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In Meme-Moriam


In Meme-Moriam

Peter Dykstra

This weekend, America will pause to honor the thousands of men and women who fought and died to preserve ExxonMobil’s First Amendment rights, and protect it from the tyranny of justice.

Or at least that’s the way a lot of Congressional leaders and climate deniers are playing it.


Thanks for this wonderful summary. I was talking to a friend last week, a climate change denier, and he told me the polar ice caps were growing, not shrinking. I told him that's not what I read. He said, "Well I guess it depends on who you read." I asked him who he read but he couldn't tell me. Thanks to this article I now have a better idea of where opinions like this come from, and be better prepared to challenge them.



The extent of sea ice is in fact at record highs in the Antarctic (since measurements started). This article explains why it is and why it still suits the Global warming model.

The deniers take this information out of context . They read "Ice at record levels" and that all they read and post when they deny warming.


I "lived" inHouston in the late seventies/early eighties. All of the OIL BASTARDS bragged about the big win to cum.


If you care to ready "Dark Money" by Jane Mayer, you'll see that a very organized network of think tanks funded by billionaires like the Koch Brothers hires people to create blogs, assert falsehoods as if they were true, and generally counter any narrative that might win support to strengthen the EPA or any regulatory agency that might cut into the huge profits that corporations now take as their "birthright." After all, they have won "citizen" status and become enshrined in the onerous Supreme Court ruling known as "Citizens United." Ultimately that ill-named ruling allows corporations the right to purchase political muscle... sans apology.

When mass media carries hundreds of TV stations (most owned by the same SIX Titan Broadcast corporations), there's more disinformation than truth being relayed to people/viewers 24/7.

Thus in an atmosphere utterly thick with deception, it's impossible for most viewers to separate truth from fiction. I've made the analogy before that what passes for "food for thought" is just as tainted as real food. In both instances, the genuine article has been so thoroughly melded in with the counterfeit, that never again shall the twain be separated.

The result is that people think they are entitled to both their own opinions and their own truths. Consider that probably 40% of Americans do not believe in Evolution and take the Bible for absolute truth. Small wonder that many from that faith-based persuasion might question the truth of global warming.


Thinner and thinner ice...


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Here is another Memorial Day remembrance for the fodder units, I mean soldiers and sailors. Thanks for your service.




Thanks for directing me to this article - a clear rebuttal of what my friend was talking about, and a great example of how data can be selectively distorted. I'm giving him a copy next time I see him - I don't know how deeply he's committed to climate change denial, but maybe he'll actually read it and begin to question his sources.


On the other hand, there has got to be a better response than getting masses of people to drive their cars to climate change rallies, spewing soot and oil particles into the air all along the way. We can note that our middle class have successfully fought every effort (at least, since the 1970s) to use tax dollars to create a modern, Euro-style mass transportation system. We're fine with addressing climate change, as long as we don't have to change the way we do anything.


As soon as anyone brings up the Zionist theme, I know it belongs in the "delete" file.


Good share, thanks.


You don't have to look far to see climate change. Deniers are one thing, but the leaders of the world seem unconcerned or at least not very alarmed and leave the summits with out any real plan to deter it. I wonder what they think they will do when it reaches catastrophic levels? Do they think they will be spared? Will their children be spared? Do they think they will live in a bunker or off world? Why is there no rush to address this threat to humanity?


Not only are polar bears not "breeding like hamsters", they are also hybridizing with grizzly bears as the climate changes.