WTO and the creation of an entire duplicatied government with the real ower that most people are not aware of

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Nice one.

The Real World on MTV.
what was that slogan? this is what its like when a bunch of (alpha d-bags being paid to be d-bags to each other) people - stop being nice and start being real. LOL. hook, line, and sinker. ( This show started the season finale binge weekend, remember that?) The TV show binge started here…

Then we got Survivor (douche-bauchery)

and Fear Factor (douche-bauchery)

Then Jersey Shore (douche-bauchery)+1
OMG…talk about binging …

There was hope though…

The Colony, a favorite of mine. I remember fondly as pretty good with little drama, so …

Naked and Afraid (why naked?) had huge potential, but succumbed to TV pressure

Another favorite…
Doomsday Preppers

Oh well. You’re right.