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In Media’s Looking Glass, US Doesn’t Threaten Iran But Merely Responds to Iranian Threats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/07/medias-looking-glass-us-doesnt-threaten-iran-merely-responds-iranian-threats

We created whatever problems there are with Iran when we overthrew their secular, democratic government in 1953 because they wanted more control over their oil, namely the price they were getting for it. We and the Brits overthrew their President, and installed the cruel, vicious “royal” dictator, The Shah, who spent 25 years terrorizing, disappearing and murdering people before they turned to the only ones who would do something about him - the radical fundamentalist Islamic clergy. So, they got a theocracy instead of a cruel dictatorship. But it’s THEIR government, it’s their problem, and we have NO right to try and overthrow it again. If we would leave them the f#$% alone, maybe the internal opposition could eventually force democratic reforms. Stay out of their business!


Drone Bolton and it all goes away.


We would just as soon sell weapons to Iran. But this is about Israel. Much of 9-11 was about Israel. Syria is as much about Israel as it is about ISIS or Assad.
Frankly, the people of Iran, and Iran’s government are moral giants compared to the U.S.
It’s our greed that will get us in trouble once again.
Our MIC is off a milk diet and needs to be fed big meals every day to keep the economy rolling along.


Let’s load up our bombers with the Right To Life™ and drop that on EVERYBODY.

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So you get to say it’s a war of defence .
Remember when Sadam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.They get to justify their actions based on imminent attack.
Its all based on creating a threat ,manipulation and fabrication.

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They call this hand in glove extension of the US Government in the USA “The Free press”. One does not have to be a Trump supporter to recognize them as propaganda outlets and sources of “fake news”. When Tulsi Gabbard reffered to an article in the sames vein as these she was hammered by the “Free Press” for using the same language as Herr Trump .

The Media tries to use that as a shield against it much like the term anit-semite used anytime there a critique of Israel.

The fact of the matter is the mainstream medias role is to manipulate public perceptions on the behalf of the 1 percent. As a group the mainstream media plays the role the CIA wanted them to play since the time of project Mockingbird. Those “fake hearings” they had on Mockingbird in the US Senate were intended to give the illusion that the CIA under control and that they would not longer infiltrate media to propogate Government propoganda. Those fake senate hearings and Committees are something the US Government does far better then did that in the USSR. From the Warren Commission to the 9/11 Commission they all give the illusion a given incident being investigated diligently by those in power.

It all one great big fraud. They work for the same side and it not the people. The system is called CAPITALism for a reason and that because elected Governments represent Capital and the people with the Capital.

It all about the money.


Agreed. And it’s worth noticing that Israel never, EVER throws the first punch, but is always being forced to “retaliate” by some bad actor.


Oligarchy is cooking up false flag operations ASAP to attack Iran before it gets the bomb.

Our Chickenhawk in Chief’s great negotiating skills will take things to their limit before they explode. There are no peaceful empires. But this is different. He is gambling with all life in a nuclear war.

Direct Democracy


They’re (the US govt.) not just manufacturing consent, they are trying to bait Iran into a first action. Of course if Iran takes the bait, the MSM will report this action as massive aggressiveness by Iran and that the US must retaliate, when it would be self-preservation by Iran if you look at the big picture. If this fails and Iran doesn’t take the bait, expect another (resent oil tanker attacks were the first I’ve read about) more serious false flag attack, possibly on US soil.

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Lots of wagging the dog lately.

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The U.S. is a threat to most of the world at this juncture. Just those 800-900 U.S. military bases dotting the world map are enough for everyone to want a nuke for deterrence.


If we weren’t doing Israel’s (and its lobby’s) bidding and not wanting to quell criticism of the Saudi dictatorship, we would be wonderfully freed of our “problems” with Iran, and could end our efforts (via sanctions and more) to inflict pain, injury, suffering and death on its innocent population, and alienating so many countries demanding that they do no business with Iran.

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Iran seriously needs to get it together and manufacture itself a baker’s dozen hydrogen bombs - the US foreign policy establishment’s obnoxious bullying will finally end (hopefully without my hometown (DC) having to go up in a mushroom cloud – no city in all the world is more deserving of that particular fate – unfortunately).

It is true that the Iranian regime is a threat to the Amerikan, Empire but it is not the nuclear threat, (that is a red herring) that the war mongers are worried about. The nuclear threat that they never tell you about and is never ever mentioned in the Presstituted MSM!