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In Massive 'Outpouring of Solidarity,' Thousands Rally for Charlottesville


In Massive 'Outpouring of Solidarity,' Thousands Rally for Charlottesville

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Thousands of Americans in cities across the country rallied Sunday night to denounce the racism displayed at the so-called "Unite the Right" rally that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, and to mourn the death of Heather Heyer, an activist who was killed Saturday during an anti-racist demonstration.


Meanwhile the oligarch sociopaths are laughing as the citizens fight amongst themselves. Yes, white supremacy is horrible, but the real reason these racist idiots are blaming everyone for their lousy lives is in reality the result of the oligarchs and their economic system that throws away people. And it is to the oligarchs benefit that the people fight amongst each other instead of directing their anger at the real culprits. Keep on condemning racism but take the real fight to the a$$hole oligarchs who couldn’t care less about life itself.


Good to see this massive outpouring of solidarity. The death of This brave woman, Heather Heyer and the others injured, was nothing less than an act of domestic, terrorism by neo-Nazi’s. But what is unconscionable to me, is that Trump refuses to condemn his base as domestic, terrorists!


Fully agree. I would add, take the fight to the representative government system that creates oligarchy in the first place.


Most of these racist’s lives are hardly “lousy.” The median Trump voter income as in the upper 5-digits/lower 6 digits. That nice new Dodge Challenger muscle car suggest that the racist killer was not hurting for money…


In America people are used like tissue paper before they are born, during and even after they die. Exploitation of humans and natural resources by any means possible without regard to morality or human decency. Healthcare is a prime example of the total disregard for human life. Food comes next seeing how corporate farming and the food industry treats animals, the earth and those who eat the factory “foods” . Massive preventable death and diseases like cancers, diabetes, asthma, mental illnesses, ADHD, heart attacks are all too common and on rapid increase in America today.
All for PROFITS no matter how it is made.


A beautiful outpouring of solidarity for diversity from Tucson Arizona (Baja Arizona). Love will see us through. And a whole lot of energy to become the country that is possible. In the meantime, I am planning and packing to leave The Fourth Reich. No longer my country.
Just viewed, Mango Mussolini addressing the people. Too bad he was politically forced to try and verbalize the right thing. The man has no heart nor soul. What a douche bag.


The Fourth Reich?

Van Jones: " A Nazi just assassinated an American in broad daylight".


By the looks of the map every state had at least one vigil and most had multiple. This can only be looked at as a very encouraging sign that fascists are outnumbered. We need to keep vigilant and prepared because this can also mean a potentially very dangerous situation as the racists are in the struggle of their life, miserable as it might be–they see their ‘white privilege’ as under threat if not their income necessarily. And with a fascist at the helm of government, nuclear trigger finger and all, the tittering of the Empire as China and Russia and now Latin America join in opposition, we are in very dangerous times.


While I don’t disagree with your assertion about many of Trump’s supporters finances, one doesn’t need a lot of money to get a Dodge Challenger with all the incentives dealers are offering. There has been a sub-prime agenda taking place in the auto industry for a couple years now. Here is but one example of what Dodge dealers are currently offering:
You won’t want to dodge the deals this August at your local Dodge and Ram dealer. August Dodge finance deals include zero percent interest rates on many models, while Dodge lease deals include three-year leases as low as $169 a month for the 2017 Dodge Challenger and up to $5,000 cash back on the 2017 Dodge Charger.
The racist killer might not have had much if any money, especially considering he was only twenty years old, but car dealers are only too happy to give cars away in the hopes of collecting later.


It’s a point you’ve made many times, and a valid one. I can’t figure out where these myths come from, that white men are frustrated at being left out of political discussions, or that they haven’t done as well since the last recession as most others.

Not only do neither of these make sense,or have any basis in fact. They also excuse the long heritage of white supremacy in this country, from a point when the same myths would have been universally recognized as absurd.


From Truthout:


The Fourth Reich rolls through the world, militarily, waging war in at least eight countries. Drones rain down death from above as ground forces guide them and wreak terror and death directly. Count them: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Venezuela, Libya and Honduras.
All these “actions” covered under the 2001 AUMF. War by any means. Disgusting.


The death toll for the expansion and maintenance of the global capitalist system for the 20th century and the first part of the 21st century is about 100,000,000. That’s a lot of humans killed in the pursuit of profit. And, as you’ve noted, the killing is still going on even in the USA. Is anyone really serious that all we need is some reforms? No, that hasn’t worked in the past nor will it work today and into tomorrow. The complete dismantlement of Capitalism and the establishment of a Socialist society worldwide is the direction all humans need to move toward. If not that then all we will have for the future is barbarism.


I grew up in Mississippi during segregation. Getting older and we have been through this before and we’ll get through it again. Violence is not the answer. It is however appropriate to fight for our souls. These white men had the time, the hate, the money to tavel and organize and then march through the night across UVA singing bout “I’m all white and I’m OK.” I can tell you as a liberal southerner all my life when you get some white boys marchin round in the middle of night with lighted torches singing about being white and it’s OK, the police might get some calls. I wonder how many 9-11 calls came in. I bet it lit up like a Christmas tree. These men are being held back by Farrakhan and the Sons of Islam. They’re braindead runts who are trained and ordered to believe they’re superior. Please. We don’t have time for this. I think we should remain focused on the damage his secretaries are doing in their respective departments. Zinke in Interior is turning out to be a real Frankenstein and they want to coal mine the Rockies public parks for instance. Good luck America. It is always darkest just before dawn. It’s time for a glorious sunrise brothers and sisters.


hit the nail on the head. Divide and conquer while the fat cats laugh. I think it was Jay Gould who said he could hire I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.


I liked the sign that said “Will trade Trump for 10,000 refugees.” Heck, I’d give him away to anyone who will take him.


It seems that he bought the car used. And from the video of the interview with his mother, while she wasn’t living in any kind of poverty, she wasn’t well off either.


Our rallies seem a little off. At the center of the rallies should be the plight of all Black Americans and how they have been wronged by white Americans for centuries. White people reign supreme and always have in this country. We have tolerated racism and been the beneficiaries of it throughout our history. There is only one way to defeat white supremecy and that is to consciously elevate in our hearts and minds, through public policies, and private recognition that Black lives matter just as much, if not more than white skinned people. Their endurance of slavery, racism and inequality over four centuries shows an admirable strength of character acquired through community and adversity.

The Confederate states need to don sackcloth and ashes to publicly ackowledge their guilt and sorrow over slavery and admit that their pride in their history is not only despicable, it is immoral. It is in your face insulting to every Black American. It is saying, we honor and respect the leaders and military men who were willing to give up their lives to keep you Black people in your place, at the mercy of our whips. I can’t see that happening any time soon.

Every American needs to be educated to understand the extent of damage done to our fellow citizens. There should be a widespread movement to apologize to Black Americans for what their ancestors suffered and for what today’s Black Americans suffer and reparations would truly show our sincerity

It is not up to Black people to change the status quo. They are owed, big time, for the ongoing racism we read about every day. They shouldn’t have to be shouting into the void of white indifference that’Black lives matter’! We should be showing, by our actions, that we are heartily sorry for our neglect, our indifference, our denial of their oppression, and our blaming our victims for not being able to rise above the disadvantages we continue to impose on them.


And when we’re done there, we can then pay homage to the Native Americans.