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In Major Win Over 'Corporate Bullying,' Seattle Approves Tax on Amazon to Combat Homelessness


Here in Minnesota, a recent study shows that 20-25% of the price of a new home are regulatory costs.

Sometimes government does indeed screw the little guy.


How much are real estate commissions taking in every home sale/purchase?

Corporations are paying ridiculously LOW taxes – while using public services –
Amazon has some very beneficial (for them) arrangement with our Post Office, for instance.

Corporations benefit from educated and healthy workers.

You can barely find a corporations any longer which has benefits like a reliable
pension plan – and or is actually paying for reliable health care.
Where has dental care and insurance gone?

Not to mention the pollution by most of these companies – and in the case of
Amazon the stress and harm to the health of workers.


Actually, the overturning of “Rent Control” laws is what has created a doubling
(at the least) of rental fees for apartments.


Unless you want bridges falling down, corporations have to contribute to the upkeep
of infrastructure from which they benefit.

Corporate-fascism is what it has always been – a bully.

Today when our government goes to court, it is the corporations who hold the power.

We have nine members of the Supreme Court who have been appointed because they
support corporations – not the public interest.

No one has ever envisioned democracy and freedom being based in the opinions of nine
judges of the Supreme Court.


The important thing is to begin moving taxation in the direction of increasing
taxes on the rich/corporations.

This is a move in the right direction.


Taxing and driving out companies that employ people isn’t going to help the poor.

Rent control simply dis-incentivizes the choice to build new and/or renovate existing buildings because the profit motive is truncated by the price ceiling. This leads to a predictable housing shortage and, ironically, artificially higher prices that the rent control laws were intended to prevent. Those rent control laws are rampant in some of the highest priced cities, Seattle, San Francisco, and New York City. It is one of the main causes of these artificially high prices, not a preventer of higher ones. It’s simply economics 101. Basic supply and demand.


tvor –

Amazon pays almost nothing in taxes – and you’re defending that?

They are paying LESS than ordinary citizens are paying in Federal Taxes –
plus they’ve just gotten a huge bonus in the tax-scam give-away by the GOP …
$789 Million, if I recall correctly.

All of our corporations need to be taxed once again at rates which EXCEED
what ordinary citizens pay – loop holes have to be closed – and as part of
our communities they should be eager and willing to fund the costs involved
in supporting our communities – and our national infrastructure.

Beyond that – pretty much every citizen is SUBDIZING AMAZON with our own
tax dollars because what they pay workers is so little that many of them cannot
afford health care.

As I said, “Rent Control” pretty much no longer exists –
but the effects of its overturning has only resulted in destroying diverse communities
everywhere – and allowed the wealthy to buy properties and drive out former businesses
which served the community – and former apartment occupants who can no longer
afford the rents.

Those properties and the communities themselves are thereby transformed to serve
mainly the interests of the wealthy.

"It’s simply economics 101. Basic supply and demand."

What you’re suggesting there is that our society has no responsibility to ensure that
citizens aren’t made homeless - and if they are then … "it’s simply economics."

It’s the same reckless thinking which continues to prevent National Health Care for All
in the US.

Amazon and Walmart and other large stores are destroying communities
and this is obvious in every town where we see empty stores.


Rent Control reduces the supply of rental housing and pushes rents higher.


the rich and corps already pay all of the taxes, don’t start this again


LOL. In San Diego until a few weeks ago the government fees ALONE to build a granny flat on your own property were over $30k. Government run wild.

  1. Corporate taxation is a form of double taxation. First the company’s income is taxed. Then its distributions in form of wages, dividends, capital gains, etc. are taxed again. The corporate tax should be eliminated completely, not raised.
  2. This reference to rebuild our national infrastructure is a ploy. It’s always used in these debates. “Corporations/rich people aren’t paying their fair share; we need to raise taxes to pay for our crumbling infrastructure.” We could raise taxes tomorrow, and next week you’d say that taxes are still too low and our infrastructure is still crumbling. It’s an indefinite argument. You don’t actually have a level you think is “fair.” You just want taxes raised. There’s no logical, empirical backing to the claim.

No. Look at Seattle! They’ve spent tens of millions of dollars every year in the name of eliminating homelessness in their city, and what do they have to show for it? An increase in the amount of homeless people! For such an inept city that has already squandered millions trying to solve this problem and has only made it worse, why should we peddle even more money and watch it go down the drain?


jim –

Actually, when we have diversity in our communities they thrive and so
does the nation and it was in many cities “rent control” which provided that
opportunity for all of us.

What we have no is housing for ELITES – regularly made clear by use of the
word “LUXURY” being key to the kind of housing now being built.

“ENCLAVE” another favorite to signal to the middle class that they’re not welcome.

Nor do I know how you might have missed the explosion of the MANSIONS being
built where middle class homes used to exist.

It is greed and economies run for the benefit of Elites which pushes our rents higher.


jim –

The rich and corporations have historically had their taxes reduced from
even 90% levels at one time – recheck the 1950’s for one example when this
was a thriving nation with a strong middle class – and union representation of
labor – to now basically where they are paying taxes at levels which ordinary
citizens pay.

And the recent GOP tax-scam has also engineered new TAX windfalls for them …
which will come at the cost of health care for senior citizens/Medicare and Medicaid.

Our corporations have also largely profited from war and control of natural resources
of other nations –

This drop in taxes paid by corporations has over many decades now deprived our States,
Cities and Local communities from supporting infrastructure which is now falling apart.

And to properly support public education.

Corporations use 80% of our water –

MIC uses 80% of our oil –

Elites/corporations are parasites – and destroyers.


Jim –

You mean government totally corrupted by Elites/wealthy for their own benefit/

It is Elites who own our government – take another look at the Constitution where
all control over our “people’s” government was given to Elites in creation of an Elite-
patriarchy. They were they ENDOWED with land grants and only white males were
permitted to vote. Elites were given great control and influence over our government,
the nation’s wealth and natural resources.

Our Founders PRIVATIZED the wealth of the nation rather than creating a democracy.

Elites/wealthy own both of our national parties – and Congress, as well.

Elites are parasites as they have always been living in luxury off the backs of slaves
and those they underpay for their LABOR.


No one actually paid the 90% rate. There were so many loopholes that the 90% level was not reality.

If you want to look at history, the federal government has received effectively the same tax revenues as a percentage of GDP, no matter the underlying tax law dynamics.


Rent control is great for the small number of people who get into a RC unit. But when landlords have no incentive to keep the place modern the don’t. They also get rid of their units and developers stop building as the profits aren’t there. Rent control slowly turns cities into slums and reduces the overall amount of rental stock pushing prices for everyone else not in a RC unit higher. This is well documented, agreed on by economists on the left and right and clearly evident in cities like SF and NYC. Add with it restrictive zoning laws and you get a housing “crisis”.


We are still a thriving nation with a strong middle class and more people are moving up from the middle class than are moving down to the lower class. Infrastructure is not falling apart. Ordinary citizens pay very little to nothing in Federal and state taxes. Those are paid by the wealthy and corps.


Our country is a Democratic Republic. It is not nor was ever intended to be a Democracy.


yep, taxes as a percentage of GDP has remained roughly the same (within a few points) for decades regardless of what the actual rates are. The government is getting the same slice of the pie as it always has.


jim –

We are no longer a “thriving” nation with all wealth now in the hands of the 1% …

At the fall of the Berlin Wall, Elites stopped supporting a middle class here because
they no longer needed a model to compete with communism.

Don’t know where you might be getting your news, but the Middle Class is being
destroyed by Elites/wealthy in an on-going process now over decades.
Wages have been stagnant since the 1970’s.

We are barely over 50% employment here now and Federal Reserve Bank which
controls our economy (rather than our Congress) continues to reduce employment
every year. Federal Reserve is a private bank.

And, anywhere on the internet or in our newspapers you will find articles about
decaying infrastructure in the US. Did you not notice bridges falling?
And concerns for aging bridges?

Whatever ordinary people pay in taxes it is far MORE than what Elites/corporations
pay. And what you’re agonizing over right now is a “peanuts” increase in taxes on
Amazon. How much of an “Elite” are you?

At one time, taxes on corporations were 90% and more …
Currently, Amazon is paying the equivalent of under 12% as I recall in Federal Taxes -
with a bonus from the GOP tax-scam of $789 Million.