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In Major Win Over 'Corporate Bullying,' Seattle Approves Tax on Amazon to Combat Homelessness

In Major Win Over 'Corporate Bullying,' Seattle Approves Tax on Amazon to Combat Homelessness

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Overcoming weeks of extortionist threats and other forms of "corporate bullying" from the world's largest retailer, Seattle's City Council on Monday unanimously approved a new tax on Amazon—which paid nothing in federal income taxes last year—and other major companies in an effort to provide essential services for the homeless and combat the local housing crisis.

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That a huge establishment like Amazon is “howling in protest” because of the necessity for it to pay its rightful share of taxes demonstrates once more the infinite greed and eagerness to succeed for itself and race the rest of society to the bottom. Kshama Sawant is an amazing leader! Her vision to make this movement “everywhere” on the planet is perfect. Huge and powerful establishments like Amazon having
no place else to go as in “where will the company move to?” forces them to do the right thing and contribute their fair share of good to society.


I was pretty disappointed to see the Iron Worker Union leaders using the Iron workers to protest the bill, That Union should be ashamed, I guess Iron workers never go homeless.


It was convenient for them to protest since they were down the block working on a Amazon project. " Hey guys take a long lunch on Bezo’s sandwiches and beer at city hall on Bezos.


Yeah, most construction-trade unions are pretty right wing. The carpenters are the most notorious that way.


Everyone in my city are hoping Amazon goes somewhere else for their “second headquarters”. Mayor Peduto can shove his “secret deal” with them up his ass. The influx of young wealthy tech-yuppie class that we have already seen has driven the cost of rents and housing and everything else (dining out is now only affordable for the rich) through the roof. Meanwhile, the poverty in the outlying peripheral old mill towns up and down the rivers are worse than ever as the poor are driven out there in search of affordable rents. And maybe worse of all, they are destroying our multi-ethnic middle European and Slavic working class culture. Most of these rich-techies don’t even know what a pirohi is and traditional polka is going extinct.


Yeah right. PEANUTS.

Amazon may employ a lot of people. But it does not seem to be good for society or even good for those who work there.

People should rethink their participation in companies like Amazon, Uber, Facebook beyond attaining their own personal wants and convenience.


I absolutely refuse to buy anything from Amazon.


The issue here of course is Amazon will have Cities a plenty lining up promising even more INCENTIVES in the way of Tax breaks and subsidies for them to relocate from Seattle.

The Country to Country “race to the bottom” that all of those free trade dals are all about are also “races to the Bottom” between Cities and States within a Country. The System ensures the Capitalists always win.

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Translation: Not anti-business; anti-greed!

Now that was Nice and To the Point

“would pay 26 cents per hour worked for each employee” <–Do we know what impact this will have on future wages/employment decisions?

Corporate Bullying? LOL! “We’re going to tax you because we are incompetent and can’t efficiently run our city…oh, you don’t like that or think it’s fair? ok…we’ll still tax you…just less. See! Compromise! Done!”

Who’s bullying who?

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How much are real estate commissions taking in every home sale/purchase?

Corporations are paying ridiculously LOW taxes – while using public services –
Amazon has some very beneficial (for them) arrangement with our Post Office, for instance.

Corporations benefit from educated and healthy workers.

You can barely find a corporations any longer which has benefits like a reliable
pension plan – and or is actually paying for reliable health care.
Where has dental care and insurance gone?

Not to mention the pollution by most of these companies – and in the case of
Amazon the stress and harm to the health of workers.

Actually, the overturning of “Rent Control” laws is what has created a doubling
(at the least) of rental fees for apartments.

Unless you want bridges falling down, corporations have to contribute to the upkeep
of infrastructure from which they benefit.

Corporate-fascism is what it has always been – a bully.

Today when our government goes to court, it is the corporations who hold the power.

We have nine members of the Supreme Court who have been appointed because they
support corporations – not the public interest.

No one has ever envisioned democracy and freedom being based in the opinions of nine
judges of the Supreme Court.

The important thing is to begin moving taxation in the direction of increasing
taxes on the rich/corporations.

This is a move in the right direction.

tvor –

Amazon pays almost nothing in taxes – and you’re defending that?

They are paying LESS than ordinary citizens are paying in Federal Taxes –
plus they’ve just gotten a huge bonus in the tax-scam give-away by the GOP …
$789 Million, if I recall correctly.

All of our corporations need to be taxed once again at rates which EXCEED
what ordinary citizens pay – loop holes have to be closed – and as part of
our communities they should be eager and willing to fund the costs involved
in supporting our communities – and our national infrastructure.

Beyond that – pretty much every citizen is SUBDIZING AMAZON with our own
tax dollars because what they pay workers is so little that many of them cannot
afford health care.

As I said, “Rent Control” pretty much no longer exists –
but the effects of its overturning has only resulted in destroying diverse communities
everywhere – and allowed the wealthy to buy properties and drive out former businesses
which served the community – and former apartment occupants who can no longer
afford the rents.

Those properties and the communities themselves are thereby transformed to serve
mainly the interests of the wealthy.

"It’s simply economics 101. Basic supply and demand."

What you’re suggesting there is that our society has no responsibility to ensure that
citizens aren’t made homeless - and if they are then … "it’s simply economics."

It’s the same reckless thinking which continues to prevent National Health Care for All
in the US.

Amazon and Walmart and other large stores are destroying communities
and this is obvious in every town where we see empty stores.