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In Michigan, Sanders Slams Government That Has Money for War, Not for Flint



Actually the government doesn't have money for war. It was borrowed to avoid raising taxes. If we want to stop all this spending on wars we should raise the taxes on our citizens to pay for the wars and not pass on the cost to future generations. With our all volunteer army and no increases in taxes to pay for war most people feel no personal pain from the decisions to go to war. That makes going to war much easier for the politicians.


Not to mention that post Viet Nam the military industrial complex and the mainstream media that it owns came up with lots of euphemisms to alleviate any possible guilt Murkins might have, and actually make Murkins feel good about never ending war and occupations. Calling the slaughter of civilians "collateral damage" and softening cannon fodder to "supporting the troops" are a couple of examples.


They simply print more money, who says we have to pay it back to Goldman Sachs, the city group, the Rothschild family? The bankers use the "deficit" as a weapon to hold our noses to the grinding stone and rob us endlessly. We never have to pay that money back or the interest for borrowing money from those crooked banks when we have the constitutional rights to print our own. Once the people of America take back their federal reserve and their money printing presses only then those foreign invasions might end and money freed for the people again.


Yes, I would like to know what the first African American US president is doing to actively help the children and families in Flint who were poisoned by their own state government. Some will probably never be able to live full, productive lives because of this criminality.

If ISIS poisoned those children, the US government would be willing to spend trillions of dollars on the war machine "keeping America safe."


So why did Sanders feel the need to praise Obama in the debate last week, calling him a great president who has accomplished so much? His double talk is disturbing.


Yes we can but please hire only local and regional capable contractors to do the job. Not the government contractors we have now that gouge the taxpayer, fight labor laws and environmental laws so they don't have to comply. We need a whole new set of contractors that haven't gotten bloated with profits from poor quality. We sure don't want the ones we hired in Afg or Iraq who did shoddy work.


Uh, we don't pass on any costs to future generations for deficit spending of any kind. What burden are you feeling as an adult because of the deficit spending and debt incurred when you were younger? There's none! That's a canard and a right wing talking point that I would like to kill right now.

The US had a debt to GDP ratio much higher than now after WWII and what burden did later generations have? The US economy grew out of the debt.


True, but what is more disturbing to me is Bernie's statement that if he lost the democratic nomination for POTUS, BERNIE WOULD BACK HILLIARY!


Because there is truth in it but we were all disappointed that he did not fight more with the republicans to get our way. Obama accomplished many things some known some unknown under very dire conditions brought about by these thugs in our congress.


As America's infrastructure crumbles we spend ever more taxpayers money to crumble infrastructure around the globe. Is this a race to the bottom? Insanity.


C'mon BTB, its not disturbing, it's how our corrupted politics is currently played and an election won - some nay-sayers focus on what Sanders does not currently say building the support and a strong/massive coalition to win with as Sanders so-far has done brilliantly - focus on the issues championed by Sanders, not the "my good friend so and so" obligatory rubbish........


Well yeah, and Sanders is firmly entrenched in the corrupt game. Let's face that reality.


I think Sanders is much-more challenging the corruption and political game, even though he has been up to his neck in it - rather than being "entrenched" he has fought against a tide of special interests, racism, and corruption for decades - a strength and integrity very few have.


If and when the utterly corrupt Democratic Party pulls the rug out from under Sanders, go Green.

We'll vote for you Bernie, but don't even think about asking us to vote for Hillary:


You know what is truly amazing? There is no reason for Hillary to want to be President other than as a kind of ego trip and cherry atop her resume. What is her passion? To help out corrupt, super-rich idiots on Wall Street? To help Lockheed Martin sell more weaponry? There is absolutely zero rationale for her to lead this country other than to gratify her own ego.

Given that, can you see how depraved this woman is in that she's doing everything she can to shatter the meagre dreams of millions of young people for a halfway decent future just so she can jerk off about how wonderful she herself is? It's obscene!

If you listen to people like Sanders and Jill Stein you can see the passion and ideas about how to make the world a better place. Hillary? No reason at all, other than she thinks it'd be great if she had the title, almost as if it's purely ceremonial, like a heavyweight championship belt.


Because he had to promise that to be allowed to run in the Democratic primaries, since he has always been an independent officeholder. He's been on shaky grounds with the DNC the entire campaign, and Wasserman-Schultz has tried to bounce him out of the campaign once already over that made up computer "scandal". They are just looking for any reason to knock him out and he walks a very fine line to stay in. I believe that is why he has been unwilling to take the gloves off against Hillary. If he's not in the campaign, we don't have any chance to take the country back.


Fits nicely as an FB top of page. Love it.


Bernie sanders is running a brilliant campaign so far. He will, hopefully sooner rather than later, pick a woman as running-mate and heir-apparent, the first woman US president, in a future election cycle that will expand a moral progressive direction. A new Congress not dominated by extremists, idiots and fools will be part of such change.

The current Dem Party has allowed itself, become subverted to big-money corporate/banker interests - DLC triangulationists and profiteers - The party is a vehicle only, not a granite monolith, and we must force change - take it back, change that vehicle to benefit the 99% with a "political revolution" & massive coalition that will endure, not 1% vulture capitalism and big-money corruption......

Sanders has Liz Warren possibly as VP pick, and far less likely I suppose given the inter-party politics, Jill Stein - there are certainly others no-doubt equally qualified and also dedicated to a progressive future. If Sanders is denied the Dem nomination many will choose to vote Stein-Green rather than corporate whore........


Like her husband and Obama, Hillary is an A grade corporate money magnet who will sustain the flow of corporate cash into the Party's war chest. Neither Hillary or the Party cares who wins in November as long as the corporate cash keeps flowing.