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In Midst of Shutoffs, Protesters 'Liberate' Water from Detroit Mayor's Mansion


In Midst of Shutoffs, Protesters 'Liberate' Water from Detroit Mayor's Mansion

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Over a dozen protesters on Tuesday converged at the Detroit mayor's publicly-funded mansion and "liberated" his water supply, in a creative direct action highlighting the inequities that underlie the city's mass water shutoffs and resulting humanitarian crisis.

Campaigners from the Detroit and Michigan Coalitions Against Tar Sands went to Mike Duggan's "Manoogian Mansion" and filled jugs of water from a hose attached to an external spigot. They carried banners that read "Water is Life" and "Thousands of Kids Without Water."


What kind of message about the U S. does this send around world? Nothing to be proud of: turning off water to thousands of homes leaving families to go without. WATER IS A BASIC NECESSITY AND ACCESS TO IT IS CRUCIAL FOR ALL LIFE'S VERY EXISTENCE. There are so many horrific practices that go on daily in our nation: fracking, oil extraction, oil trains derailing sending toxic oil into water resources, unregulated mining, pollution of air soil water but TURNING OFF THE WATER TO WOMEN CHILDREN AND THE ELDERLY IS ABSOLUTELY DEMONIC. The mayor and ALL officials involved in making the decision once again and in the heat of summer should be removed from office and prosecuted/tried/convicted of a most heinous crime.

Perhaps one or both of those trophy hunters in recent news (a doctor and a dentist) could afford to pay the majority of the overdue water bills or even better, set up a perpetual fund that would take care of the water and/or utility overdue payments for those in proven need.

Where is the loving-kindness in America?


Interesting that the U S and any number of NGO's do their best to provide fresh, clean water for so many in any number of nations in Africa yet have no qualm about depriving its own citizens of access to water at no cost (or at least make it affordable).


"..disproportionately impacting African-Americans."

In the voice of Gomer Pyle, "Surprise, surprise."


Hats off to these protesters-now, it would be great if an ongoing action can be organized.


In third world countries water is retrieved from a river or piped to a central location. If you want water, you haul a jug to the spigot and fill up your jug. If a person wants clean filtered water that piped directly into their home then they need to pay for that. Nowhere else on earth is this service provided for free. It costs money to haul the water to a plant then treat it. It also cost money to send that pure water to a home with the sufficient pressure for a person to use. Bottom line " pay your bills"


So are you saying the US wants to be a third world country? or IS a third world country. You know those countries where the very very rich despotic rulers live totally unconnected to people?
By that standard the US IS a third world country.


Men also need water.


There is paying for water using a socialised system such as through one's rates and taxes, which can be graduated to ease the burden on the less well-off, or there is buying water from an entity that demands profiteering at the greater relative expense to the less well-off.

Your choice.


If you don't have a job then you can't pay the bill, especially exorbitant rates from a 'failed' city. It was failed management which led to no jobs. The government should always be the 'employer of last resort', period paragraph. Your last line is a blind statement to people with no means, and no fault.


This is the result of unrestricted capitalism, If the United States truly had compassion on her citizens, ALL public utilities would be owned by the state and would be paid for by taxes. Water, heat, sewage, trash, the fire department and other first responders would be compensated by taxes.
Because of unregulated capitalism, there are individuals like the CEO of Nestle' who stated that "Water is not a human right" Enough of that crap, let the revolution begin, imprison all CEOs and private owners of corporations that make multi hundreds of billions of dollars in profits, only to increase the cost of the public utility that people rely on to just survive, and then shut off service if someone fails to be able to pay the bill because of that 7% increase.


to daddio and C.the story behind this rather shallow write up is that the the largest corporate users are not paying their bills, yet the city is only shutting off the water to its citizens,many who are not as behind in their bills (monetarily or monthly) as these large companies. also there has been many issues with not getting timely shut off notices or a chance to enroll in a payment plan-the water just stops suddenly. no such treatment for Detroits corporate buddies,though. in this day and age and country, i have to ask - does that "pay your bills" comment apply to large companies,too? i mean,theyre legally people too,right?


Glad to know someone still remembers that comic! At least it takes the mind away from the sorrows of the world, if only for a second.


It's called a hydrant, sometimes also used for fire fighting. A state in Malaysia (Selangor) gives away free water - enough for an average family of around four. Usually only businesses have to pay.

There might be other opposition-controlled states that'd the same arrangement, I'm not sure.


The mayor of Detroit gets a salary of $140K a year, the head of the water and sewage department receives $195K a year. Something seems a bit out of wack here!


What they are doing is forcing the people out so that the developers can grab the land for a song, and make it fit for yuppies and corporations to use and abuse!


This action is just one of many creative responses. Watch carefully what Detroit's people are doing in the face of the corporate takeover of their city, because they are pioneering survival techniques that many of us can and will utilize when oligarchy comes to our communities. From the water brigades to urban gardening, and hand-crafted solar systems, Detroiters are fighting for their community and building it up as they go along. They are finding ways to address their own needs and to take care of each other despite the hardships created by our corporate masters.

It is truly shameful in this fantastically wealthy nation, that the people of the city of Detroit, which has contributed so much to the prosperity of this nation, are allowed to go without the basic human right to water. See: Detroit’s water shutoffs and the aristocratic principle

It was rich. white, predominantly male corporatists that brought us NAFTA (Bill Clinton and a Republican Congress), which caused Detroit to fail through the loss of the automobile industry and the cascading effect it had. What was once a proud city led by black people was destroyed by design.


Water: It Belongs to All of Us